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my favourite fantasy is where a mother becomes unihibited about speaking about her daughters body and desires for where a young woman describes her mmother in sexual terms. I would be especially interested in women's thoughts on this subject.
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    Already had this fantasy come true. Not only was it one at a time but on several occassions all three of us enjoyed the bedroom together.
    • so now you have my curiosity peaked. Did you have all three of at the same time?
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        It was actually a flook it all happened. I was seeing and sleeping with the mother before I met her daughter. I was also seeing and sleeping with the daughter before I met the mother. Doesn't make sense does it... I was seeing them both before I knew they were mother/daughter. The daughter was coming over to my house and I was going to the mother's house. Neither knew I was seeing and sleeping with the other. Mother was happy and telling the daughter about me but never said my name. The daughter was telling mom about me and how happy she was. One afternoon I was over at the mother's house enjoying some real good sex. We went to the shower after we had finished and while we were in there her daughter came home. Not knowing I was in the shower she walked inn the bathroom thinking it was only mom there.You should have seen everyone's face. We all sat down and talked about it all. I thought the days of having 2 sexy ladies were over and I would have to start looking for another. To my surprise the mother and daughter both agreed that they were happy and didn't want it to end. The daughter continued to come to my house on weekends and I continued to go over to the mother's house. Some nights I'd stay with mom at thehouse and some nights I would stay with the daughter (when she was home). Every once in a while we would all end up in the same bed.
        • Timberwolf, I'm dying to hear about the "every once in a while"'s!
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            Every once in a while.....

            One year the three of us went to the NASCAR race at Talladega. I good friend has 6 spots in the infield around Turn 2. We got there Thursday afternoon and set up my tent, inflatable double matteress, basically set up camp. I introduced the mother and daughter to all my friends and pretty much left it at that. No one knew anything other than they were my friends, some knew I was dating the daughter and a few knew I was dating the mother. Thursday night was a pretty good party around the bonfire we had. The girls were wanting to go lay down so I took them to the tent. I really wasn't planning on staying but when I stood there in the tent and watch both the ladies strip down naked and climb in bed I'd be a damn fool not to jump in there with them. There I was in the middle, mother on one side, daughter on the other side. Kissing and playing with momma's breast while the daughter played and sucked me hard. Well as you all know tents are in no way sound proof so the people around the bonfire got themselves an ear full, probably a few others at the close by camp sites. I have no idea how long we were at it all I know is what we did, was we were saying, and that all three of us was well satisfied when we finally fell alseep. Needless to say the next morning at breakfast everyone was smiling, giving us some interesting looks and one of the ladies from Texas made some very interesting comments about the activity going on in my tent. Friday night there was 5 people in my tent (that's another story). The couple from Texas joined us!
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    some years ago i worked an adult book store .the guy that owned it also had three more and i worked at all 4 at different times ,what got me going crazy was that there was a mother and her three daughters that worked at the different stores to.well after the shifts changed out one night one of the girls asked me to go out with them dancing and i thought what a great time .well after dancing and drinks the 3 girls got to telling me that mom wanted to take me home i guess i was abit older for the girls taste.damn damn damn but being an old horny dog that iam i took mom up on the ideal and together me and the mother had a really great time in each others arms ,the night was alot of fun as we enjoyed each others bodies.after going back to work afew days later one by one her three daughters all wanted to play and i took what they had to offer one by one never having any of them together but i had all one by one and they all came back for more .now if u want to call me a mother fucker well u got me right for some mothers will tell theyre daughters .
    • Ok, so you're a motherfucker. But you're also a daughter fucker. Cool. Spread the love around.
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        Who would fuck there daughter
        • Not my own daughter! This is just too close to abusing the love and trust of a child, eben when she is all grown up.
          Step daughters too, and I've a few in my life. Beautiful, erotic, teenagers coming of age. But to make a one falsr=e move would be to risk everything.
          AS a fantasy, yes, but they'll never know. Though I think they know I like their femininity, and enjoying trying out little things on me.
          In a previous life they would wrestle for control of the TV (Tomorrows World v Top of the Pops). Pining a sixteen yr old to the floor, well, that's when there have to be limits because that slope is so slippery. But on my own, in private!
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    so I hear this is quite common and a whole cottage porn industry exists just for this fantasy... So I have to ask... How many men does this turn on or turn off? I happen to have had a "sexual" relationship with my step-sister as my first sexual encounter. This drives my husband wild hearing about it... Thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc???
    • I see mothers and daughters all the time that end up in my fantasies. Lots of times the fantasies run in the direction of having the mother using me to teach her daughter about all the wonders of sex. Nice mom, huh?
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    I haven't had a mother/daughter together but I did sleep with two sisters that were 11yrs apart.. My neighbor was 27 and her little sis was a virgin and 16.. I was 18 at the time and the older sister wanted me to meet her lil sis.. We met and hit it off right away.. later that night she told me that her older sister had told her about our sex.. she wanted me to be her first!! I was very careful to ask again if she was sure.. well, she tore off her clothes and that was my answer.. she was just as sexy as her older sister. it was a wonderful first for both!! I hope she is doing well today, I do see the older sis around town and I would love to meet again for old times sake.

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