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Friday night I msturbated for four hours or so before exploding. Yesterday I masturbated for 8 hours and came twice. Today I masturbated without coming for about 2 1/2 hours and will continue later this afternoon.
I have entered a phase of total focus on my penis. For me this is the copmplete devotion to experiencing the pleasure derived from direct manipulation of my penis. This consists of touching, lightly caressing, massaging, gripping, stroking; whatever I can do with my hands and fingers to all the areas of my penis and my testicles. I also creatively use other materials to stimulate all the nerve endings/pleasure points in the area of my groin in attempts to bring to the physical surface the most pleasurable sensations. For this I like to also incorporate oils, creams, most of which I blend myself, as well as synthetic materials such as latex, sponge, rubber, plastics. I am still exploring and experimenting with my penis and tactile stimulants (as opposed to any mood-altering stimulants, i.e. poppers, alcohol etc) in order to enhance the pleasure while I engage in hours and hours of focused masturbation without orgasm. '
By the way if anyone would like to dialogue with me about this I am open :
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    Since I'm always soft, , well, sometimes swollen thicker and 4-5" long, its a different experience. I use my nipples to get myself aroused and over 50% of the way to orgasm. Then I will usually cup the last 1-2" of my cock and squeeze-release. its to soft to stroke, so this lets me usually orgasm. Other times I cannot orgasm without my hole played with. I have at times masturbated for 45 mins and cannot cum, but if I touch a cock head to my hole and just penetrate the sphincter and bang i orgasm. I only ooze a small fraction of what I used to cum when hard. When my nipples / tits are used, I will leak precum more. At times its been steady as my tits are used.
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    I teach soft cock erotic massage to many males, how to reconnect with their bodies and their cock. There is a great new video out called "Soft cock erotic massage" very informative. Mostly its about taking plenty of time to learn and enjoy your cock.

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