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topic posted Sat, December 6, 2008 - 12:14 AM by  Shira
I've been working on converting everything in the music section of to the new look and feel. This has included:

1. I have finished converting 112 song translations to the new look. I also added a new Turkish translation for the song Salla Sana.

2. I have converted 63 RealAudio files to MP3 files. Some of these accompanied my reviews of CD's, and others accompanied my song translations. These range in length from 30 to 60 seconds each. The ones that accompany my reviews are there to help readers determine whether a given CD might be one they want to buy. The ones that accompany song translations are there partly to help readers determine whether the translation applies to the particular song they're researching, since so many songs have similar titles.

3. I have created 55 brand-new MP3 files to add to the song translations and movie reviews. Many translations that previously didn't have a music clip now have one.

I still have two more music reviews to convert to the web site's new look. I hope to finish those this weekend, and then do the music-related book reviews, the music-related video reviews, the music-related links page, and the Amazon-based music store. When I fnish all of them, I'm going to tackle the teacher-performer directory.
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