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what a kewl find!
Hello again,

Maybe this technique below will help some people manifesting their desires….

“You can tell if you are in stage five by the way you get what you want. If you rely almost entirely on an internal process, then you are, with a minimum of effort, a co-creator of reality.

How do I fit in? ...
I intend.

If we get down to specifics, the act of creation is reducible to one ingredient: intention. In stage five you don't have to master esoteric techniques; there are no magic tricks to making a thought come true, no secrets of miracle-working.” Chopra – How to Know God

I intend.

Therefore, when people who are not in Stage 5 yet (Loc 500s – D.Hawkins), what can they do to successfully manifest their major super duper (not just for intending a convenient parking spot or someone to call you = so easy) desires?

Well….. master a mumbo jumbo (or oh-wow jumbo) esoteric technique of course, hehehe
(People in Stage 5 can also use these too if they want to, since it is another internal process)

If there is one jumbo technique (based on Stage 5 and above theories and principles) that looks and sounds convincing (and works? – you decide for yourself), here it is:
Manifesting Using the Theta Brain Waves Technique

Mumbo Jumbo OR Oh-wow Jumbo, go try and experiment and decide for yourself…
Disclaimer below


In this day and age, most educated people know that the brain works at different frequencies. It is common scientific and psychological knowledge which you probably have heard a little about.

There are many frequencies at which the brain works. We can measure them using medical equipment, as they do in all good hospitals worldwide for the detection and treatment of certain dis-eases. However, the frequency range we are interested in here for manifestation is the theta range. Let us first briefly look at the various frequencies the brain works at, before we go deeper into theta.

The three most discussed brain wave frequency ranges, outside the normal frequency range most people have when they are awake and going about daily activity, are:

• Beta

• Alpha

• Theta

Beta - The beta frequency range lies between 13 and 40 hertz. This state is characterized by wakefulness and is believed to be the frequency of cognition (recognizing your world).

Alpha - The alpha frequency range lies between 7 and 12 hertz (cycles per second). It is just below the normal state of everyday waking that most people have. It is a lightly relaxed state that results in and is used for enhanced learning, positive thinking, ESP, day dreaming, intuition, inspiration, psychic ability and introspection. It has been proven to have a wide range of amazing effects such as right and left brain synchronization, alleviation of pain, the release of beneficial body chemicals, the improving of the immune system, elimination of anxiety, mental clarity and enhanced memory, vivid memory and imagination, higher intellect and more. This is commonly known as the state of mind awake, body asleep. It is also the same frequency as the Schumann Resonance, which is the resonant frequency of the earth's electromagnetic field.

Theta - This is the range we are interested in most for manifestation. This is where we touch the field of possibilities. To put it in another way, this is where creation starts, to be grounded and implemented by the beta, alpha and other frequencies. We have heard of the phrase “Be still and know God”. Well, this is what it means. Be still, move towards the infinite void within, and we will touch the source of all things. The theta frequency range lies between 4 and 7 hertz. This range is associated with very deep relaxation, heightened mental imagery and memory, free association, sharp but detached focus, heightened psychic abilities, feelings of unity with the universe, deep insights and inspiration, extended creativity, accelerated learning and retention, vast recall, and so on.

It is a transcendental state - we transcend this existence at that stage. In our sleep, we reach it in our dreams. Next time we see someone sleeping and their eyes start to rapidly move while closed (as all people do when they dream), know they are in this state. At this state, the brain releases vast amounts of tension, uploads information of the day’s experiences to higher consciousness, and downloads new information and insights for the next day. That is why sleep is so important. It is like a mini-death where we go and meet our higher self. Theta has a tremendous array of benefits. For example, other than those we have mentioned already, hypnotherapists can easily remove a person’s old limiting beliefs and blocks and program new beneficial ones when a patient is in theta. Theta is the gateway to the higher self and the subconscious.

We can enter theta in many ways, including hypnosis, sleep, drugs and hallucinogens, (some) meditation, sounds, chants, and so on (your choice and decision). In theta, we also are able to access psychic abilities such as astral travel (which is what we do anyway in our sleep), we are able to have a deep knowing and understanding of wisdom that can usually not be understand in our normal waking state (that is why dreams stop making ‘normal sense’ when we wake up), and we are able to access amazing self-healing power. In fact, the brain uses theta every night to restore its chemical balance - chemical imbalance in the brain is the primary cause of mental fatigue. Theta can fix such an imbalance within a matter of minutes (about 15 minutes), if only we could get there when you needed to!

Warning… And if we are able to enter Theta and able to stay awake regularly, after awhile, we may access (if we choose to, using a specific technique) to other inner dimensions, death tubes, and see and meet those cool wonderful (and sometimes super scary) Trans-dimensional entities and stuffs, hehehe (you’ve been warned).

People usually already fall asleep when they reach Theta State (unless they train to stay awake of course). However, also, when you can stay awake in Theta, and can keep your eyes open, you’ll definitely see auras sooner or later.

It seems that Transcendental Meditation (TM) is one of meditation methods to enter a Theta State (maybe, me no experience in TM). According to Chopra in book ‘Creating Affluence’, the benefits are similar as stated above. Meditation which does not enter to Theta State, is only entering Alpha State, and not very effective in transforming oneself. “It should come as no surprise that among the well-documented effects of meditation is the alteration of brain-wave patterns. Dozens of studies have shown an increase in alpha rhythms, which are correlated with a state of relaxed alertness. In addition, numerous studies have shown enhanced synchronization of alpha rhythms among four regions of the brainÑright, left, front, and back. This may be an indication of increased coherence of brain-wave activity” (, refer to Alchemy thread page 1 for the ‘gone flat’ side effects, which is necessarily in the beginning.

As Chopra said in Stage 3 (How to Know God) “The dominance of alphawave rhythms signals a state of rest that is aware at the same time. The brain is not going to sleep, but it is not thinking, either. Instead there is a new kind of alertness, one that needs no thoughts to fill up the silence. Corresponding changes occur in the body at the same time, as blood pressure and heart rate decrease, accompanied by lessened oxygen consumption.” However, “TM is presented as a method that involves neither concentration nor contemplation. That is, unlike some meditative practices, you do not attempt one-pointed focus on an idea or a visual image nor do you pursue trains of thought, however interesting, worthwhile, or inspired they may seem.” (

"I feel that all forms of traditional meditation which are time-tested are worthwhile. My experience is with TM, therefore I am best qualified to speak about TM . . . My experience is that it is effortless, easy, spontaneous. It allows the mind to simply transcend to its source. This does not mean I think Zen is not a good form of meditation, or that Vipassana is not. They are all authentic forms of meditation. That is why they have survived over thousands of years." – Chopra (

On this mind-body point, Steve Fahrion (1995), quoting Henry (1992), stated, "Activities that are usually unconscious in the early stages of life must be allowed to arise in the form of symbols (in other words, hypnogogic imagery) that have both emotional and informational value that themselves serve to integrate the activities of the limbic system and the neocortex." Perhaps this is the condition produced when one enters the "theta state" and is held there by the feedback loop. In this state one experiences awareness without active thought (process without content), a sort of void in which unconscious material is accessible apart from the surveillance of the waking ego and in which only "potential" exists. As the void is extended in this state (as with Dr. Deepak Chopra's "silent space between the thoughts"), elements of the "hidden blueprint of intelligence" (Chopra, 1989) may be unmasked and altered by the patient's current intent, earlier made real to him or her through active visualization.”

Some proper “Meditation will take you to what I call the "Fourth State." The Fourth State is elevated above the other three common states of mind: the wake state, the sleep state and the dream state. The Fourth State is the transcendent or bliss healing state. It creates the sacred space in which all healing and anti-aging physiological effects occur. Moreover, recent research has shown that with time and patience you will tap into a part of yourself known as the spirit. When you forge this alliance of body, mind and spirit, wonderful things begin to happen. You are healthier, happier and more whole as a human being. When medical interventions are needed, the results are enhanced.” –

Info: Types of meditation

More info: “In laboratory tests, Theta brainwaves induced by sound therapy produced a 15% - 50% increase in the production of several beneficial neurochemicals such as acetylcholine, serotonin, beta-endorphins and vasopressin which increase mental focus and memory, reduce stress, prevent depression and boost immune functions.” –

Delta - The delta frequency range lies between 0 and 4 hertz. This is the state we reach in deep sleep. It is of tremendous importance. It is responsible for recharging our whole system and for getting us to reconnect with our source for a variety of life-based reasons. This is where our higher self really works with us every night. An hour of deep sleep feels more rejuvenating than a few hours of normal sleep. However, we will not be consciously using this level for desire manifestation, so we will leave it at that.

S.Wilde - It is also the body transference dimension; basically, if a person can stay awake at Delta, he/she is able to transfer their body over a great distance just using their thought in just a few seconds. It is like a self transportation system. “Higher Self, beam me up to Bermuda Island, next to Infinity pool’s changing room”. It is VERY HARD to do though, but it is possible. Wilde said in this time, only maybe 4 or so people who are able to do that… one of them is one of his old teacher.

Please note that we do not have to be asleep to experience delta, theta and alpha states. We naturally do so when we sleep, but we do not have to be asleep to do so. We can enter this state in a more conscious state using various means.

Brain wave technologies are used in a wide range of applications today, from medical therapy to sports training, hypnosis, memory work, stress management, investigative work, and much more. Now let us see how we can use the theta state to manifest your desires.

First of all, know that we always go in and out of all these states naturally when we are resting or going to bed, or even in deep sleep. But we do not do so consciously so we are then unable to hold a deliberate intent on what benefits we wish to extract from each state. The benefits do come, but they are not specific as we would consciously wish them to be. They are more subconsciously driven, which is still all right. But we now are going to be more deliberate.

There are various ways if moving into each frequency band. We can use certain sounds to do so, or a hypnotist to take you there, for example. We will now look at one way of going into theta on your own, without the need for any extra equipment of persons.

Why theta? Because theta puts you in direct touch with the Source of All Creation. There are no interferences and blockages at this level. (/me jump up and down). The conscious mind does not argue and interfere. You put your thought straight and direct into the source of creation and the manifestation is that much more multiplied.

“Here's another exciting characteristic of the theta state: Dr. Thomas Budzynski, a noted researcher in this field, has said that critical and often self-sabotaging filters of the left brain are by-passed in a theta state, and that in terms of making positive changes in beliefs or habit patterns, "a lot of work gets done very quickly." –

Note: “There is a precise mechanism through which all desire can be manifested. These four steps are as follows:
Step one: You slip into the gap between thoughts. The gap is the window, the corridor, the transformational vortex through which the personal psyche communicates with the cosmic psyche.” – Chopra, Creating Affluence
= in other word, slip into Theta state
Go read the book for step 2, 3, and 4

S,Wilde: “.. if one can enter theta, one’s thoughts becomes more resonances and more powerful. The regular Beta waking thoughtform are like a daydreams... If you can go into theta, and if you can hold a steady thoughtform and a steady feeling, if you can see some aspects of your life transforming itself, and able walk through the situations, know it being granted, know it to be real, that power resonates through out your energy, and becomes part of your aura, part of your being, as if every molecules takes an holographic image of what you create down there at lower level of mind… you can create and materialize things faster…. I think the level of a person has reach, can be judged by the time it takes for them to create a thoughtform and for them to see it materialize in their life… And you will be amazed those things materialize in your life.”
For more cool benefits (LOTS OF THEM) of theta state from theta-type meditation / inner work from S.Wilde point of view, refer to his audio.

How do you know we are in theta? Our inner vision in black and white, with blueish gray steel shades, not in full colors

Note: people in stage 5 and above, has already clear up most of the psychological and beliefs inner blockages, and their brain wave generates the right amount of ‘theta brain wave’ even when they are awake, that’s why their thoughtforms are more powerful, which is why they “don't have to master esoteric techniques - Chopra”. Also they are more connected to their Higher Self already – more becoming the observer; their heart full of gratitude all the time and their mind has few clutters and they are full of excess life force – cosmic energy, and so on.

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