When Dad went out of town

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I was out of school when Dad had to leave on business for two months and Mom was really stressing over it.
They'd been preparing and the strain showed on her as he kissed her at the airport and her eyes teared up.
I remember him saying "Son,take good care of your Mother while I'm away,ok?" and looking back that's actually comical now.
If he only knew...
Mom began being a bitchy after about two weeks and would cry for no reason,just sitting alone.
I knew she missed him but they spoke on the phone every day and had been married many years.
Guess I didn't understand her needs that well,I was just a dumb, horny kid.
She was always abit passive and let Dad really ran the show, actually controlling her every move and deed.
It was strange and most women would have hated that, but looking back now I think she really liked being dominated and controlled by him.
She began asking my opinion on things and this quickly elevated to asking my opinion and approval on everything, which I gave,
but if it was too quick and agreeable she'd get pissy.
I started to realize, even as a teen that she wanted me to tell her what she could and couldn't do.
To know the power I was asked to wield was awesome and unbelievable to me, but I wanted to keep her happy, not crying and bitchy.
So began my domination of my Mother.
She was a very beautiful woman,though not a slinky barbie doll, she had large heavy breasts but they were firm and by women's magazine's standards she was about twenty pounds overweight with a round, full but nicely shaped ass and slight tummy.
I thought she was sexy and many was the time I'd jacked off in my room in the dark fantasizing about her big tits,round ass, sexy, pouting full lips and imagine hearing her talk dirty to me.
I'd awakened more than once to wet sheets full of warm cum after dreaming of fucking her or being sucked off by that mouth and smelling her perfume.
I started to sneak in her closet and retrieve her worn panties from the clothes hamper to take back in my room and sniff her pussy's musky aroma as I feverishly stroked my thick, youthful cock until I'd shoot boiling hot, thick loads of cum into them.
Then I had to quickly throw them in the washer with the other dirty clothes on washday.I'm amazed I never got caught.
One Thursday morning she was walking around in her new white robe and I couldn't help but notice it was see-thru when she stood before the sliding door.
I could actually see the smooth rise of her firm, large pointed tits and curvature of her waist, hips and smooth, round ass underneath and that she had nothing else on.
My cock began to creep and grow as I shifted about in my chair next to her.
Then she bent over to pickup a magazine from the stack of "Good Housekeeping" and I almost gasped aloud as my heart took off beating at a fiery pace.
She was just inches from me and her bare, shaven pussy was clearly viewable to me!
I watched as her tits loosely bounced about, almost falling out and had to adjust my rock hard cock as I felt my nerves pulsing excitedly.
To make matters weirder,she then stayed bent over and turned her head to me and smiled,asking "Are you ok honey?".
Of course I said "yes",as choked up as any nervous, horny teen boy can and her smile grew even more.
She then squatted down slowly and began rifling through the magazines with her knees spread out wide under the robe.
The shape of her full, round, soft ass was incredible and I could feel my cock pulsing,stretching my pants as I stared.
I don't know what came over me then or how I managed to say it but before I knew it, I had stated to her very casually,"Mom, I want you to show me it all".
I swear I could hear myself in an echo,unbelieving it and completely in shock.
The room began to spin and everything went in slow motion as she turned her head to me and answered submissively,"Yes Dear".
Then she stood up and took off her robe,allowing it to fall to a puddle around her shapely,smooth legs.
I thought I was going to have a heart attack and stared at those glorious big, beautiful, firm tits that I'd lusted after for so damn long and saw her pink shaven pussy as well, even smeled her musky feminine aroma, just inches away.
I could see she was nervous but she remained naked, just smiling.
Then she asked in a quiet,sexy whisper,"Well are you going to take care of me like your Dad asked you?",as her manicured,long nailed,index finger glided across my arm.
I gulped nervously and saw she was eyeing my hardon in my pants and smiling.
It was like a dream.A perverted,crazy dream.I said "Yes,I will take care of you Mom and you will be my slut,do you understand?".
She dropped her jaw and gasped as she'd never seen me this assertive and commanding.
I could tell it turned her on.She then said the words I've always loved and will forever cherish, she quietly and submissively gave total control to me inthat sexy, soft voice answering,"Yes,Master,I understand".
I couldn't believe this!
It was weird but making me soooo horny to realize my sexy Mother was now completely willing to be my total sex slave slut!
I revelled in my power and grinned as I told her to undress me and suck my dick.
She'd never let me cuss before but this was very different, she needed this, craved it, had to have it, regardless of the incestual aspect.
She would cheat on her husband with her own teenage son,as long as I dominated her.
She undressed me with the grace and delicacy of a geysha and kneeled before me, letting her heavy tits lay on my thighs as she started licking the head of my cock with her eyes closed and moaning aloud.
I was in seventh heaven and thought I'd shoot any minute but she worked me with her hand in such a way as to cool me down.
I still don't believe this but she asked "does Master want to fuck his servant slut now?"
This took me a minute to absorb but made me realize just how powerful her sex addiction was to cross all known boundaries morally.
Once again I heard my voice echo within my own ears,"Yes, Master will fuck you", as though directed by unseen forces.
Mom kneeled down doggystyle in front of the chair and I got up and positioned myself down behind her, cock rock-hard,
throbbing and pulsing.I stared wantoly at her round, smooth bubblebutt and watched as she arched her back to lower her head below her gorgeous ass.
There's pre-cum dripping off the tip and I know I've got to rub it against her smoothly shaved,pink pussy so it will easily glide in.
I rub the head back and forth to make sure she's wet,as I hear Mom moan loudly and feel her press her hiops towards me with her head down.
Mom then asks,"Am I in the right position, Master?" and I answer "Yes,my slut, now take this cock!" and push my hard cock deep into my Mother's wet,hungry pussy as she gasps aloud and starts to ngrind into me faster and faster.
I thrust harder and grip her hips firmly as our groins smack with her warm pussy juice.
She's screaming by now and I fuck her harder and harder, faster and faster, taking out my sexual frustrations and pent up energy on my own slut Mother.
I resent her cheating on Dad and using me for sex, which makes me angry, so I fuck her harder and tell her,"You're going to be my slave slut from now on, understand?"-as I grip her hair and pull it,making her wince.
"Every morning I want you to wake me up with a blowjob,do you understand?""And you WILL swallow my cum,won't you,you,slut?'-to which she agrees and knods her head,saying,"Yessss,Master,yessss!!!!".
I felt her cumming as her pussy contracted around my cock, not once but many times and before I could shoot my load into her,decided to get her used to tasting my cum by pulling out my cock,gripping it firmly and crawling in front of her,to grab her hair and push her lovely head onto my wet,pussy juice drenched dick.
She looked up at me almost fearfully but wrapped her soft,full lips around it and gulped thirstily,swallowing every bit,even squeezing it dry with her hand to drain any still in my shaft.
My eyes rolled back as the hot jets of boiling cum seemed to shoot forever,filling her mouth almost to overloading and making me dizzy as I swayed abit under a glaze of sweat.
I laid back,catching my breath as I closed my eyes and tried to believe what just happened,what I just did and why I did it to my own Mother.
I felt bad taking advantage of her that way but then heard her moan and coo,"Your cum tastes better than your Dad's honey,I'll be happy to obey and suck your cock anytime".
Then she got up and leaned over to kiss my cheek and said "Thank you,baby"
Upon my Dad's return we both acted as though nothing had happened and had also earlier promised to never talk about it to anyone.
But we continued this Master/Slave thing throughout my last year of high school, all of college andeven into my thirties,when we'd occassionally meet in an out of town motel under the alibi of her visiting an old childhood friend.
I got to know my Mom more as a sexual being,vulnerable person and equal with weaknesses and needs like all of us and she got a Master that controlled her in the way she liked.There's so much more to tell but that's for later...
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