Sidereal Libra Moon = like Scorpio?

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Here's a description I found of the Sidereal Libra Moon from the site:


No word can describe Libra in any form better than intense, unless it would be piercing. These words apply not only to his stare, but to his emotional and personal intensity, too. Very much a sign of self-pleasuring, a Moon in Libra can give a capacity for strong jealousies and possessive attitudes, too.

Libra’s motives and feelings run much deeper than the agreeable surface figure may disclose. He is very self involved, perhaps to the point of secretiveness. When things do not go his way, he can quickly become irritated, though his desire for calm is likely to help maintain some measure of tact. Libra tries to strike a peace, often through weighing each side of an argument and forming a compromise. He is a master of finding common denominators between crossed perspectives! Averse to creating a scene, his soft-spoken manner is frequently the soothing key to mediation.

Sex is a matter very dear to the Libran, assuming other chart factors do not make him overly involved with his own shortcomings. He is very attractive to the opposite sex, and has little trouble enticing lovers. In romance as in anything else, he exhibits a strong will and sense of determination, a fierce independence and mighty perseverance.

Overall, the Libra Moon makes one charming and entertaining. The men are debonair and winning, the women delightful and impelling. An aura of glamour runs through the image of the individual with the Moon in Libra, explaining why sports figures, for instance, often have this Moon constellation even though the Sun in Libra avoids the physical sports arena to keep from getting hurt! Other major areas of achievement include artistic pursuits and human grooming, such as hairdressing.

U.S. PRESIDENTS: Benjamin Harrison, Harry S Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter

[After The New Instant Astrologer was released, I began reorganizing my notes on Sidereal Moon-signs - which I knew hadn't gotten the same quality of attention in the book as had the Sun-sign interpretations. The following bullet points are from my notebooks, and represent my "next generation" attempt. These haven't been fully vetted for accuracy against sufficient examples, and are to be regarded as a work in progress and notes toward a better treatment of the Moon placement interpretations.]

1. Tries to strike a peace via mediation and compromise. Master of finding common denominators.

2. Agreeable on the surface. Soft-spoken manner, soothing, tactful. Entertaining, debonair, "winning personality."

3. Desire for calm, likely to maintain tact despite personal irritation.

4. INTENSE. PIERCING. Emotional and personal intensity. Glaring stare.

5. Self-pleasuring, self-enjoyment. (But also, major capacity for repression or self-denial.) Sex is a matter dear to Libra.

6. Seductive personality (not only in sex). TEASE motif (Bruce Lee, etc.). Very attractive to opposite sex; magnetic; little trouble enticing lovers.

7. Physical beauty. Softness of appearance.

8. Possessive attitude. Jealousies.

9. Strong will and sense of determination. Perseverance.

10. Feelings and motives run much deeper than shows. Sense of alienation. Self-disclosure comes only rarely and with difficulty.

11. What seems at first like independence is really a sense of alienation and compensatory emotional self-preservation by fiercely asserting some sort of "autonomy demand."

12. Subject to impatience. Low frustration tolerance.

13. Poor memories.

14. FAGAN: "Yes-men."

15. Analgesis?

16. Aura of glamor about their image.

17. FAGAN: Suave, polished, charming, persuasive, graceful, courteous.

18. FAGAN: Moves easily, softly, and without apparent effort among people.

19. FAGAN: Addicted to finery, stylish attire, and even "fine-feathers." Usually in good taste,but sometimes in excess.

20. FAGAN: Not given to much exertion, easy-going, loves idling in elegant ease, prone to dalliance and poetic utterances when the mood takes them.

21. FAGAN: WOMEN: Rather than endure the unpleasant consequences of a refusal, they allow themselves to be imposed upon and may even welcome it.

22. FAGAN: MEN: At time of crisis, sometimes find themselves deserted and defenseless, often made the sacrificial victim, left to fact the attack alone.

23. BRADLEY: BLACK SHEEP of the zodiac! Capacity for being misunderstood and criticized is almost limitless. Inherent problem of social adjustment.

24. BRADLEY: Essentially introverted, "spiritual" but not "religious."

25. BRADLEY: Libra allows full play to feminine souls...

26. BRADLEY: LOVE OF PEACE - usually too visionary and least practical.

Gauquelin: Extremely high for character trait "passionate." Also quite high for traits "cold" and "ambitious." Also low for "witty, devoted, active."
Other Stats: Shorter life-span (Bradley). Auto racers (Eshelman; all 33 drivers in Indy 500 one year). Men have sons (Bradley).
Observed Vocational Interests: Artists, hair stylists, good at meeting the public, model, clothing designer, commercial artist, interior designer.

Notebook #93 observations: Very dynamic, enthusiastic participants, but often biting off more than they can chew; i.e., eager to take something on, but not always coming through (perhaps because of how much they take on). I believe what is true here is that the Libra Moon makes them enthusiastic to take things on, and the rest of the chart determines whether (or how frequently) they come through on it.


This sounds a lot like Scorpio. According to the Tropical zodiac, I have Scorpio Moon but when I found out about the Sidereal one I was confused because I always identified myself as a person with Scorpio traits. But now after reading this description.. I think it makes sense. It seems like the Sidereal signs are the "original" ones and the Western signs have been altered and mixed up. What do you think?
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    Re: Sidereal Libra Moon = like Scorpio?

    Sun, June 6, 2010 - 9:40 PM
    Yes, pretty much all of these traits are generally given to tropical Scorpio. Look at what is missing though- tropicalists generally portray Scorpio as demanding, uncompromising and power hungry. These are not usually assigned to Sidereal Libra but ARE usually applied to Sid Scorpio.

    Taking a step back from the descriptions alone some strong examples of Sid Scorpio would be martal arts legend Bruce Lee and the conspiracy theorists favourite political theorist, Noam Chomsky. Examples of famous Librans would be "snow-capped volcano" Grace Kelly, princess of Monaco and Jefferson Airplane's Grace Slick ("One pill makes you bigger, the other makes you small...") In ancient times Libra was considered highly seductive/sexual and Scorpio was generally a powerful, warlike sign.
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      Sun, April 24, 2011 - 6:47 PM
      nice post. With a moon in Libra, I enjoyed reading it.

      I have a demanding personality on many fronts and that comes from my Libra moon no doubt...not my Pisces sun. I think one of the most prominent traits of a Libra moon is indecisiveness, as a result of me being a perfectionist in many ares and wanting to force balance and harmony upon everything through ego(cardinal+air) causing a constant shift in my own mental state to compensate for the imperfections around.

      Aggressiveness is a common trait but mostly contained in the moon position due to a respect for balance in one's chart

      I think Libra is the most respectful sign, where as aries, the opposite of Libra, is somewhat disrespectful and consumed in it's own ego and motives

      Looking at contrast between the two... They are both signs of change, one physical and one mental.
      Aries depends on others for support and to fuel his ego and is constantly motivating others and building them up to ensnare them in that ring of power(Hitler).
      Libra is dependent only one himself and well, honestly, doesn't need support for anything he does...hes fully capable of discerning whether something is right or in place.

      The problem with Libra is(especially in a subconscious position like the moon position), that he wants to make all the decisions yet cannot justify what decisions are right with so many factors involved and wanting to please the whole crowd...Libra sees balance as something obtainable only through aggressive action which goes against the non aggressive nature of the sign...It's a huge contradiction and that is why Libra will hesitate and be so indecisive because there is a careful approach to minimize the inevitable(conflict) to gain overall balance.

      This is why I've always said that Libras are the peace-keepers of the Zodiac...Their role is to obtain peace through aggressive action(which is the only way mankind can obtain peace)which also explains why Libra is an air sign, it's because he knows physical wounds are a means of retaliation where as mental wounds, or in his case, mental attacks force change on your enemy...hopefully a change of mind or heart.

      Might of gotten off topic a bit but that's my 2 cents lol.

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