whats the main mantra for tripura saundari

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i like to know if anyone has tried to propitate her with mantra.
If yes whats the mantra one uses?
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  • The most basic is the first name from her Sahasranama:

    Śrī Mātre Namaḥ (I bow to Śrī Mātā)

    And in the opinion of some, that is the only one that can be used without initiation by a guru.

    Her main mantra, root mantra, is:

    Ka ē ī la hrīṃ,
    Ha sa ka ha la hriṃ,
    Sa ka la hriṃ.

    This is called the Śrī Vidya.
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      it is recommended to be initiated by Guru to recite Panchadasi Mantra , its a very powerful energetical current You will be
      connecting too , it is wise then in this case to follow strict Guru guidance . It is customary before initiation by clearing Your channels/ chakras through mantras such as Saraswati Mantra or Mrutanjaya Mantra / following vegeterian diet / and whatever else Your Guru will think it is of importance. Those mantras extremely strong Devi currents and are usually not given lightly .

      good luck , j
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        I also forgott to add to the post

        there are three main stotras for Sri Vidya and that is " Sri Lalitha Sahasrnama , Sri Trisathi Stotra , and Sri Khadgamala they also prepare a student into the Panchadasi Mantra .
      • >>it is recommended to be initiated by Guru to recite Panchadasi Mantra , its a very powerful energetical current You will be
        connecting too,

        Yes, though there are different opinions as to what may be recited and what may not. Some say that you can chant the LS w/o initiation, but it contains the Panchadasi. As does the Soundarya Lahiri.

        That aside, it is most important. It is the goal. It is Her supreme form. It IS the Vidya.

        But, yes, start some where other than directly reciting the Panchadasi.
        • In my experience, if you are in love with Devi, the Divine Mother, She is your Guru. She will lead you to what you need. All the mantras belong to Her and She will understand any efforts to chant any mantra if it is done with devotion. Are you chanting Her Bijas to reach Her, did She lead you to Her Bijas? She will discourage people as well as encourage devotees. Whatever merits/punya have happened leads one to Sri Vidya.
          There is the Outer Guru as well as the Inner Guru, and both are necessary and both are in actually are the same. And one should get intiation into a mantra from a physical guru...yet if one is full of Love for Devi, the Divine Mother, traditions morph.
          Mata Amritananda Mayi Devi did not have an outer guru.
          Sri Karuna Mayi Devi was born enlightened.
          Pratyangira Amma has a Guru
          Narayani Amma is Devi in a male body
          Sai Ma Lakshmi Devi's Guru is Satya Sai Baba
          We can see the Divine Mother doing many things wwith varying aspects.
          Most importantly to me the Divne Mother in Unconditional Love and Grace and She wants the best for Her children (Ammachi gives out mantras on Devi Bhava nights because She wants Her Children to progress, it's very rare for Her not to give out a mantra)
          We are in the West, we are not in India in an ashram and can sit at a gurus feet to get all our sadhana - we have the internet, Ammachi says" westerners get a discount on spirituality"
          So what I am basically saying we have to trust our processes of getting and receiving is coming from the Divine Mother and if we offer any mantra japa to Her with our love and devotion She will accept it. This I know and experience.
          By the way there is also the Shodadasi Mantra of Devi, you add the Bija "Shrim" at the end of the Panchadasi Mantra, so it becomes 16 syllables.
          I offer this comment at Devi's Lotus Feet.
          • Yes there is Sodashi (16 lettered) which is concided higher than Panchadasi. There are also longer vidyas (up to 37 letters) and there are several versions of the Panchadasi also. The one given above, called Kadi-vidya (Ka E I La Hrim Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hrim Sa Ka La Hrim) is generaly considered the oldest and most important and as the best for householders. It is considered kali-krama and originaed with Kama as well as being associated with the lineage of Shiva, Durvasa, Hayagriva (Vishnu) and Agastya. The second most important, Hadi-vidya, is associated with Agastya's wife Lopamudra.
            • It has been said that a form of Bala vidya was really the oldest form of Sri Vidya and each of it's 3 bijas corospond to a section of the Panchadasi. There is even a vidya that combines the two mantras withe the Bala bijas coming at the begining of the associated section.
    • I have a question regarding this reply Austin.I was in dire trouble last year-was about to lose my job. A lady I consulted gave me this mantra via phone and asked me to chant it
      with a white rice in my hand,sitting in front of Sai Baba and after reciting this mantra 108 times, place the rice at Baba's feet.
      I want to know if this constitutes the "initiation" mentioned below. How do I know how many times to recite it daily? I cannot approach this lady as I dont have her contacts any longer...
      Please help.
      • There are three ways of initiation 1) by a look from the guru 2) by a touch from the guru (usually on the top of the head) and 3) by being given a mantra that is powered from recitation by the line of gurus. So I don't see why the Mantri via phone shouldn't be a legit initiation so long as this lady was legit (which only your faith can judge at this point). As for how many times daily I can't really answer. Any amount is benificial, but if you were told 108 times I'd probably stick with that.
  • Sri gurubhyo namaha.
    I have been going through the many posts (and connected threads) in this group and even though I had no intention to add to the list there, here I am posting this comment.
    The supreme Devi has innumerable forms (why, everything there ever was, is and will be is all Devi) and many of those forms can be held on to for upasana and worship by all - that is our right, as the child needs no seperate permission to think of or call his/her own mother.
    But the upasana of particular devis /shaktis and vidyas is another matter altogether. The rules that govern the upasana process are many and quite deep. I am sure you would have seen and heard of a thousand reasons why everyone should not chant the panchadashakshari etc, even though I would love to tell you otherwise (to further fan your inner desire to experience the oneness with the Devi), unfortunately all that is true.
    The specific Mahavidyas and other yoginis etc are energies that form the basic structure of this universe built on the triad of perciever - perception - percieved, thus their disharmony is capable of turning your life (and many more future births) upside down. The effects of such bad upasana are so far reaching that it is wise to heed to the advice and precautions etc that are held by the various sampradayas.
    These days where there is so much 'free information' about everything, only complicates things further. Anyone with a bit of time and computer can post anything without any personal experience or insight gained from sadhana. To be honest, that might give us bookish knowledge at best and confuse the already confused mind even more at worst - actually, there's way more worse things that can happen!For the sadhana of the mahavidyas and the devi in her specific Forms and for Srividya etc, the Guru is the only way! She is gurumurthy (in the form of the guru) and she is gurumandala rupini (the form of the unbroken lineage of the collective gurus), most of all She is herself DakshinAmurtyrUpini (non different from the guru of gurus DakshinAmUrthy, i.e. Shiva)...These names from the sahsranama should make it clear to the seeker that in the Srividya path the guru is the begenning and the guru is the process and the guru is verily the end. Afterall, the understanding that mantra, yantra, devi, guru and sadhaka (one self) are in essence non different from each other is the very goal and experience that is brought about by the upasana of Srividya.
    I am not a guru, but I have been a sadhaka on this upasana path for a long long time. The acchievement of success (called mantra siddhi) is possible only when the mantra is recieved duly from a guru belonging to a proper sampradaya (lineage) and even then only when the guru him/her self has acchieved the mantra siddhi and has earned the right to initiate pupils. Even simple physics should show that for something to generate an energetic impulse that something should first of all have the energy required. You cannot run the a/c unit using two AA batteries, similarly the energy required to give the initial momentum to begin the process of upasana which can eventually lead to mantra chaitanya is only possible from a source which has already acchieved the required voltage!
    My intention is not to dissuade anyone from the path of srividya or any other path for that matter. There are as many ways to reach the Devi as there are things/souls in this world. the left and the right, the front and the back, the right and the wrong, all things lead only to Her. But that is no reason why specfic upasana paths should be open to all and sundry. The requirement of adhikAra (right/derserving) is crucial in this. If you feel that you are able to proceed on such a rigorous path - forever- then by all means try to find the right guru. Why, IMHO, if you ripe and ready for the vidya, She Herself makes the guru and the pupil meet! The rest is only a waste of valuable time that could be better used for sadhana of something that one is better qualified for. Or just living a pure life in tune with the universal dharma and in tune with the spontaneous flow of things will be a sure way to eventually reach Her.
    Like I said before, my intention is not to hold anyone back or deal in fear. The compassion that She has for all Her children, directs me to say this here!

    Om Niyantray namaha - Salutations to Her who is the Universal Guide.
    • This could not have been said or explained any better. The words of a victorious Sadhaka are precious and full of wisdom, and a rarity in an ocean of confusion on the subject of the various Vidyas of the Maha Devi. I bow to that divinity within you, that is victorious, Sadhaka.

      Jay Ambae Maheshani!
      • sri gurubhyo namaha.

        I appreciate the kindness of your words - thank you. Though I am fully aware of the truth that anything that makes sense and is right (that I say) is only the grace of my guru mandala and only the shortcomings and mistakes are mine.

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