!LEO MEN? Urgent Advice 4 Cancer & Leo ?

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Has ANYBODY had successful relationship/marriages with the Cancer-Leo combo, & HOW on EARTH did you do it?


I, a Cancer-Woman used to be married to a Leo-Male, that wined & dined me, & went to church twice a week with me for 2 & ½ years. He would sport me around & show me off to his friends. We were best friends. As soon as we got married – all things stopped – immediately. We lasted under 1 yr & divorced. Put on a great act to get me, but became disinterested after he obtained me. He became the most self-centered & selfish individual I’d ever met in my ENTIRE life.

Afterwards, my family members said they knew we wouldn’t make it due to the Cancer-Leo combo issues. I knew NOTHING about astrology at the time. Swore to never deal with Leo’s again & learned everything I could about the species to determine where did I go wrong. Next guy I attract: Another Leo. Bombs went off! I refused to date him. He insisted that I not judge him by 1 other Leo guy, so I said ok, let’s try & see. We got along sooooooo great – Again, best friends. But once I gave in to a relationship, thinking things would remain the same, BOOM. He became self-centered. He can do it – but you can’t hypocrisy regularly prevailed. Lots of female friends which doesn’t bother me. I have lots of male friends. We broke up over the self-centeredness. Still great friends today. He married a wife for prestige, but he’s says he’s still in love with me, although he loves his wife as well??

Thereafter, I’ve attracted EVERY SINGLE LEO on my vicinity of the earth – seems like. I can spot ‘em a mile away.

Problem is: Met a guy. We hit it off. Had some of the best dates, experiences, closeness & encounters that I’ve ever had in my ENTIRE life. More than my ex-husband. More than the next ex. To this very day, he gives me everything I could want & ask for. What, pray tell, does he turn out to be? A damn Leo! A Leo-Sun/Aquarius-Moon/Scorpio-Rising to be exact. I am a Cancer-Sun/Pisces-Moon/Virgo-Rising. What on earth do I do? I decide not to throw away potential paradise, just because of 2 other guys. He’s talking marriage. I’m scared to death. Most of the time, its paradise. Other times, the following issues occur which I’ve found to be congruent in other Leos I know, even as friends.

1) He shows my attractiveness off to his friends. The previous 2 leos did the same. I have become disgusted with being a trophy piece. (Can they love deeper than surface or is it only about Image Image Image?
2) He has billions of girlfriends. Not a problem, but I’m totally faithful to him regarding my guy friends, whereas I get the gut feeling that he, along with other Leos I’ve witnessed, have “friends with benefits” although he says he doesn’t cheat, but his boundaries are loose enough to include “casual hugging” & while watching tv with others. Same as the previous 2 guys. They all seem to be “COLLECTORS OF BEAUTIFUL WOMEN.” But I keep reading that Leos are fiercely “LOYAL”. I guess I shouldn’t confuse that with “FAITHFUL”???? Can they be?
3) He has a huge priority to his friends, and tends to back-burner me a lot. Says he’s just very caring & loyal to his friends, and that he accidentally takes me for granted because he expects me to be around forever to be the mother of his children. Thinks I shouldn’t complain because he provides the world for me. Always running off to be with other friends, just like I’ve read about Leo’s on other forums. His mother often tells him he treats his friends much better than he treats his loved ones, family included. Although his friends insist that he loves me. Is this typical of Leos?
4) Tells little white lies, that he thinks are of no consequence, but will be brutally honest regarding big topics. This confuses me. Are they trustworthy?
5) And last but not least, the most giving man in the world, so he’s definitely not self-ish, but he’s definitely “self-centered.” How do you have a fair relationship with them, if everything has to revolve around them.
6) When we switch over to do my interests, he seems distant, but just wants to make sure I’m having a great time & if I’m satisfied – although I feel like I’m sitting across from a corpse. But if the same setting was “his idea” then he’s totally lively. I’ve read that “they’re actors”. In hindsight, my ex-husband seemed to be putting on an act, and I worry about having the same thing happen to me again. I don’t want to go through another divorce, so despite how much I can’t help but love him, I’m still trying to be wise enough to watch the signs, so that I don’t head down the divorce road again.

Unfortunately, I keep running into this species and having the GREATEST time with them. Would love for this type of fun to carry over into a marriage, just like he wants, but these 6 other things scare me. I don’t care if he has female friends, but I need someone who’s faithful, honest & makes me a priority above their friends – someone who sincerely loves me, and is not just acting, just because I’d make a good trophy wife for them. I have his total attention when I seem like I’m not interested in him, which he pushes me to after I feel neglected. But as soon as I return to being “into him” he goes back to the above ways. I want a marriage where I can love deeply with all my heart—not something I have to be half into and half out of – just to keep him interested. That’s games. He’d be a great father. But I need a great husband as well. Is this “impossible” with them in marriage??? They don’t seem to love deep. Sorry so, lengthy, but please help. If not, as sad as the loss of fun may be, I may be cutting him loose soon. RSS Feed what is XML?

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