Madame Gina Grant class on Bottoming

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Society of Janus Class (
SF Citadel, Tuesday April 17th, 7:30pm-10pm

From Bottom to Top
(The Keys and Blocks to Responsive Bottoming)

Do you want to be the kind of bottom that's on every Top's speed dial? Responsiveness is the biggest contribution a bottom brings to the scene, and Madame Gina Grant is here to help you shine. She'll talk about the key elements that make it easier to express your desires and needs while keeping the mood and the energy hot. She'll present different bottom archetypes and their typical responses exhibited to help you discover who you are as a bottom and how to effectively communicate that to your Top. She'll offer you tools to work with emotional concerns that often inhibit responsiveness, and help you make sure that your top is having fun, too! Come learn how to convey both your desire and your pleasure from someone who has been a skilled, candid and experienced bottom, so that you can deepen your SM connection, raise the heat, and be the best bottom you can be! All levels of experience are sure to benefit, whether bottom or Top.

Presenter Bio:

Madame Gina Grant's roots are firmly planted in the San Francisco leather scene, though she enjoys traveling around the country and connecting with kinky, kindred spirits everywhere. She identifies as a power-fluid FemmeDomme whose primary calling in the scene is to foster and develop deep D/s connections through transformative SM play, mindfulness and spirituality, and understanding service as a vocation. She expresses her commitment by teaching and volunteering for such organizations as Society of Janus, Good Vibrations, SF Citadel, TES, and the Center for Sex and Culture, as well as by maintaining her own personal M/s relationships and enjoying both the challenges and rewards that her extended leather family affords her.
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