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Piss In a bottle  topic
Deetah and Angel  photo flag
Splendora and Deetah  photo flag
Dance Deetah Dance!  photo flag
queer bait  photo flag
Queer Bait!!!! let the world know...  photo flag
The Gender Fluids!  photo flag
Splendee and Deetah  photo flag
Deetah and Splendee  photo flag
Splendora  photo flag
me and fannie  photo flag
Deetah and Rocky  photo flag
Deetah and Fannie Mae at Queer Bait  photo flag
Slight Change in Sissy Benefit  topic
my new video  topic
me in the Maids  topic
Queer Fetish?  topic
thanks for all the support  topic
Well - this sucks?  topic
Thanks for coming to the ball sac reduction ben...  topic
to burn or not to burn?  topic
link to splendora dearest...  topic
caughtincandy vid  topic
split in two  topic
what does it mean to be alive?  topic

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