Extreme Surgical Body Modification

moderated - created 04/12/06
A Group to discuss,compare,plan extreme body modifications via surgery such as implants, amputations and the like RSS Feed what is XML?

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Mea and sub cut no anesthesia  topic
Transscrotal  topic
dorsal nerve cut  topic
glansless  photo flag
Man Pusssy  topic
recreated To Toilet  topic
mods to anal rings  topic
deep shaft apa  photo flag
deep shaft apa  photo flag
Subincision fantasy  topic
My glans at your disposal  topic
Subincision  topic
bme interview with a cutter  topic
Which mod would you suggest me?  topic
which penis/glans mod should i do  topic
Mod session  photo flag
Getting off  photo flag
spread Wide Open  photo flag
Deutschland Medical Roleplay  topic
Anybody want at least fantasied about making me...  topic
Penectomies  topic
IMG-20150803-WA0006.jpg  photo flag
SAM_0863.JPG  photo flag
Piercing  topic
new nubless nipples  photo flag

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