Slave Auction of Straight Male Slave

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The word "auction" cannot be taken literally. It's just a word we use help emphasize who Dominates what ( & who misses out.) The exchange of money for humans/slaves, is Not allowed anywhere, & does not take place here. .... (That should satisfy any legalities, I hope.) ....... Now to The Tribe:: I really don't know how this can work, if it can at all? So for starters, lets say that ANY WOMAN can be a Bidder & User, & that All Straight Males who join this Tribe are putting themselves up as slaves to be auctioned. & just to make it interesting,, let's say that Any Gay Males who join this Tribe, may Choose to be Either a slave or a Bidder/User. All Slaves AGREE that if selected, they May be Used ANY Way at All. It could be Pain,Humiliation,Sexual, "ANYTHING." A Slave may select a local area to be submissive in, but nowhere else. .. For Example,, I'm in Mildura,Victoria,Australia, & as I am male & very Straight, that makes me a Slave for use by ANYONE in that Area. .. (I'd really like to get that 'Auctioning' part going, somehow. .... Perhaps Bidders could try to guess a slaves house number? & when successful, the slave gives the rest of the address, or something?) .... Some people are in Relationships, & some people have Work commitments. ... Both Slave & Bidder are to be reasonable about working around these..... & Should a male Slave Join the Tribe Without a Photo,, WOMEN are to interpret that as the slave is saying to them, "No Limits,No Mercy." RSS Feed what is XML?

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