Extreme Surgical Body Modification

moderated - created 04/12/06
A Group to discuss,compare,plan extreme body modifications via surgery such as implants, amputations and the like RSS Feed what is XML?

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Serious. Remove my fingers. Ventura County, Cal...  topic
Latin guy wants to be a torso  topic
Does anyone know of a goat headed guy mod that ...  topic
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thats my - with new tattoo  photo flag
thats my - with new tattoo  photo flag
Seeking partner for the amputation  topic
search worldwide for a Master 24/7/365 life long  topic
Foot surgery  topic
Las Vegas  topic
slave implants  topic
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a5.jpg  photo flag
a4.jpg  photo flag
a2.jpg  photo flag
My Balls are Gone  topic
Buddy of mine needs no limits no way out no mer...  topic
2 first ampallangs  photo flag
Ampallangs in shaft  topic
deep shaft apadravya  topic
injection in penis to damage  topic
Useless piece of meet  photo flag
belly fat to buttucks  topic
Testical enlargement  topic
Penis silicone injections  topic

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