Hott Scrapbookin' Chics!!!

public - created 11/17/04
A cool ass tribe to discuss the art and creativity of scrapbooking....TRUST ME, I went into this whole thing kicking and screaming...and well, now I find myself very much enjoying it!!! This ain't your momma's scrapbookin'!

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Trina MC
Daddy and E  photo flag
Cinda on merry go round  photo flag
Disney Princess dinner1  photo flag
Favourite Brands  topic
Ummm, too much stuff?  topic
Has anyone went an Archiver's?  topic
Hi there ladies  topic
holiday scrappin'  topic
how artistic are you?  topic
thinkin' it out....  topic
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New....  topic
bay area folks...  topic
New here...hello  topic
What up?!?  topic
QVC  topic
Hey Diane....  topic
Tonight on TV  topic
Subjects?  topic
Got an idea  topic
To plastic or not to plastic....  topic
First Post :)  topic
Please invite....  topic

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