Southend Oral sex club (puget sound, Wa.

public - created 10/30/05
The goal is to be a semi-private club for an equal number of men and women, who will be paired up to have oral sex and share orgasms, the variety of partners make this a very exciting group, By being allowed to join this group you are invited to have oral sex with the partner that you are paired with, .We would like you to live in the Puget Sound area, preferebly the south end. your partner. Please post a photo of yourself with your names as the title, face pictures are best but don't hesitate to post more erotic pics also, just please label them with you name/handle. Lets just see how many goups of 20 we can put together for the fun and lust of it.
(squeaky clean safe and sane members are a must!!!!!!!!!)

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