Extreme Surgical Body Modification

moderated - created 04/12/06
A Group to discuss,compare,plan extreme body modifications via surgery such as implants, amputations and the like RSS Feed what is XML?

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Buddy of mine needs no limits no way out no mer...  topic
2 first ampallangs  photo flag
Ampallangs in shaft  topic
Foot surgery  topic
slave implants  topic
deep shaft apadravya  topic
injection in penis to damage  topic
Useless piece of meet  photo flag
belly fat to buttucks  topic
Testical enlargement  topic
Penis silicone injections  topic
most extreme combo of mods u could imagine on ...  topic
20160326_232612.jpg  photo flag
trans scrotal piercing  topic
20160319_114020.png  photo flag
20160318_001734.jpg  photo flag
Halfadravya lump  photo flag
Subincision cutting techniques  topic
20160223_184259.png  photo flag
Interested in opinions between two ideas (one i...  topic
Why my cock doesn't get hard  topic
Just curious  topic
Penis / Cavernosal Packing  topic
Balls getting bigger due to macrolane injection...  photo flag
Continuing the Split  photo flag

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