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The Society of Janus, a well respected pansexual kink organization here in San Francisco is reaching out to the community at large for this upcoming panel discussion, moderated by one of our own. Please take a moment to consider this event:

Janus Presents: "Ask the bottom", an evening of Q&A with a cross- selection of local personalities on the bottom/submissive/slave/boy/girl/ property side of the SM Power continuum.

Tuesday, November 13
SF Citadel
8:00pm - 10:00pm (Doors open at 7:00pm)
$5 for Janus Members, $15 for non-members (you do not
need to be a member to attend)

What motivates a person to walk the path of slavery? What does a submissive want? What joys do those on the bottoming end of the equation receive from their relationships - and what frustrations? What are the differences that distinguish bottom, slave, boy/girl, submissive, proeprty, and how on earth do we come to those definitions?

Ever wanted to ask questions like these, or others? Then this is an opportunity to pick the brains of an awesome and distinguished line-
up of local SM community teachers, players, mentors and activists.

We have a terrifically diverse panel for you: jody / patrick / boyjean / mercedes / andrea / slavebill have all agreed to answer your questions and share their thoughts and motivations on why they do what they do. bethie Hope O will facilitate the questions and keep the discussion moving smoothly.

This will be a moderated discussion panel, with the opportunity to submit written inquiries anonymously as well as ask your questions
directly. Please join us for this rare opportunity to delve into the mind of these mysterious and intelligent people. You may also send
questions about the event or questions to be discussed at the event to programs at soj dot org

Bethie Hope O identifies as a service-oriented slave and adult little girl. She is very blessed to be a ollared slave to her Daddy for the past 2 years. Bethie believes in creating open, supportive communities and is active in both the BDSM and age play communities. She is honored to be an officer in the Society of Janus and she is the creator and moderator of Submissive Safe Space; a monthly discussion group comprised of like minded submissives and slaves. On-line Bethie moderates discussion groups for age play, submission and survivors of abuse and trauma. She lives in the East Bay area with her Daddy, four dogs, 2 turtles and an obscene quantity of stuffed animals. Her favorite crayon is cornflower blue, unsharpened.

slavebill has been an active member of the Leather Community for almost 20 years and is in his 12th year of service to his Master. he is a co-founder of the San Francisco chapter of the Defenders, has served on the Steering Committee of the Leathermen's Discussion Group and has participated in many workshops including Leather Levi Weekend, the San Francisco boys of Leather, and the Society of Janus. he was a co-sponsor of the Leather Traditions' Service Weekend held last May. In addition to being a 24x7 non-live-in slave, he has a non-leather partner of 25+ years who is understanding and accepting of bill's calling to service as a slave.

Steve Ward has been a member of the Bay Area Leather / kink community for 10 years. He joined the San Francisco boys of Leather in 2002, and was mentored by many of the more prominent Bay Area Dominants and submissives. Steve serves the 15 Association, as member of the Fraternal Committee and Membership Coordinator. He is also President of the Defenders San Francisco, is a steering committee member of the Leathermen’s Discussion Group, and a representative to the San Francisco Leather Forum. Steve has been involved with Leather-Levi Week-end from 2003 through 2006, on the Spirituality Committee, and organized their annual Cocktail Party to welcome newcomers to the community. In his spare time, Steve is a committee member of the upcoming Leather Leadership Conference 12, to be held in 2008 in San Francisco, and is on a newly-formed Bay Area ad hoc committee of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.
Steve is 55, single…..and always looking for new opportunities.

patrick was a late bloomer to BDSM. Growing up in a Catholic household in a small, rural Southern town, he had no clue that including hot wax, needles and rope to his youthful explorations of his body meant he was masochistic; it just felt good. Fast-forward to Folsom Street Fair 2003, where his heart melted and his cock hardened watching a Daddy flog His boy. Finally, after reading the "Beauty Series" pushed him to the point of no return, he had his first scene and was introduced to his boy-self. Since entering the public scene, he has had the good fortune never to have served a Dominant unworthy of his submission, and twice has proudly worn the collars of exceptional Men. Currently, he is a slave-in-training to Master Patrick Mulcahey, whom he knows loves and treasures him. he believes in the importance of giving back to his community, and when his work schedule and Master allow, enjoys volunteering at leather events.

andrea Arkouda started her lifestyle journey in 2003 in search of a relationship in which trust was valued above all else. For her, service and obedience are the avenues to achieving a deep interpersonal connection, and completion. she served her first Master for two years, and is now in service to and wears the collar of consideration of Eric Arkouda. With him, she lives a 24/7 M/s lifestyle, and together they host the San Francisco D/s Discussion Group.
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