My Shantytown - BRC05

Rachet tie downs likely overkill on this combo swap meet style + pop-up, since the parallel rebar duct tape kept the sucker in very very high winds. However, I put them on the upwind side (right) just in case. 90 degree bent at tip rebar pounded almost completely into the ground so that it is smooth and harmless help hold down the shadecloth that is otherwise zip tied to the frames. Shadecloth lets the air flow and keeps the place cool unlike tarps that make a lot of noise, create a sail thru its impermeability to wind, and cooks you like an oven. There is a tent large enough to stand in, and also a clothes line to hang up clothes inside. Jolly Roger serves as the door. This one fits in the "ugly, but functional" category.
posted by Jolly Roger on Saturday, November 25, 2006 - link to this photo

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