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Tribe for guys interested in spanking with other guys ... just for the fun of it ... a kind of male-bonding maybe. (Tribe started by guy in Southampton, UK)

As you can see from the original Tribe founder's comments above, this tribe is for guys who want to spank or be spanked for other guys. As the New Moderator, I am choosing to adopt a No Spamming Policy. If you spam the group, your post will be removed. I will also remove posts that have links to non-tribe websites. RSS Feed what is XML?

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visit the basement  topic
the result of bad behaviour  photo flag
spankable  photo flag
cute arse ready and waiting  photo flag
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He'll not move much  photo flag
Nettled  photo flag
Ready and waiting  photo flag
Ouch!  photo flag
Introductions or Who What & Where  topic
The result of being nad!  photo flag
The right position  photo flag
Mmm! Ready?  photo flag
We need some activity in this tribe.  topic
Adelaide South Australia. Looking for Dominant...  topic
Looking for a buddy to spank me in Phoenix, Ari...  topic
Do hairy boy butts need harder whippings?  topic
Travelling Spankos  topic
guys just having fun spanking  topic
a spanking new year  topic
san francisco  topic

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