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Society for the Maintenance of Irreverance towards Ridiculous Kowtow. Delivered from multiple genetic donors - Bullwinkle, Penn & Teller, erectile tissue, Ludwig Feuerbach, refusal to suffer capital's left and right wings, the false promises of maidenform bra ads, the 3-way tie between crotchlessness, mindlessness, heartlessness, Firesign Theatre, HGH, PETA-eating wolves, dying popes, Harpo Marx, Luis Bunuel, YIPPIE!, Murray Bookchin, DMAE, Mikhail Bakunin, Germaine Greer, "Binky Brown", the I.W.W., "Zippy the Pinhead", Murray Bookchin, Lennie Bruce, Ernie Kovacs, Monty Python, "Dr. Girlfriend", the Situationist International, the Lettrists, the dadists, the surrealists, Charles Fourier, my parents fucking, and us defining ourselves.... RSS Feed what is XML?

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