male genital splitting

public - created 05/21/12
Male genital splitting, aka "Bisection" is one of the more extreme modifications that many men around world have chosen to do to their penises.
This tribe is created to cater specifically to all men who are serious in wanting to split their penis or already in the process of splitting their penis, and the men who have already completed the transformation. ONLY MEN WITH AT LEAST A MEATOTOMY PICTURE IN THEIR PROFILE WILL BE ACCEPTED TO JOIN, OTHER WITH PLEASE GIVE A REASON WHY YOU WANT TO JOIN THIS TRIBE.
There are many issues to discuss over the procedure, healing and living with the modification in every day life, so this group is created to advise on all these issues.
Subincision, which is usually the beginning of a bisection project is also to be talked about on this tribe.
this tribe is moderated and is only for men who are into genital bisection and subincision.
(Tribe still under construction)

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