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Join us in talking about all aspects of belly dancing! All belly dance styles are welcome. But please, don't post advertisements in the "topics" area - we're here to discuss dancing, NOT to have advertisements shoved in our faces. RSS Feed what is XML?

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2014 Goals!  topic
Favorite sources for classroom attire?  topic
Belly dance videos - working with any these days?  topic
Linking physical movement to emotions?  topic
night club for fun  topic
Belly dance goals for 2013?  topic
Are you poor, good, or great?  topic
Arabic Flamenco songs?  topic
Badia Masabni's life story  topic
Samia Gamal did not "fuse" ballet and belly dance  topic
Core muscles in belly dance  topic
Where do old dancers go? (Ie, professional danc...  topic
Helping students defeat the stereotypes  topic
Mass Media, Mass Stereotypes  topic
Got any good blooper stories?  topic
Belly Dance Lectures in Orange County, California  topic
Current favorite vendors?  topic
Pro photos: what background do you prefer to see?  topic
Healing through exercise and dance  topic
Hot issues in your dance community?  topic
About the Awalem and dancing  topic
Will I see you in Atlanta on November 10?  topic
Badia Masabni: The Lady and Her Clubs  topic
Which songs should belly dancers avoid using?  topic
What made you decide to take your first belly d...  topic

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