Straight Men as SEX SLAVES For Gay Men

public - created 04/25/12
This Tribe is for Straight Men to join & all who do AGREE to be Total SEX SLAVES of Any & All Gay Men or Men's Groups, Straight Male Slaves do not have the right to refuse anything, & by joining this tribe, you AGREE to this. A Slave must travel up to 50 Kilometers to anyone who wants to use him. Slaves & Users MUST be at Least 18 years of age & can be over 100 years of age. .. A Slave CANNOT Refuse Anyone on the basis of looks or age or colour or Anything. If you think you might, then Don't Join this Tribe. ... Gay Men do not have to join this tribe to use it's Straight Slaves. ... If any slave is selected by ANYONE within that 50 kilometer radius,, You Absolutely MUST Go & Submit to EVERYTHING Required of You. ... Condoms to be used, ONLY if the Gay User wants to use them. .... A Slave does NOT have to submit to Intentional Pain, but Does have to Submit to Anything Sexual,Bondage & Humiliation, but may refuse anything public. ....... To go First,,,, "I am male, & I am very Straight." (that makes me a Slave) RSS Feed what is XML?

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