Sexual Profiling

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This group is aimed at looking at the fluidity of human sexuality toward creating a fluid sexual profile. While it is helpful to be able to talk about our sexual ratios, we do not want to get in the sort of sixteen boxes of many personality profiles. So we start with questions. How do we create fluidity? And what are the important markers of our sexuality?

Is gender identity important? Where do you fall on the masculine feminine continuum in your identity? Is this a single measure?

Is gender preference important? Do you prefer men or women? This is probably not a single measure. What are its component parts?

Is intimacy an aspect of sexuality? To what degree do you seek emotional or even spiritual transcendence over simple physicality?

Where do you fall on the continuum of monogamy?

What is the nature and context of your fantasies?

What do these ratios say about our sexuality and how do they relate to who we are beyond the sexual realm, if indeed there is anything beyond the sexual realm. RSS Feed what is XML?

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