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Sploshing can be described as lovers using food in sex play. This can include whipped cream and chocolate, flavoured lubes and oils, Godiva liqueur making its own treasure trails down a lover's body. Perhaps you've even done it–maybe fed your lover a tasty bite with exaggerated motions, teasing him with fork and eye games or covered yourself in honey and fruit like a continental breakfast in an upscale hotel. But, unlike the casual flavored body paint user, sploshers take sex and food to a whole new level.
The term "splosh" was coined by Bill Shipton, publisher of "Splosh!" magazine, and means the extreme use of food items in sex play. Sploshers enjoy having various substances poured over them and thrown at them, they enjoy sitting on cakes, in bowls of pudding, in gelatin, and they love the cream pie in the face as much as any aficionado of slapstick comedy. Some sploshers have sex during and after the mess-making, while others, the sexual release is found through the very act of sploshing and no further activity is required.
Sploshing, like most fetishes, is an offshoot of a larger category–in this case, "Wet and Messy." WAM is almost anything and everything messy and wet one can get into, have poured on, and roll around in. Despite this, scat and urine play are not a part of Wet and Messy. Nor is semen used as WAM material.
I made this group for Northern California Sploshers (and other areas) to connect with each other and get some events going. So, if anyone has the specifications for putting on an event like this let us know. RSS Feed what is XML?

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