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Creating your own Medicine Bags or bundles is very personal. Cherokee ancestors created such bags as their relationship with their plant allies developed. They used them for ceremonies and healing for themselves and their tribes. Making your own that you can carry with you must be as sacred as you can make it, each part constructed with reverence and ceremony. Praying for help from spirits of the world and the spirits of the plants is often important in constructing such a medicine bundle.

This is an example from the Karuk Indians of California:

"He prays over the herbs one at a time. He takes up one kind of herb first; close to his face he holds it. Then when he finishes praying over it, then he puts it in the bowl basket. Then afterwards he takes up another kind of herb. He prays a different prayer over it. Then he puts it in turn in the bowl basket. He does the same way to all his herbs."

When I started collecting, objects came to me at different times and I found some in unlikely places. If you live with this bundle for years it will come to hold much power for you & your work and you can add to it as you find your own sacred things/herbs. It is important that it be constructed with as much presence of mind as you can generate.

In the beginning we feel things about the plants, a kind of intuitive empathy. Eventually, as you develop in your relationship with them, the experience of learning can develop into something more similar to what was shared between humans and plants in ancient times. As personal strength and knowledge of the plants develops, it becomes necessary to be able to hold in mind and heart the power of sacred plant medicine without losing emotional balance. We must believe without flinching or wavering, we must have a staunch confidence in the power of the formulas. For the spirits we call on "know our minds" and if they find our conviction faltering they will not heed us, nor the words we speak.
*Always threat them as equals
*Have proper ceremony(prayers and offerings) which come from true feelings
*Recieve communication of the plants
*Do what the plant ask of you
*Never violate the bond of trust between you
Walk in Harmony,
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    Fri, February 13, 2009 - 7:16 AM
    Dear Perizada, thank you for these words.

    I have found a connection to a healing plant that I would like to start my "Medicine Bag" with. I have the piece of the plant, which is partially dry and probably will finish drying out in a couple of weeks. After it dries, is it OK to put in the "Medicine Bag"? Is it customary to wrap it in some kind of soft material before I put it in the Bag? I have heard of "Medicine Bundles" that are rolled up pieces of material which are tied. Is this the same thing? Any advice on the actual physical components of a "Medicine Bag"?

    There is a Tribe that is having a good discussion about Plant Energy Interaction right now. It is the Tribe called "Bio-Regional Animism" and the name of the thread is: "Energy -Interaction with Plants." There are some really interesting posts there....
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      Fri, February 13, 2009 - 10:27 AM
      Thank you Maggie for asking.....the most important thing is to make it personal. You have much spiritual healing within your the things you put into your 'bag' is going to be important to you & be unique. A "Medicine bag' is different than a 'Medicine Bundle"....your 'bundle' are can tie them with a strip of cotton, and have all the different ones in a soft bag or a case. Sitting Bull's contained seven small packets, which were said to be only part of the remedies used by him. Eagle Shield had four principle remedies, the most important of which was contained in a beaded case. I have mine in a box made by natives with a wild salmon carved on it....I have them wrapped carefully in soft pieces of material and labeled. I also have a few spells with them...just simple words.

      I have a few Medicine Bags. I got them from Cherokee, Pigeon Forge and along the Appalachian mountains. They are full of things I have found in my travels that spoke to me during hikes and from the ancestors of my land. I have stones, small carvings of animals,herbs,acorns, shells and crystals. If you carry a bag with you full of your own spiritual objects you carry the natural energy of those objects along with you so that they influence your own energy. I have been lost and they actually led me to the way out safely. You also maintain the contact with their emotional and personal meanings, which strengthen you in a different way. Together, these items form a personal power source for the healer.
      *Interesting fact; The Crane Bag of the Druids and the Medicine Bag of the Native Americans are both forms of "power bags"......which makes them very powerful indeed.
      Hope this helps....much love,
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        Fri, February 13, 2009 - 10:57 AM
        Oh, this is so very interesting!

        But I am a bit confused. Does one use these "medicine bundles" (IN the "medicine bag") for actual healing. For example: If I am carrying a small bunch of mint in my medicine bag, do I actually take this out and make tea with it and give it to the person in need of healing?

        OR is this bunch of mint simply for making spiritual contact with it and putting it back in the bag? And then going out and finding other plants to do the physical healing?

        VERY interesting about the "Crane Bag." I've never heard of that before. But one of my Spiritual Guides (Saji--She is from the Pleiades, and has had lives upon Planet Earth, too) has shown me a dance she calls "The Crane Dance" in a dream.....

        Speaking of picking up different things for a Medicine Bag....did you ever see the movie __Powwow Highway__? It is one of my most favorite movies. A character in it (Philbert) goes on a Medicine Journey and gives offerings and picks up special things on his way.....
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          Sat, February 14, 2009 - 9:43 AM
          My Medicine Bag I have with me (usually around my neck) but this is just for me and my connections to the things within...having the spiritual contact. My Medicine Bundles are in my case that if needed for healing is close by and easy to take anywhere. You can also make a bag to go on around your waist that is bigger to place healing bundles of herbs in. These you can use in healing others as well as yourself.

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