Getting into a sleeping guy's pajamas or underwear. Any stories to tell?

topic posted Wed, February 9, 2011 - 8:48 PM by  Kelly
Don't you guys have some stories to share about how you tried getting into a guy's (brother, cousin, friend, stranger, etc) underwear or pajama while he slept and what you managed to do?
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  • Getting the chance

    Thu, February 10, 2011 - 5:35 AM
    I have fantasized about other guys cocks since I was around 13 - 14 years old when I wank I have to think of a guy to get me off. Until recently I have never had the opportunity to fulfil y fantasy that was until last summer break. I had been to a birthday party at a friends house when the night came to an end most people went home but myself and a few others decided to stay the night this was ok by our host who supplied blankets etc for some of us to use.
    It must have been nearly 3am before the lights went out. I was sleeping on the floor this other guy who is the same age as me and although not what you would call a friend of mine he is more the friend of a friend who had left the party with a girl earlier there was also one other guy sleeping in the room on a chair he is the cousin of our host.I was laying on the floor unable to get to sleep I like my comforts a nice warm soft bed hard floors are not my thing. Any way I am lying on the floor my hand on my cock as always not quite wanking but playing with my tool. The guy sleeping on the couch was out of it I could tell by the snoring noises coming from him. I wont pretend he is some kind of sex god or the most handsome guy I know but neither am I he he is hot enough to get my imagination going.His leg fell from the couch coming to a rest almost beside my waist. I just could not help myself I reached out and touched his leg with one hand while I stroked my now free cock with the other.He had on jeans but just the heat of his skin through the thick material had me going.Slowly my hand moved up his leg until I was touching his thigh through his jeans and under the duvet covering him. I had to move closer to the couch as my hand searched for his package to my surprise he was already hard when I found it.Then suddenly he moved pulling his leg back up from the side of the couch and turned on to his back.My heart was racing at first I thought I had wakened him but he started snoring once more so after a few minutes I once again slipped my hand beneath his duvet on to his still hard package. I then got on my knees beside the couch and undid his belt then the top three buttons on his jeans the heat hit my hand as soon as the jeans were open I was so turned on it was a fantastic feeling scary but at the same time so horny. I gently rubbed his cock through his boxers for a minute or so then I wanted to feel the real thing. I tugged at his jeans as gently as I could pulling them down enough to get my hand up the leg of his boxers I was ex static as my fingers found the soft skin of his balls damp with sweat I had a feel then moved up to get my first touch of his hard 6 inch uncut cock I gently began wanking him for a couple of minutes but I so wanted to taste him as gently as I could I worked his cock out the leg of his boxers and took the tip f is cock in my mouth rolling my tongue around the tip then pushing my tongue under his foreskin the little by little I took more of him sucking like a man possessed I got so carried away that he must have sensed something was going on he pushed me away and turned on his side facing away from me he began snoring again a little while later I tried once again to touch him but he had refastened his jeans. I gave up and fell asleep the following morning when I woke up he was gone I have saw him a few times since and I just know he remembers what happened because of the way he looks at me not smiling but sort of laughing but as far as I know he has not told anyone.Since then I have explored a few other guys but I will leave those stories for another time
    • Re: Getting the chance

      Mon, October 27, 2014 - 6:51 AM
      hi your story turned me on, read my story of sucking off an old friend> it is a pity we live on different Continents or I would be over in a flsah for you to suck me off then I would reciprocate!
  • When I was 13 my mom's brother moved in with us. He was a really attractive 37 year old guy. There was some resentment towards the situation with him living with us but I worked through it.

    Anyway, I was really curious about men but had no real outlet for my curiosity and my frustration. My uncle was sleeping on our couch for literally about a year and he was a heavy sleeper. His snoring sounded like a chainsaw. One night while he was sleeping I got up in the middle of the night for a glass of water. He was wearing boxers an the blanket was pulled off of him a little. I was just genuinely curious so I crouched down at his side and touched his leg. No response. I felt his thigh. Still nothing. I decided to be ballsy so I grabbed his crotch through his boxers and felt his soft cock. I very slowly pulled up the side of his boxers and even more slowly put my hand up into his boxers. I felt the soft, warm skin of his cock. I slowly pulled it out, revealing my uncle's dick. He was soft, his dick seemed moderate in size but he had fucking huge balls. I played around with his dick and balls until he got semi-hard and then I lost my nerve, jerked off and went to bed. I felt incredibly guilty for touching my uncle without his consent, but I was still immensely turned on by everything.

    A few months later we took a family vacation to Florida to stay with my grandparents in their small house. No one knew I was gay and my uncle and I shared a blow up air mattress in the kitchen. Earlier in the night I saw that my uncle and my parents were doing whiskey shots. I knew this was going to be my opportunity. My parents went to bed on a pull out bed in the living room while my uncle and I went to bed on the blow up mattress in the kitchen. I waited for my opportunity. My uncle passed out cold and his snoring was louder than usual. I honestly just cut right to the chase. As opposed to giving him the typical tests of feeling his leg, I just went right for grabbing his crotch. He was so passed out he didn't respond. I pulled his boxers down and whipped his cock and balls out. This was my honest to god second sexual experience, my first one being the one I posted about a paragraph before.

    I took his soft penis in my mouth and I gave my first blow job ever. He still wasn't getting hard and his snoring was louder than ever but I didn't give up. I massaged the head of his circumcised dick with my tongue. I was steadily jerking myself off next to him but thankfully my family in the next room was drunk so no one was the wiser to what I was doing to my uncle.

    My uncle's balls were sweaty and the smell was like ecstacy. I licked his balls and al around under his balls while still attempting to get him hard with a hand job. I took a finger and went around behind my uncle's balls and lightly grazed his ass. I didn't want to make it too obvious that I'd messed with him (such as if he woke up with a sore and sticky ass) so I more or less used spit as a lubricant instead of something like vaseline. I managed to get a finger up my uncle's ass. I loved every moment of this and even now, eleven years later, this is one of my hottest memories.

    He remained in his dead sleep but I guess something about me fingering him got him semi excited. I continued sucking him and I was eventually dealing with a moderately hard erection. Since this was still my first time with a guy, I was reletaively inexperienced so I was more or less experimenting. I knew that my cock head was a point of sensation for myself so I began concentrating on tonguing the head of his penis while jerking off the shaft of his cock. I always thought I had a big urethra opening but I noticed my uncle had the same. To this day, no guy I've been with has had as big of one as me and my uncle. I kept sucking him off and jerking him and he continuously got harder. He snored away but I did notice that the snoring lessened slightly as if he knew in his drunken coma that he was being sexually pleasured and liked it.

    I took advantage of my uncle for about four hours. I constantly sucked him off and jerked him while grabbing his hand and using it to jerk myself off. I came twice on his arm just from jerking off to what was going on but I was so overwhelmed that I maintained a steady erection and continued to take advantage of my uncle being passed out in the same bed as me.

    In the end, the closest I got to my uncle cumming was a hint of pre-cum that I settled for and I eventually jerked off a third time and called it a night since sunrise was going to be soon. I put his dick away and tried to not make it overly obvious that I'd been touching him. The next morning, he was so concerned with his hangover he didn't notice that he had my dried cum on his arm or that his dick was sensitive from being sucked off for hours the night before.

    When we got home from Florida, I continued my activities with my uncle. Lucky for me he was such an alcoholic and a stoner that I could get away with this for so long. One day, he was passed out and I did my usual thing, taking advantage of his nocturnal erections. He got EXTREMELY hard and I had gotten very good at giving head. I got his dick wildly hard and continued to pleasure it to the point of climax and I swallowed his load. At this EXACT moment, he woke up, grunted, turned over really quickly, and seemingly passed out right away, snoring almost instantly. I'm near positive he happened to be sober at this occasion so I stopped touching him completely after that. I wasn't sure if he knew that I had molested him or if was coincidence but I couldn't chance it either way so I stopped fondling my uncle while unconscious completely.

    Eleven years later, I still think about how much I played with my uncle and it turns me on to know that I had such a successful sexual relationship with him without his knowledge or consent, at least before the last story I mentioned.

    On a side note, I have done similar things with friends, cousins, and my brothers, all of which I'll save for later stories. Specifically, you'll love hearing about what I did to my brothers.
  • I tend to write my stories like a novel so bear with me on my story sounding a bit too detailed lol.

    I was the middle of two brothers. We were all two years apart in age. At the time of my story, I was 14 while my oldest brother was 16 and my youngest was 12.

    My parents left me and my brothers alone one weekend. The uncle that lived with us that I had mentioned in the previous story was gone too (I think that's part of why I did what I did in this story, I was sexually frustrated with him being gone since I used to get with my sleeping uncle a few times a week).

    My older brother had a bunch of people over and he was drunk as hell. I don’t know where he got the alcohol but I didn’t complain. He passed out in my mom’s bed and since my brother’s girlfriend at the time passed out with a girl friend of hers in MY bed, I decided to sleep in my parents’ room with my brother.

    I locked the door and made sure no one could come in. My brother was snoring wildly in his drunken stupor. I took off his socks and shoes and sniffed his feet. The rush got me so horny that I started jerking off near his feet but made sure to keep from cumming until a later point.
    I lay next to my brother and rubbed my hand on his stomach to see what he’d do. He was completely out of it so I fumbled for his belt buckle at his waistline. After getting his pants unbelted I unbuckled him and slow pulled his zipper down. His heavy breathing was almost intoxicating to me. Everything about what I was doing felt so wrong yet so right at the same time. Upon unbuttoning his jeans I hopped off the bed and tried to slide them off of him without disturbing his slumber. He continuously slept through my actions. His pants were situated around his ankles. I slipped them off and licked my brother’s feet, sucking on his toes. He continued to snore, dead to the world. I finally had my eye on the prize. He was wearing his Marvel Comics boxers. I ever so slowly laid my hand to the outside of his pants. His soft cock excited me and I nearly came on the spot but held off. I slowly undid the button to his boxers. Once freed, I slowly stuck my hand into the hole of his fly, nestling softly on his foreskin. I stuck my entire hand in and pulled his flaccid penis out of the boxers.

    Instinct settled in, the first thing I attempted to do was to massage my brother’s penis. He steadily became erect and I went down on him. His penis swelled and grew in my mouth. I played with his balls, hoping to stimulate his senses. For two hours I sexually stimulated my brother. Finally, without any warning, the muscles of his penis began pulsing and shot a gigantic load in my mouth. I swallowed every drop and continued jerking him off afterwards. He snored and snored but eventually went soft as I was jerking him. I sniffed his feet one final time before jerking my own load onto his feet. The next morning he woke up with no memory of the previous night. The hangover was punishment enough. Ever since, whenever I get a glimpse of my older brother barefoot I almost instantaneously get horny while reminiscing about the night I violated him and had my way with him without his consent.

    He's normally a light sleeper so I've rarely been able to do this to him since. A couple times it's happened but not as much as I used to fuck around with my uncle. My brother's married now. Actually two months ago he spent the night at my place and got really stoned and I got him off again while passed out. He'd fucking kill me if he ever found out lol. Ignorance is bliss right?
  • Unsu...
    oh hell yea , all the time , but i never could be the one to make the first move , i never could but dam i have layed there at night hope it would and faked being asleep and it always seem to happen , and till this day i still wait for it to happen when people are staying at my house , but this is how it all started with my dad, grandpa,uncle, and always wanted my brother
  • yes. i,m now a retired senior, but i can remember my first blow job. i was 14 years old and trying out for the foot ball team in high school. i,ve always been kind of small body wise, so when the tackler pick me up and carried me down the feild the couch laugh and took me a side and said i,d be better in track events, so i ran a few laps around the track, and then the couch told me to go in and take a shower. he came in a few minutes later and showered in the stall next to mine. he asked me if he could wash my back, and i said yes.he came into my stall and washed my back and my butt. it felt great. after showering he put me up on a low beanch and dried me off with a towl. while driying me off he gave me my first blow job. it felt great, i didnt want him to stop. i,d love to relive that scene again.
    • I remember hitching down to the coast when I was only seventeen and very inexperienced sexually that is! I was sitting on a bench at the ocean side contemplating my next move as I had just arrived there from a long journey of hiking (560Km). I was feeling tired and excited all at the same time.

      It started to drizzle softly and I had no idea where I would be sleeping for the night as I had never planned the whole trip in so much detail. Whilst I was sitting there on the park bench in the drizzle and "Uncle" came over to me and asked me if I was hungry? I looked at him and said < yes, I was indeed quite hungry.

      He then said that I should come with him. He seemed like a decent sort of chap and I decided that I had nothing better to do so I followed him to his car. We got into the car and he started driving. He had a lovely new Mercedes Benz with all the flash trimmings one would expect of such a car in the late seventies!

      As we were driving along he asked me where I was from and where I was on my way to? I told him I was from Johannesburg and had decided to come down to Durban for a short little adventure so to speak with no or little definite plans. He then said that he lived alone and I should come home with him then. He said I could take a nice hot shower and freshen up, whilst he made us some food.

      I said that sounds fine to me and we went to his cottage. Upon arriving there, he showed me where the shower was and told me to get undressed and have a shower so long, he would be in the kitchen making some food. He left me alone in the bathroom and walked out closing the door behind him. I started showering and I realised that there was no shampoo in the shower (I had shoulder long hair at the time) I called him and when he came into the bathroom I asked him where the shampoo was?

      He stood in the doorway staring at me for quite some time and just as I started feeling awkward, he reached into the medicine cabinet and took out a bottle of shampoo. He then came over to the shower cubicle, opened the door, passed me the shampoo and quite innocently took hold of my dick and said that it was quite a beautiful cock! I was so taken aback I had no idea what to do next. I just stood there whilst he started gently pulling at my cock. H reached past me, took some soap into his hands and started massaging my dick with his hands. My dick was not used to this kind of treatment, specially not from somebody else` s hands and reacted quickly! I just stood there whilst this starnge uncle was playing with my dick. when my dick was as stiff as an iron rod he bent down on his knees and started sucking my cock. I had never had a blow job from nobody before that day and I instantly knew that there was nothing I could do to stop this uncle from having his way with me. He continued sucking my cock and massaged my balls. His other hand was not idle either, ha had slowly started circling my anus with his one finger and softly pushed up against my puckered arsehole until it slid in, as it did I experienced the most mind blowing orgasm of my life, it was so intense that my knees just buckled beneath my body and crashed down on top of the uncle, convulsing as if I had epilepsy.

      He lifted me effortlessly and placed me back in the shower. He then calmly said wash up, we are about to eat! I finished showering got dressed and went to the kitchen where he had already set up our plates and asked me if I was still hungry?

      I must say that my Uncle taught me many things about my body as well as his over the next couple of days and nights and I still reflect upon them fondly!
  • Well, this is my first time ever telling anyone this, but, as I was about 5 years old, I was completely fascinated with my brother's penis, although at that point it was small, and soft, I always asked him if I could see it, at one point, he always refused to let me see it, but I kept begging, and when he took it out, I'd always touch it and put it in my mouth.

    Later on as a teenager, I was at a sleepover with my brother and sisters, and then, by nighttime, I remember, that me and my brother had to share a bed with him, at one point I didn't think about his penis, but then, he turned the TV off as I was watching it, I asked him, "Why did you turn off the TV?" and then he said, "Suck my dick," I felt a bit awkward at first, then I noticed that he started to get closer to me in bed, he started to touch me and move on me, and then after that, I started to put my hand down his pajamas, and I realized that he was hard, and when I say hard, I mean, REALLY hard. His penis was so huge, I was just shocked that he made a move on me, then after that, I put my mouth on it, and started sucking.

    Another time, I remember, I slept over my grandmothers, and then I had to sleep in a room with my brother once again. I was ready for a good night's sleep and then sooner you know, my brother called my name, and said, "What's up?", I said what's up back, and went back to sleep, then after that he called my name again, and I saw that he was pointing down at something, I kind of knew what it was, and then I tried to find it, and then sooner you know, he pulled my hand up to his penis, once again, it was really hard.
    I was suspicious that if he was bisexual or gay, but he always refused to let me suck his penis one time. His penis really tasted good, honestly.

    The last time I ever sucked his penis, after an altercation let to my family to break apart, I was going home after hanging out with my Dad. I was sitting in the back of a Jeep, it was at least 7 seats in the car, so all I know was, that my brother pulled out his penis, and he told me to touch it. I started touching it, and kept on rubbing it, I wanted to rub it until he came but I was almost home, no one driving or in the car knew, then he told me to suck it, I tried to suck it, and that 15 seconds of sucking it was just a miracle.

    Does this make me weird, or strange? Because I was young and I'm not really gay at all, is it OK to experiment it even though you're not gay or bi at all? I just keep fantasizing about penises, I never gave anyone a blowjob but him and I'm just uncomfortable even thinking about it now.
  • So I have been pining after this one guy on and off for about the last four or five years, and he's not the best looking guy, down right repulsive at the best of times, but he just really gets me going, despite the off-putting amount of body hair.

    From the day I heard about him getting naked in front of other people, it was my fantasy to see his dick, which I was told was pretty big. He is one of my best friends, and all of my other friends had seen it at one time or another, because even at sleepovers and stuff, he was prone to just let it hang out, and he wasn't afraid to get it out in public. And yet, I still hadn't seen it when it seemed like the rest of the world had.

    So many times I have seen him bulging out of his boxer shorts, quite often in the changing room. He always wears tighter boxers, which hug his package, so I could tell it was pretty big. I had only ever had two really judgemental looks at it in determining erect size, once when I stayed over at his and we slept next to each other, and in the morning, he must of had morning wood (something which he denies he ever gets) and he was leaning on his front, but I could see a clear dick-shaped bulge running down his leg. The other time also came when standing at his house, and it was pretty brief. He got up and was standing there in a tight pair of red boxer shorts, clearly with morning wood which was tucked up and to the side. I'm not sure if he noticed me looking, but he had his pyjama bottoms on over his boxers pretty quick

    My first glimpse came about a year and a half ago, his mother and her boyfriend own part of a time share, and he invited myself and another one of our friends up on the long weekend he was staying there. At the time share, there are lots of facilities, including a swimming pool and sauna, and little was I to know I'd be wanking over that weekend for a long time to follow. On the first day there, we went swimming, the pool was small, but we were the only ones in, so we decided to all to a length of the pool naked. We all did it, and it was risky too seeing as just as I had finished my lap, we noticed two other people had joined us in the pool, so I quickly pulled my shorts on when I finished. Seeing as our nakedness was masked by the water the whole time, I didn't really see anything, but not for lack of trying.

    Afterwards, we came out and sat in the sauna for a bit, still with our shorts on and then went to get changed. The changing rooms were communal, except for a few curtained off bits, and I was determined I should see his penis, but alas, the opportunity never revealed itself as he dove into one of the cubicles to change.

    Back at the house, we were playing Fifa on his PS2, in the room where we were spending the night, and as luck would have it, we were playing to see who would get to use the two beds, and which one of us would be sleeping on the floor. I don't remember if we got bored, or how it came about, but the guy whose dick I wanted to see said that whoever didn't come for a naked run was to sleep on the floor. I was pretty shocked, and thought he must have been joking, but he started taking layers off. Me and my other friend started following suit, and with genitals in hand, he opened the window, wearing nothing but his shoes and jumped out. My other friend was next to follow, and I remember my boxers dropping to the floor, then climbing up on the window sill. It wasn't too far down, but I needed both hands for balance, and so launched myself, dick flying everywhere, to meet them on the ground, and I quickly covered my area. We walked for a bit, I kept trying to look at their shlongs, but it was too dark, and they were mainly covered. We ran for a bit, and let go of covering our packages, but I was behind, so I couldn't see anything, but to be honest, it was probably the greatest thing I'd ever felt. We reached a tree, had a team piss, still nothing in view, and then we decided last one back to the house had to sleep on the floor, so we all bolted. It was pretty far, and it is a pretty open place, loads of houses round about, but it was late enough that nobody would see us. We reached the house again, unseen, but realised how high up the window was, and we began to panic a little. One of us found a chair, and so we used it, though wobbly to get back in. I managed to end up the last in, but this worked to my advantage. Though I needed my other friends to help me back in, my dick fully on show, I saw it. He was in the process of pulling up his boxers, but there it was. It was majestic. There are no other words, other than it was the greatest thing I'd ever seen. It wasn't erect or anything, quite soft really, but it was there, and I'd seen it, and this was a triumph. The other two probably good a good stare at my package, which thankfully wasn't hard, probably due to the cold temperatures outside (it was February). I pulled on my boxers, and me and the guy I'm hot for (I'll call him Tom to save time) Me and Tom went to the kitchen, wearing only boxers and a T-Shirt and got some food. I began to get hard, not totally, but there was evidently a bit of a tent going on, which I think Tom saw, and I think he laughed a little. I just want to say now, before going any further, that I think Tom is a little hot for me. I've seen him stare at my package a few times, but I'll get to that in a bit. He wasn't hard at this point which I knew by looking at his boxers

    Anyway, I wanked twice that over that one glimpse I had, and could barely sleep knowing he was just there, it was so hot.

    The next day, We went swimming again, no naked swimming, but still we had to get changed and stuff, though I saw nothing then either. The real excitement came when we went back in the sauna. This time, we went in only our towels, after casually discarding our swimming shorts in the changing room. Tom saw my dick, but I missed seeing his in the change to towels. The three of us (I'll just call the other guy Dan to save time) Me Tom and Dan sat in the sauna, only in towels, and they were pretty loose, at least mine and Dan's were. Anyone passing would probably have seen our dicks through the glass, as we were sitting higher up. Tom then suggested we do it without towels, and I was really hard by this point, so got a little worried. We took our towels off, careful to cover our respective dicks, I needed two hands to keep down my raging boner. I glanced to my left to see if I could see anything, and saw that Dan had an ungodly amount of pubic hair. Tom, I knew, had little hands, so I thought I could use this to my advantage in seeing his thing again, but I was out of luck. We decided to put our towels back, a tricky operation during which my dick went on show for a brief moment. At one point, Tom really needed to piss, Dan and suggested hi doing it on the hot coals, which he almost did, but he decided to go and do it in the adjacent communal showers. He whipped of his towel, dick in hands, and went out for a piss. I almost joined him, but stopped myself lest Dan would suspect. He returned, and put his towel back on. Eventually, we agreed we'd been in the sauna long enough, my boner had gone down a bit, by this point. Upon getting out, Tom suggested we shower, to "ex-foliate" and before I knew it, he had flung off his towel and gone into the showers. Dan and quickly followed, I could feel my boner rising again. There were three shower heads, Tom took the middle hot one, the one on its left was taken by Dan, another hot one, but the one on the right of Tom was cold, and I was stuck with it. We washed, dicks covered awkwardly be hands, but then Tom's hands dropped to get some soap out, and there it hung. It was much bigger than the night before, as though he had a semi-hard-on. I stopped and stared, my dick positively throbbing in my hands, and I let them drop too, my erection on full show. Dan had let go too, his dick was long, not too thick, but still not bad looking as he greased it up. My eyes caught his and we laughed awkwardly. Tom was soaping up, but it was hard to make out much more. We got out of the showers, my dick fully erect, but now covered by my hands. There was an awkward reaching for towels, I got mine last and we each pulled them on. When I was wrapping mine round, we were in the open area of the changing room, and Tom already had his on. I had to let my penis go to get the towel on, and I saw Tom looking right at it! I took a little longer to cover it up than I would of, then passed him a comment saying not to stare or something like that, and we got changed.

    I went home later that day, and didn't see his dick again for another year, on our return to the time share, but a lot happened that year. That year was the year Tom lost his virginity, a year he and I saw a lot of each other. There were a few occasions I can think of note to our sexual relationship (though there isn't actually one, [that he knows of]) One being him staying at my house. We were watching Good Luck Chuck, waiting for the sex scene montage, but he fell asleep. I watched it, a little turned on. I woke him and suggested a naked run. He wasn't going for it and we just went up to my room. After five minutes, the lights were out, ad I tried one more time to convince him into going on a naked run. He wasn't keen, but I told him I was going, and so I went back downstairs stripped off, and went out the big window in my lounge, and went out through my garden and into the road. It was three in the morning, so I made it quite far before I decided to turn back as it was too risky in case people saw me. I came back in, still fully naked, and came upstairs, carrying my clothes. It was dark, and he was asleep, or so I thought until he murmured something asking if I was naked. I confirmed, and got into the bed, he was sleeping on the mattress on the floor. The next morning, I saw him with morning wood in his boxers, but said nothing.

    Our next three encounters happened involving a shower. The first time, I was at his house, and a big group of us were going camping for his birthday, along the coast. Before we went, me him and Dan were at his for his birthday barbecue, and Tom said he needed a shower, and asked if I wanted to come and have one with him. Naturally, I jumped at the chance,thinking one of my fantasies was about to come true. we went up to the shower, and stripped down to our boxers, and then he said we should wash our hair, and we took it in turns to wash each others hair. I couldn't take my eyes of his bulge, though it wasn't overly bulging, and felt my self get a bit hard. Neither of u got full nude, and the experience was over pretty quickly

    The next time time, we were at a New Years party, and we both stayed over. in the morning, Tom went for a shower, but he couldn't work it, and asked me for some help. At this point, there was a lot of people I barely know around, the kind who would spread rumours without second thought, so I said no. I kind of regret that now, but it was probably for the best. After, we went back to our houses, but he was locked out, so we both headed down to mine, my parents were out at the time. He sat downstairs and watched trashy TV, whilst I had a shower, leaving the bathroom door unlocked. I put my pyjamas on, and came back down. We watched TV for a bit, until he got a text from his mum saying they would be home in five minutes. As he went to leave, I told him he should stay and we could have a naked day, but he declined. I told him I was anyway, and I gave him the keys to get out. I stripped down to by boxers there and then, and as he opened the door I got starkers. My dick was hard and fully out and he turned, saw it and laughed. I called after him, but he didn't come back, but I think he enjoyed the sight.

    The next time I remember was the same sort of situation with him being locked out, and we came back to mine. We were in my room, and I said I was going for a shower, taking off my clothes in the room, whilst he stared at the computer screen. I came back from my shower, only in a towel, closed the door because my parents were in and he turned around. I stayed in my towel for a bit, brushing my teeth, then announced that I was getting changed, so he wouldn't turn around. At the point when I dropped my towel, he turned, and saw my dick, blaming me for him seeing it, but in his turning around, I knew he wanted to see it.

    Nothing happened for a while after that, but then one night, just as I was drifting off, my phone was off, me not realizing it was on loud. IT was Tom, saying he was locked out, and wondered if he could come in and stay the night. The mattress on the floor was covered in junk, so we got into my bed together. I told him I had been sleeping naked before he came (A lie) and that his turning up wasn't going to change that. I pulled my clothes off, covered by my duvet, and we tried to get to sleep. I was too excited to sleep, and naturally had a massive boner. He looked asleep, and at one point went to the toilet, fully exposed, and I think he saw. He was asleep (or so it seemed) when I returned, and so I slept, or at least tried to sleep, with my cock fully exposed for him to see. During the night I kept edging a little closer, pretending it was sleep movement, and I'm pretty sure he was awake, because he sort of mentioned it the next morning. I must have slept at one point, and got a bit cold during, because I woke up with my covers on me. He was still asleep, and I contemplated putting my boxer shorts back on. I had a hard on, but I wasn't so adventurous in the morning as I had been the night before, which I so regret now. I wish he could have seen my dick in daylight. He woke not long after me, and suddenly remembered I had been naked, and asked if I still was. I said yes, and then he decided to get up. We had a really bizarre moment just then, because in getting up, he sort of straddled me over my covers, and awkwardly laughed about him having seen my erection during the night, calling me six inches, saying it was a compliment. He sat there for a good minute or two. This was the closest our erect cocks had ever come to each other, I knew he was erect because when he got off me, he had clear morning wood, and stood with it eye level to my lying down. He watched me stare at it, smiling triumphantly, like he had confirmed his dick was bigger than mine. He pulled on his jeans which were just at the side of the bed, so I took the opportunity to find my boxers. I pulled the covers off me, revealing my erection, which he looked at. I sat up, hunched a little as if to hide it, though I wasn't. I reached to where I knew my boxers were, and stood up, pulling them on. I went to the toilet, erection evident through my boxers, and still there when I returned, but I pulled on some trousers to try and mask it.

    The next encounter, I actually saw his dick. Well, sort of. We were back at the time share, and after a swim and sauna in our towels, we were about to go into the showers. Tom, Dan and I stood there a little awkward, not wanting to be the first one to get naked, but I decided to take the plunge, flinging off my towel, dick uncovered, and into the shower, facing the wall. Dan took the one next to me, Tom next to him, both of them covered there dicks. I turned to face forward and closed my eyes, enjoying the moment. I saw them both looking, but I didn't mind because I only had a semi, if that. I turned around again and soaped up my dick, as did the other two. I inadvertently saw Dan's, and it was definitely thicker than the last time. I then tried to see Tom's, but all I saw was him whacking it up and down, like you do when your trying to get a quick boner, and it was so fast, I couldn't really make anything out from it other than t was pretty long. I have been wanking over this for months. We went out of the shower, without me seeing anything more, but I stood naked and hard, with a towel in my hand. Dan was already in a cubicle, and Tom had just wrapped his towel around him. I tried to whip him, "trying" to cover my dick, hoping that he would drop his towel, or whip me back. Neither happened, but I tried again, when we were in the cubicles, and this time he did whip back. I tried to grab the towel, so he would have to let me see his cock if he wanted it back. but I missed it. In the cubicle, I was really really hard, and so wanked off, producing an unholy amount of spunk, into my wet pair of swimming shorts, which was pretty hard to hide from the others seeing that they were full of cum. I succeeded and went home that day.

    And then came the Empty. My parents were away for the weekend, and I was staying at home for one night before going to see my brother. I would have gone through to my brothers the same day as they had left, but my friend's Dad was having a Blues night, which I was keen to go to. Naturally, having an empty house, I invited the three (including Dan) back to mine for beers and fun. Later on, Tom and some others came down, must have been around midnight, and we had a bit of a wild night. For some reason, the eight of us (minus the guy who passed out on the landing) slept in my room. Four of us in my bed, three on the floor and one on my sofa. I was in the bed, but it is not big enough for four, and so we spooned. We had to negotiate who would be spooning how, and by some miracle, I ended up against the wall, spooning Tom. He was pretty wrecked, and had fallen asleep pretty fast. I had a boner at thought of sleeping in this way with him, and I positioned myself so as that it was poking into his covered ass. Then I had a thought. He was wearing a thin cotton pair of pyjama bottoms a t-shirt and nothing else. Carefully, I crept my hand onto his waist, as "innocent sleep movement". My hand progressed from his waist to his thigh, and finally up to his crotch. I couldn't believe what I was doing! For so long, I had wanted to touch him, wank him, suck him and fuck him, and I was getting my shot. I started rubbing his soft cock through the pyjamas, my other hand on my own dick. It soon transpired that he was too deep in sleep to notice, and then I just went for it. With one hand, I lifted the waistband of his pyjamas, and slipped my other into the warmth of his crotch. I started with his balls, which were surprisingly quite small in comparison to mine. His sack was pretty much radiating heat, and it felt so good to touch, I couldn't even feel any hair on it! Then my hand moved to his dick. It was soft, and bigger than mine was when flaccid. I started rubbing it a little, hoping it would soon get hard, but the results were minimal, it only growing about an inch or so. Then i tried to pull back the foreskin over the head (I have a tight foreskin and so it is rarely able to do so) The head was easily the most amazing thing I have ever touched. It was so fleshy, and soft, and felt like a dry tongue, my hands not running over it smoothly. I kept my hand on his dick, fondling him for about ten minutes, with pretty minimal results in growth. And then he gave little jolt. I almost panicked, but decided to keep my hand, rested on his dick. He stirred a little, moving a little more onto his side, away from me, and quickly I slipped my hand out. I waited a few minutes before I could tell he was asleep again, and slipped my hand back under his pyjamas. It was hard. It was big, hard, and the most beautiful thing I've ever touched. It felt so good in my hand, and I could tell it was far bigger than my 5-and-a-half-inches, I would say at least 8". I slipped the foreskin down again, and felt the head in my hand. I wanted him, I wanted him so bad. began to wank him off, with as little as movement as possible, so as not to disturb the others. It proved difficult, so I placed one hand, fondling his balls, trying to work my way to his ass-hole, with the other, I rubbed the tip with my thumb, a technique I have used many time to make myself cum. His cock got harder, but my attempt to find his anus was flawed by the awkwardness of the angle, so I went back to fondling his balls. It was the best moment of my life, his dick was almost pulsating, he was about to cum! And then he woke up with a start. I got my hands out of there quick enough for him not to notice, but I knew I couldn't try it again. He mumbled something, and got out of the bed, and left the room. A minute later, I got up, and went downstairs to get a drink. I saw the downstairs bathroom light was on, and I knew it was Tom in there. I got my water, and went through to my lounge, and lay on my sofa with the lights on, and the door ajar, hoping that on his return upstairs, he would look in. I almost got my dick out and had a wank, so that he would walk in, and I so wish that I had, but sadly, I chickened out. He did come in, my dick was hard, but covered, and he still had a semi. He laughed, then went away, and I regretted not being naked, who knows, he might have joined me for a wank if I'd put some porn on. The only thing of note the next morning, was my seeing his flaccid package through his pyjamas, poking out a little, because it is so big.

    And so, that was that, and they are all the encounters I can remember. Sorry it was so long, I just really go into writing it.
  • iv never done it to a sleeping guy but i have done it with two friends.

    the first was with my best friend we were both about 10 years old pre puberty and we were experimenting. we were in the woods and we put our hands down each others boxers and started fondeling each others cocks. we later whent into his house and locked his bedroom door. we both layed on the bed next to each other butt naked kissing and feeling his each others cocks. we would suck each other and fuck one and other but obviously nothing happend. it didnt really appeal to me at that age.

    then when i was 14-15 i was down my other friends house and he was watching porn when i whent up to his bedroom. he was under his quilts rubbing his cock and he didnt stopeven when i sat down at the bottom of the bed. we kept watching the porn and he kept rubbing his cock. when the porn finnished he got up butt naked with only a t-shirt on and turned a game on.

    he looked at me and it smiled rubbing his large cock and when i say large i mean 7-8 inches it wasnt hard hard but it wasnt soft. i was still sitting at the bottom of the bed and he came towards me and said will you suck my cock please i said no at first but he kept on and on saying suck it he finaly realised i wasnt going to suck him so he said ok will you wank me off i said no anyway i left a few hours later. the next week i whent to see him again he was waching porn again and wanking off.

    this time he asked me to suck him off and i said no twice but then he kept on so to shut him up i put my hands on it and started to wank him off he stood there relaxed with his closed eyes. when i stopped wanking him he said will you suck me now i thought about it for a while and then i said no but then he came closer between my legs and poked his massive hard wet cock on my lips so i started sucking him it felt really really good having his massive cock down my throat.

    i kept sucking him off for a little while then he said you like it (what was i going to do lie) i said ye i like it so he pushed me back onto his bed and kissed me his naked body his hard nipples rubbing on my chest and his hard cock poking me in my balls. he undresd me and sucked me off and we had rough sex it felt so good.
  • i work at a bar i finished late about 12 o'clock anyway i stayed for one drink now im not the best drinker so i got a little bit more confident than i would normally

    anyway before i finished work there was this guy he is a regular and he is a fire fighter i wouldnt say he suits everyones liking but he just turns me on anyway he got to drunk as usuall and he was asked to leave he must have left about half an hour before me ive dropped him of before to his house when he was drunk the bar where i work is in the countryside and its about an hours walk away from this guys house.

    so when i was driving home i saw him he was stumbeling down the road so i stoped and offerd him a lift and he got in. when he sat down i had to lean over him to close the door and put his seat belt on when i did this he put his hand on my thigh just in a way to say thanks. so i was driving down the road and in the corner of my eye i saw him rub himself a little he then picked his balls up wich were covered by his blue jeans and dropped them he did this a few times.

    then he put his head back and started to snore. i looked at him and got really horny thinking of all the dirty things i wanted him to do to me so i put my hand on his srong arms and rubbed them i got even more confident so i rested my hand on his leg.

    when i got to his house i took the seat belt off of him and opend the door he was to drunk to stand so i helped him up so i put his strong tanned smooth arm over my shoulder and walked him to his door when we got there i asked him for his key he said it was in his front pocket knowing he was drunk i put my hand down his back pocket grabbing his arss he said "no no its in the front pocket" so i put my hand down his front pocket nudging against his flacid cock i then got the key out of his pocket and opend the door i asked him where his bedroom was and he told me i took him to his bed and took his jeans and polo shirt off his chest was hard but not toned aftr i took his polo off i slid my palm down his chest and to the top button of his jeans i took them off and then took his socks off he was left in his underwear.

    then in his drunken slumber he grabbed me by my waits and pulled me onto him i tried to ge up and he called me i sat next to him and he put his arm around me so i put my arm around him and with my other hand i rubbed his chest he laid back he said come to bed with me so i toock all of my clothes of and laid ontop of him i kissed his chest and nipples and tonged him i kissed my way down to his cock and began to suck him we later had sex although i did most of the work i got up early that morning before he did and left im loong forward to working late again
  • R
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    I do it all of the time I share a room with my friend and there is only enough room in it for one bed so lucky me. He is straight, 27yo cute blonde. but he looks 17yo i swear. he is a late bloomer, and i love it when we stay up for a couple of days partying, and when he finally passes out I explore his boxers, for hours while he is out like a zombie.. I wait for a little bit of snoring, then place my hand under his comforter on his smooth chest and feel it up for a while. Then i move to his boxers, its easier to go up his leg hole, to play with his cock so that is usually how i get to the goods. Ill just lie there next to him and molest him until he gets a hardon and play with his balls too. If he is on his belly passed out Ill play with his cute little ass for a bit grabbing his cheeks for a while they fit perfect in my hand so ill do that for a while until i cant resist anymore and start sliding my finger up and down his ass crack OMG i start pre cumming so i get some of my cum on my finger and rub it on his ass crack and hole. the ass crack and ass hole thing is a treat i dont get to do it often fyi. any how ill take my cum covered middle finger and with the other fingers on either side of my middle finger split his crack open so i can finger fuck his tight hole untilhe wakes up..
  • ive already posted some storys here but i thought i would post another one of my first experience.

    so when i was younger i had this friend we where best friends we would do everything together we where unseperable. so when we where about 10yo we where in the woods behind our houses we would play stick wars up there for hours, well this one day we where exploring the woods and i just started thinking of us being together in a sexual way but i was to affraid to do anything or say anything. we had walked along way into the woods and we where talking about different things and just chatting and i dont remember how it came about but i said "i want to be with a woman i want to marry a woman but if i dont i will try it with a man what about you" he was a little bit hesitant at first but then he said "yeah i guess if it came about then i might aslong as i wasnt with a woman" i got kinda excited at his answer and pleased.

    so we where both in the woods just standing there and i said do you whant to try he said yes but neither of us knew what to do first so to start it i grabbed his crotch then he grabbed mine we just stood there for awhile but then we took ou t-shirts off so our bodys would touch each other we did this and then we kissed we decided to go back to his house to be in private so we rushed back into his bedroom and locked the door we both got fully naked and laid on the bed next to each other in each others arms and kissed. i always knew i was a bottom so i got on my knees and said put your willy in my bum so he did we started fucking and after that we gave each other blowjobs and it kinda whent on from there.
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    Last night I stayed at my friends house. When I stay over at his house, we sleep in the same bed and in our underwear. So when we had drunk some beer we went to bed and he took his sleep.pill. After a while he fell asleep, but i couldn't... As i am kinda fascinated by him and his cock, I tried to feel his ass first and when he turned around i grabbed his cock and.his balls. He didn't wake up, so i started stroking his cock. After a while i.pulled.his underpants down and felt.his great cock. Then i took my underpants off as well and turned myself around so that we were spooning it was great!! When we.woke up he didn't know what had happened, so i.told him we had sex with a girl and that she went away already, he believed it. Long live alcohol!
  • When I was in my mid teens I stayed over at a friends house often on weekends. They lived on a farm and Andy, my friend, was the the oldest of the two remaining sons at home and he got the basement bedroom. It was a double and we shared the bed when I stayed over. I helped with chores and we just hung out as guys our age do. I always lusted after Andy, he was masculine and well built and proportioned body wise and was a pure innocent naive guy I think. He appeared to only be interested in girls I thought but he enjoyed male bonding. We'd often wrestle around but nothing overtly sexual. We would get into some drinking at times, without his mother knowing, then when it was bed time literally pass out.
    We slept in underwear and that was the era of men wearing sexy polyester and colorful pouch style undies. He always had a nice bulge and I'd eye that every chance I'd get without making it too obvious. Several nights I'd lie there waiting for his breathing to get heavier and then I'd make my move. I'd slowly turn over towards him and allow my arm to flop near him or land on him, hip level. If he'd jerk or move I knew he wasn't deep enough. If he kept breathing deeply and slowly I'd wait then slowly advance and eventually let my hand rest near his bulge. He never got hard but he'd get a bit firm. A few times I managed to get my hand under the waist band of his shorts and I'd feel his cut cock and bush. Man those moments were so hot. I'd often he leaking pre cum and I'd rub some on my fingers then touch his cock. I felt like we had really bonded.
    Never took it any farther and regret not doing that now.

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