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A "tribe" is a collection of people with common stories, myths, legends, and rituals which define them and their values. Prior to the Industrial Age people lived in multi-generational settings. They knew their neighbors and about their needs. They shared common values and lives.
now in this virtual turtle world we may share inspiration about our lives and or how we care for the turtle we ride...

TURTLE TRIBE membership is open to all kindred spirits...
No. 1. "I am Hindu, I am Muslim, I am Christian. We are all children of the same God." MK Gandhi

The first and foremost of the "founding principles" is a belief in universal brotherhood; simply stated, that all people are brothers & sisters.

No. 2. "In honoring others we honor ourselves."

The second "founding principle" is about how we create our reality by how we treat others. We must be respectful of others and of their differences; we must respect all Creation.

No. 3 "As a child I understood how to give. Since becoming civilized I have forgotten this grace." Luther Standingbear

Children are open and honest and their world is one of wonder and awe. We must be as children and be open and honest with others and ourselves. This is the third "founding principle. "

No. 4. Our rituals, the way we lead our life, defines us. The Creator/Creation bestowed the gift of Life on us and then gave us free will and curiosity. The last "founding principle" is about appreciation for Life and for self-awareness.

"Man is a quest hero, a wanderer, a voyager, a seeker after adventure, knowledge, power, meaning and righteousness. The quest is dangerous and unpredictable. Often in weariness he wishes he had not set out on it, but it is enjoined on him by his nature." Loren Eisley

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