What Sort of Mods do you want?

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I basically allow anyone to join this tribe, but i do ask everyone what sorta mods they either have or are considering. The things that people want done to them are just downright amazing. It might be interesting if some of you post what either you want to do to yourselves or find interesting, don;t be shy or embarrased share these thoughts with the rest of the group, and maybe someone can offer suggestions or changes that might make the mods more interesting or satisifying...
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  • First I would like to thank you for allowing me to join this group.

    As for my desired modifications I have already had all my teeth voluntarily extracted and I am currently invloved in a major tattoo project. After this is completed I would like to be nullified.
  • Thanks for letting me in too!
    I don't think my future modification plans count as extreme but here goes!

    I really want to go for larger breasts. I want to get to somewhere around a GG-JJ area. I'm not really sure exactly. I'm at a natural 36F right now but I want to go bigger ^_^. Ive always wanted really big boobs. Right now I guess they are "larger than average" but I still want them bigger. Ive heard that I am going to have to work my ass off to find a surgeon that will do the procedure but I cant even afford them right now so I have time.
    I'm still trying to finance my tongue split procedure. I would do it myself but I don't have a steady hand due to some health problems..
    I recently (few months) starting toying with the idea of getting heart shaped implants on my chest right around there area where a chest piece would go. I don't have any tattoos but if I got the heart implants I would want some color to spice up that area.
    Lastly ear pointing. Small and pixie like.

    I keep most of my mod planning to myself because I'm the only person I know that is "into" this sort of thing. My life partner isn't very fond of the whole subject. So I just weasel them into conversations every so often. He just agreed to the tongue split (which I was going to do anyway) in exchange for not getting my ears pointed. Which isn't going to work but he doesn't know that yet. :/
  • Mine is a comination of what I want and what I already have. I find it amusing that some people join a group such as this and ask, "why would you want that? I can't imagine doing that..." To which I say, you joined an extreme modification group.

    I only have two things so far. The first was the PA that I got in 2003 which is minor. Then in 2005 I got a rather extreme mod... I was castrated. I'm very happy with it. So for those people here who have expressed that desire, I understand you.

    The only things I have planned for the future are pierced nipples, possibly a subincision, and many years off I may finish "the job" and get a penectomy. I'm also considering a full body suit tattoo, but have not decided on a design yet. I'm more of the type that believes in a body suit or not tatts at all. We'll see what the future holds.
    • > I find it amusing that some people join a group such as this and ask, "why would you want that? I can't imagine doing that..." To which I say, you joined an extreme modification group.

      The question was meant in the spirit of education. We all have different mods (I have a hafada piercing that I've recently allowed to -shrink- to a 00 guage), but we may not understand the motivation of each other's mods. I just want to see what the appeal is of some of the mods people have that I'm not familiar with. For example, I understand the appeal of a subincision, but I'd someone to explain the appeal of a penectomy.
      • I'd say the appeal for each modification is unique for each person. I can't imagine how much the jewelry in that hafada you have had to weigh if you shrank it down to 00 guage. My PA is only 2GA and is heavy enough.

        I tend to be open minded about mods... I mean I had somoene take my nuts off so anything else would be relatively minor I think. I've got other ideas for myself but am not sure how they will progress. I may be done or I may do more, it depends largely on what any partner I end up thinks about it. That said, i'm not just going to settle for any guy that comes along. Hopefully the person I end up with will be into these sorts of things and if it turns out that we're in it for the long haul, I may do other extreme mods.
      • Al
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        Some of us are masochists. The reason for a penectomy is that it is the ultimate torture. Once done, the man will never be able to masturbate or enjoy male sex ever again. It will be the ultimate torture and will be irreversible. He will regret it the rest of us his life even as he lives out his masochistic desire.
        • You've described the modification I desire as an extreme form of chastity. To have my penis removed but leaving my balls, so as to retain the desire for sexual release but lose the ability to masturbate. This would make me dependant on my partner for sexual fulfilment through anal orgasms. I would also like my scrotum infused with silicone to make it considerably larger.
          Additionally, I would also like to have a full body tattoo that clearly identifies me as a beta male sub and the property of my owner.
  • I never though I was a woman in a man's body, never considered acting or dressing as a woman, and never ever, ever wanted a sex change. About 17 years ago I started to have tattoos, arms, legs, around my waist, butt and pubic area. Then I had my penis and glans done, could only do a little at a time, either hurt or came close to coming. Next came piercings, guich and frenum ladders, PA, apadrava, ampalang and nipples. I then had a partial subincision and head split. My scrotum was split in two and had two 1" holes at the bottom of each side of my scrotum, had two very large SOB rings made. 106 small teflon beads were implanted under the skin of my penis, a built in French Tickler. Over an 6 year period, I had liquid silicone injected into both sides of my scrotum, 600cc in each side, and penis, 200cc, I was huuuuge. 2004 the silicone became hard and lumpy in my scrotum, August I had steroid injections to try to soften those lumps. Sept, 2004, I came down with a severe case of a not to common bacteria infection. It took a combination of very stronge antibiotics to try to cure the infection, it worked for a couple of months, but the infection returned with a vengenge. I was told my complete genitals had to be removed to prevent to spread of the infection and save my life. Well, what to do, I had three choices; 1. to remove everything, nullification, and have nothing but a pee hole, 2 . try to construct a penis appearing appendage with false testicles, from skin grafts, didn't like either one. The constructed penis would be small, couldn't get erect, and only to pee. The third choice was to have a sex change operation when my genitals were removed. I took the third choice and in April, 2005, went to Thailand for my sex change, I'm glad I did. I now have female genitals with a large clitoris, most of my glans, for easy stimulation. I had large breast implants in August. I consider myself an intersexed person, sex charateristics of both sexes. Sometimes I dress as a male but love to be and dress as a female, always in black. I'm completely accepted as a woman and I really enjoy it. Since the operation, I had large tattoos around my large breasts, eyeliner, and my eyebrows done with blank spaces, to have a unusual shape and design. I do miss my male genitals and the pleasures I had playing with them since I was 10, but now I have new and exciting toys to play with. The moral of this story is, just be careful, and if things happen, you might love becoming a woman, I know I have.
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      dangerous are the most heavy mods always - so we have to be carfully. Thats right.
      My two implants at the outsides of the shafts are two little pebble stones from the 'cleopatra beach' from middle sea, turkey. A romantic souvenir for my wife with good effects for her cuming process. And sometimes she plays with the stones under the skin - that's wonderful feeling!!!
  • well not really sure .. would like to finish my penis tattoo, get a few more piercings, lots more tattoos on the rest of my body.. and then it gets complicated. I love the idea of silicone injections, tongue splitting, implants ..
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    I am considering tattoos for my back and arms. A large Phoenix in the center with a Celtic knotwork and tribal circle flaring out from it. I am also into amputation (legs) potentially.
  • Large breast implants (D cup). I would continue to live as a guy. I already have pierced nipples, ears, and some tattoos.
    • My desires have evolved, too. In addition to getting (D cup) breast implants, I now plan to have complete gender reassignment surgery (vaginoplasty, etc.) Though I am on estrogen now and presenting part-time as a female to get my letter for surgery, I plan to live a man post-op and go on testoserone replacement therapy (since I do plan to keep my testicles). (When all is complete, I should look like a pre-op FTM!)
  • I have 10 piercings, 3 tats.

    I'm gauging my lobes, I want four more lobe piercings and plan to stretch two of those also. (Bottom lobes to 2, next higher to 8, leave the highest lobes at 18 - I want to create a teardrop effect in gauges.)

    I plan on 4 other piercings as well, and likely won't stop there.

    I currently plan on (and have the designs for) 3 more tattoos, I have ideas for about 4 more, and likely won't stop there either.

    I've thought about scarification but I'm not sure what I'd do with it, and how it would tie into the rest of the work I have (and will be getting) done.

    I'm DYING to get a tongue bifurcation...but a part of me wants to get done with school and get my business rolling to make sure a split tongue wouldn't disrupt my career...but I'm so anxious!
  • Well right now I have a small partial subincision.

    I want a full subincision, a transcrotal, split tongue, subdermal implants, genital tattooing, genital beads, scrotal implants (possibly), libret scalped to a half inch, pinky amputation. and a bunch of other random mods including tattoos.

  • I am not sure exactly yet but it would involve surgical mods to my genitals. castration, Penectomy, glanectomy or nullo. It would be nice to leave that decision to someone else since I am undecided....
  • First response anywhere on Tribe, thanks for letting me join!

    Currently I'm working my PA up to at least 2ga, if not 00 at some point. I have one tattoo and another inconsequential piercing (ear). I'm considering another tattoo to match the first. Also, I want to be castrated, I'd prefer to keep the sac as a reminder of sorts, but I love the look of androgeny and even though I'm almost 40 I would love to achieve that look. Also, considering a Urethral relocation which I think would be completely hot after my castration. If there's anyone up here in the Pacific Northwest who isn't generally insane and knows how to castrate a gay man, hit me up in my profile for my email address.

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    Hi to everyone reading this posting. The pictures in my profile will show you that i have a partial penectomy, a large section of my penis has been removed. i am also pierced and tattooed.
    i want to pursue the penectomy, removing the stump and also possibly the penile root. i want to keep my balls, do not want to become sexless.

    The reasons for this, well, people can ask me if they cannot work it out for themselves.
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    good evening everyone,

    i am a lifestyle bdsm slave that is married to my Goddess and W/we both desire me to be extremely modified to become a living sex doll. Here are some that W/we have in mind.

    huge boobs (no larger can be put in)
    teeth removed
    lips inflated
    high cheeks
    forehead redone
    nose redone
    cheeks redone
    castration and penectomy (i'm a happy cuckold and no desire of self sexual gratification)
    vocal chords modified (either mute or very soft yet high)
    tendons in ankles shortened for high heels wear.

    Tattoo such as
    playboy bunny
    her mark to which i am not able to repeat
    girly arm sleeves with bright colored flowers
    a license plate just above my ass reading "ride me"

    can anyone in or around ventura county, california help with resources on this? i lost my job doing private security and my Goddess works part time. W/we can offer my photography services in exchange.

    thank you for the time,
    Goddess's pet caitlin

    P.S. Goddess and i found this on goggle about the body mod pool

  • I here's what I want:

    -Finish my large tattoo are in progress (my machine broke when I was working on them... i was expecting to finish in one sitting wasn't working in any real order so it currently looks really bad... large pieces everywhere and no outline)
    -Stretch ears so they're evenly gauged
    -either full genital SRS or just continue to work on my own to make my genitals more inbetween-ish (finish labiaplasty, finish clitoral release and restructuring, scrotal implants, silicone injections, etc)
    -magnetic implants
    -split tongue (possibly)
    -possibly resize my nipples and areola (need to wait for my mastectomy to heal more first)

    Um... that's about it on my list for now, at least.

    (Oh, and if anyone knows a good source for medical grade injection silicone, please let me know as currently I tend to be able to get a hold of some only once every blue moon or so.)
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    I think when I finish my partial subincision and partial glans split, my cock will be in perfect shape. I just don't know how deep the sub is going to go. The deeper I go, the more I want. I am also going to tattoo the head and shaft...then I will be done....I think.
  • Thanks for accepting me.
    I think what i want is a bit far stretched but here goes,
    I want to firstly get my body tattooed, this is including the back of my head and side of face, neck, hands, cock and arse. Now i already have nipple piercings they have to get much larger. want to get my cock PA and a ladder down the shaft. want my balls pumped full of silicone so they are huge bulls balls. wanna get my earlobes stretched massively.. eyebrow pierced and a giant heavy ring through my nose.
    Want implants in my arms, bumps.
    Am open to all suggestions, ideally want to be a totally customised freak. you pick, i pay
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    I got rid of my balls in July and love living as a eunuch.Next to go,soon I hope is my useless dick and I can be a Nullo and contented.I quite fancy smetime in the future removing the little finger of each hand,I think that would look good.
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    Hi from Toronto...

    I'm actively seeking the amputation of my left hand
    and open to contact with others in that regard. I've
    made one attempt 4 yrs ago and feel the time is
    right to realize this mod.

    Otherwise I have one tattoo on my right upper arm
    and would like one or two more. I am also interested in
    genital piercing as well.
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    I am new to this tribe so here goes.Iam a gelding for four years and am happy.Would like to become a Nullo next year and have smooth crotch and urethral reroute.Iwould love a dramatic fae tattoo,but have not yet courage to go that far.
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    I currently have 6 genital piercings along with a 1" incision in my urethra which I now have a large PA BCR inserted and out through my now stretched meatus.

    At some point in the future, I am getting a urethra reroute, penectomy (full - with root), split scrotum and then after a period of time a castration......then I will be happy.

    I am so glad that I now have an understanding gf....all I need to do is to find someone willing to do them for me.

    I am considering a full sub and glans trimming in the meantime.
  • Thanks for letting me join.

    The only mod I have is a single earring.

    What I'm considering is getting a reverse PA and maybe, in the long run, a meatotomy. I know, that's pretty tame; but I'm very interested in guys who have extreme mods.
  • I would truly LOVE to be owned by a Master that would have me tattooed from the top of my head to my toes. Would love to be heavily pierced, have huge lip plates and my ear lopes stretched down to my shoulders. I currently have full sleeves and various pieces all over.
    Am FASCINATED by "forced ink"
  • My desires have evolved. I began my keeping myself hairless. I love hairless cock, and since mine is very, very small it makes sense to remove all the hair. Then I got into tattooing (body suit now complete) and piercing, esp. my genitals and genital area. Somewhere along the way, the beauty of young boys began to appeal to me more and more.

    Later, I became fascinated by genital cuttting, subincisions, etc. 3 months ago I was drunk and high and I split my dick from the head to the base, but the flesh at the base was very thin. The result of that is that my ball sac was also torn open with my unprotected balls exposed. Thinking I had gone too far, I got to the emergency room and they repaired most of the damage. Everything still functions like should.

    But more and more I want to be castrated with both balls and the sac removed. At some point I would like to have a penectomy with reroute and later given a vagina. I am a man who wants to continue to be a man, but without cock and balls and a vagina in their place. The older I get, the more perverse and extreme my desires become.
  • I want a split penis, but not the "usual way" I want the corpora cavernosa seperated from the spongiosa part so I would have a penis stump with ability to get erect and a limp kind of tube with the urethra and glans on top,... so when limp my two penisses hang down, when erect the one stands erect and my urethra part with glans still hangs downunderneath......
    I saw once this mod in a medical journal and I am addicted by this idea....
    • I've seen an illustration like that next to an article on penile anatomy. It looked as if the penis had been split into three seperate parts: the urethra/spongiosum/glans, and the two corpora cavernosa, which I found very exciting. I didn't know somebody really had a mod like that done. Do you have a link to the picture you mentioned?
    • I put a pic about sax project.
      • the project is not too difficult, just have to cut the glans from the tip of the corpora cavrnosa and leave it at the end of the urethra, then cut along the corpora cavernosa till the base of the penis and disconnect the urethra-glans-corpus spongiosa- part from the cavernosa part,....its just that I need someone to do this to me....
        the point is that you will get a dangling urethra with glans at the end and a full functioning and erectile cavernosum part if you fuck you have the erect penis part inside of your fuckbuddy and the spongiosa part with urethra and glans dangles down and you shoot your cum outside...
        who has this pic??? I don't have a linkto it....

        but first I want to have my suspensory ligament cut there someone with experience of this?
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    I would like to have a totally split scrotum. After the split heals, I would like to have each side permanently stretched a few inches. And have each side nailed to a tree. Then maybe castration. Or just the latter after a testicle exposure and torture heals.
  • i want oversized testicals. have tried saline injections in the scrotum but that isn't the look or feel i want. i don't want castration with artificial balls inserted. i want my own natural balls, just bigger to be in porportion to my cock.

    Also, i like the idea of having a ball collar put on my testicals, having to squeeze them through a steel band that is just barely big enough to fit them through - then have the testicals enlarged so that they can never be pulled back out, so i am wering a permanent collar around my balls.
  • Hi,
    I am new to this Tribe..... but...
    What kind of mod do i like:
    1. I like to get smooth from my head down... And smooth in the way i never needs to shave again. So a nice laser treatment should be welcum.
    2. I like to get my cock ligament cut or to get it broken so my cock points down to earth even when i am rock hard..
    3. I like to have my balls stretched very much, maybe with some extreme heavy fake ball in my scrotum...

    I hope someone can and will help me...

  • I have malleable penile prosthesis, always ready, is five years, short subincisão, partial head split, two circumcisions. Sometimes I think it would be good to continue, should have many options for a cock always erect, with penile prosthesis.
  • Would it be possible to have an incision made beneath the penis, where it joins the scrotum, and have the penis inserted throuhg it into the scrotum and the the incision sutured closed so that the penis was entirely within the scrotal sac.?
    Obviously the urethra would have to be relocated, presumably in fron tof the anus as in a full penectomy.
    The result would have the aesthetic appearance of a penectomy but still leave the penis capable of being stimulated, and the ability to achieve orgasm, albeit with difficulty through the scrotum.
    I have heard and read that many men who have penectomies regret the loss of ability to orgasm later and this would appear to offer the best of both worlds
    My penis is small, and as a result of bilateral hydrocele, now corrected, my scrotum is quite large enough to accommodate even my erect penis.
  • Looking to loose my testicles & ideally would like neuticles to be placed in my scrotum that are much bigger than my own testicles that are shrinking due to injectable testosterone which over time shrinks the testicles. I have had silicone injection in my penis shaft as well as my scrotum but it has some lumps forming so long term silicone has some disadvantages.
  • i want to become a true torso slave
    • I would like to have my balls removed from my sac and cut off one at a time. Then when I am healed up I would start taking testosterone again till I could get an erection and go find someone with a penis guiotine and stick my erection all the way in and push the handle to the stops. the mods I want will leave me as a true eunuch.
      • Hello John,

        I read your wantings and I agree with you. I'm also a straight male (47) from The Netherlands who also wants to have his male parts removed,leaving a small stump or cutting surface visible as a remembrance of this mannhood and take hormones to compensate loss of drive and against bad side effects.
        You are talking about first having your balls removed. I still doubt of what would be best. First balls or first dick.
        The dick is the part that most presents mannhood and also the part you take in your hands and use most (pissing, handjob, fucking, feeling well, etc. etc.), much more than the balls, so I think that most impact would have the removal your the dick. This because than you still have your own hormone/sperm factory, but missing the tool to inject the sperm, to fuck etc., while you still can feel the parts thet are left getting hard. Mayby with some exercise you are able to cum.
        After the dick teh balls might be removed one by one and at last the sack, leaving a penile part od max 1 cm as a reminder of what once was there. (also replace the balls by taking hormones)
        Taking the balls first will make thet you still keep your male symbol untill all is over at last.
        I want to talk with you about our interests.


  • Desire to be neutered / castrated. I have always been drawn to shall we say kinky & or the unusual. I'm also a nudist by nature, prefer to be naked indoors as well as out doors. Years ago I desired a scrotum since I was born with a terribly small one that never hung down at all. So I had silicone injected into my scrotum & penis well its been about three years now, sadly I have had some migration of the silicone into my penis shaft to it now resembles a club. Also my testosterone level has always been extremely low, so I inject testosterone twice monthly as well as use a topical testosterone daily. I desire very badly to have the silicone removed as well as my testicles to have a empty sack.
    Looking for others who have had similar situations & or desires but more than that I really want to find someone to help me loose the factory set I was born with.
  • Since I was a kid, I have always had a fascination with eunuchs, who in the Chinese imperial courts, tend to be actually nullos. I felt a great loss when I realized that the practice had stopped long ago.

    What I have done so far -- chemical castration beyond the point of no return. My testes are less than half their previous sizes, and my circumcised cock how has a new foreskin as the cock itself shrinks behind the shaft skin -- so much so that the shaft skin formed a tight new ring like a phimosis, which become painfully stretched in the rare occasion that I get a hard on, weak as they tend to be nowadays. Having stopped androcur for over 6 months, everything seem to continue to shrink. So I'm quite sure my testes are non-functional already.

    What do I want done -- well I am fascinated about smooth nullos. But I am very squeamish about knives. I also tend to scar miserably, given the back scars from my circumcision and other surgeries. So I doubt I'd enjoy the end result. So I guess I would love my testes and cock to continue to shrink to minute sizes.
  • Currently had my right testicle removed in Aug 2010 & have plans to have the left testicle removed in Nov 2010,
    All my life I had no scrotum to speak of & thought it would be ideal & wonderful to have a scrotum (even a very large one) so a few years ago I discovered a Dr in Mexico that injects silicone into your scrotum & penis if you desire that as well to increase the size & weight. This was wonderful and terribly exciting for the first 12-18 months but slowly it began to migrate & disfigure my penis as well as turning lumpy in some spots, tot he point I developed what seemed like a 3rd testicle, basic lesson I learned from silicone buyer beware, either get a very small amount or go for something enormous either of those two options seem to have the best results, I went for something in between & it turned into a mess!!
    Once I get my left testicle removed in Nov, 2010 I plan on letting that heal fully & then hopefully will have my scrotum removed !!
    Then once that is healed & I'm ready to move on will have a Penectomy / Nullo, Completely & hopelessly excited & desire this, yeah I still want to be a hairy male/ man, I hope to achieve just having a small opening that I can rub to reach orgasm, I realize this doesn't appeal to everyone but it does to me.
    I also have one tattoo so far a tribal tramp stamp, Ideally would LOVE a full body tattoo all of which will be tribal, still trying to find a local artist that is willing to take on a long term project as body tattooing takes extreme amounts of time & money. Hoping to find a very talented artist willing to put in the time. talent & energy, as I'm willing to put int the time & money, sadly most of the tattoo artist (local) have yet to respond to my interests, hoping possibly a local tattoo artist will read this and respond :-)
    I realize not everyone is open to body & or genital modification, to each their own. what i'm doing is my business & no one else's.
    Looking for open minded or like minded individuals.
    Years I had my nipple pierced & loved it, this also made my nipples stand up & out more than ever before, three years ago i removed the jewelry from my nipples & started to pump them, love to pump my nipples & hope to have large possibly even long nipples at some point, besides pumping my nipples I sometimes band them after pumping them with very small elastic bands for a a brief period of time.
  • I want be nullo with facial tattoos
    • one of my other wishes is to be bound to a cross spreadeagled and then tortured at my genitals as my dom friend wishes till I get rock hard and erect and my cock is pointing straight up ( as much as possible) and then out of a sudden this master guy should force my cock as fast and hard he can down and bend my erect cock through between my legs
      very brutal, so it would crack my suspensory ligaments or brake the shaft at the base with a loud cracking noise and a sharp and intense pain,...the result would be a permanent hanging cock or deformity and bent down cock forever,....what do you think????
      • I think people are jacking off too much. This was a nice thread about what people realistically wanted to do in the way of modifications and has now become, "This is my hot fantasy..."

        Not what I think the person who started this was after. Why not tell us what you really want to do, and keep it to things that are plausible and realistic.
        • Too true ~ that's why I haven't posted on this thread. Realistically I've got what I want
          1) Big (12mm thick) prince albert tribal ring cemented permanently in place with metal bonding epoxy [I know the scanner issue, but (a) hospitals have plenty of experience and (b) the ring isn't magnetic, nor is it continuous because of the epoxy]; and
          2) Over 1000 ccs (well ove a quart) of silicone in my scrotum which is now 6" x 4" x 4" permanently.
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    I am looking at doing a suspensory ligament cutallowing my cock to drop from 1 to 2 inches down.Then a full penis split which I have been working on.
    Incerting beads in my cock.Eventually removing my other ball& becoming a Eunuck.All this in time.
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    Always been into having large suckable nipples and now able to admit that I want to have huge breasts as well. Already over 50 D cups but want them to be very noticable and more like JJ cups. I wouldn't refuse implants if someone offedred to put them in me right now, myu immediate mods are to permenantly repierce my cockette with a reverse PA, then it can be locked to my guiche if desired. Want my nipples permently repierced with a 4guage ring. Maybe even with enough metal to trigger security scanners. I had that happen before and told them or shown my nipples.

    My shrivelled balls I do pump a fair bit, just to fill out pants a bit, was scheduled to have my sac inflated with silicon to about grapefruit size, but had to cancel because of work /money issues and affording the procedure. Buddy wanted to do my cockette too, fill my foreskin up to add length, but co0ver the head so that I'd have to finger myself to stimulate my cockette. Want a urethra reroute as well, that would be the first mod I would do now if possible.
  • Ear pointing, if it didn't make them shorter; I'll probably need vat-grown cartilage or an implantable scaffold (into which my own cartilage (slowly) grows) to make it work.

    Tongue splitting, if the tips weren't so blunt, I'd probably need growth factors that are currently in development to make it look really satisfying.

    Testicle relocation behind my pubic bone, and some method of keeping a cock from flapping in the breeze unless it's needed - smooth is sexy, and never getting anything caught in a zipper again would be awful nice. Also, storing it with only mucus-membrane-on-mucus-membrane contact would lead to increased sensitivity, as most underwear leads to at least slight callusing over time... and if you're circumcised, a *lot* of callusing and reduced sensation.

    Everything else I'm interested in probably requires stem cell technology, sadly. -__-
  • What I most want is for totally radical modification of my bod to turn it into a completely legless torso and have it acquired by a group that will want it for use in the kind of snuff scene I describe in my profile as my ultimate goal. But until the day that the the torso is destroyed it should be set on a table with the cock & balls laid flat out in front & have dudes admire it and use it for unobstructed butt fucking.
    • hi all i have an obsession with stretching my ass hole i would love to have a mod so i gap all the time also would love it silicone enhanced to be very flexible,and puffy,would also love cock and balls mod'd so my balls are inside me and my cock inside me,leaving a small opening that i have to finger like a clit to achieve orgasm,would also love to have JJ breast implants,with nipple implants.would love to talk to like minded people about this,or if anyone knows a good surgeon drop me a message on here or my yahoo is xx
  • I cut my 47 years with one meatotomy itself ie I have the ostium Externa (the urethral opening) at 12 and 6 clock expanded somewhat.
    The advantage is that you can easily insert sounds or plugs for electric masturbation into the sterile urethra. I think it looks very good. And I've reached a slot length of approximately 18mm.
    The problem is not the urethral opening, but the narrowness of the gloss is on the side at the level of the frenulum approach. Since I am currently on stretching and have achieved up to now 11 mm in diameter. I started with a 6 mm Dillator. I would not cut there because otherwise the meatotomy is too large, and continues in a subincision.
    Meanwhile, I can introduce Dillator one 11.5 mm, and Prince Albert to introduce a plug of 10 mm and can be longer in it. My goal is to extend my meatus to 16 to 18 mm so that I can insert a finger to masturbate.
  • I cut my 47 years with one meatotomy itself ie I have the ostium Externa (the urethral opening) at 12 and 6 clock expanded somewhat.
    The advantage is that you can easily insert sounds or plugs for electric masturbation into the sterile urethra. I think it looks very good. And I've reached a slot length of approximately 18mm.
    The problem is not the urethral opening, but the narrowness of the gloss is on the side at the level of the frenulum approach. Since I am currently on stretching and have achieved up to now 11 mm in diameter. I started with a 6 mm Dillator. I would not cut there because otherwise the meatotomy is too large, and continues in a subincision.
    Meanwhile, I can introduce Dillator one 11.5 mm, and Prince Albert to introduce a plug of 10 mm and can be longer in it. My goal is to extend my meatus to 16 to 18 mm so that I can insert a finger to masturbate.
  • R
    offline 627
    Full body tattoo including asslips and cock, silicone ballsack, magnetic implant on my tailbone so that I can attach a tail when desired.
    For my subs, the tailbone magnetic implant & at a minimum tatts around the cock.
    • R
      offline 627
      If one of My bois wants to become a pup I would support it's desires, including teeth mods, stomach sheath for the penis and anything else they would desire. IF a slave, then MY desires would be anything that goes, including extreme dick and ball mods, including silicone enlargement, rerouting, etc.
  • As long as there is a blank space on my skin, I will want more tattoos. My body is a constant work in progress. One of my favorite mods and the most fun to play with, is my gauged nipples. Right now they are gauged to accept a 00 tunnel.
  • I would like to have vaginaplasty( changing my penis in to a pussy) I would still live as male,maybe live as female later.You only live once,I was born male,I would love to be able to live as both genders before I die. The Vaginaplasty would be a good start,I could finish transitioning to female after I retire.
  • I've been re-circumcised a number of times to get the tightness I had wanted in the first place. But one thing was missing. Helplessness. I want a neat-but-totally-complete re-circumcision. But this time, I want to be as helpless as a newborn boy being circumcised. No say in the matter. The cutter decides how much skin will be removed and that's that. My dream is a re-circumcision that always feels tight, even in a cold shower.
  • Thanks for adding me as well. I have had in the past a total of 22 piercings, just one remains, my 1/2 in P.A. Nipples are being re done in a week or so and a Guiche to follow. Have a tribal band around the left bicep, new one being designed for the right side of body from under arm to mid thigh, beginning at right nipple, all tribal and will creep onto belly and right buttock and right groin. Medically, I was half castrated due to testicular cancer. Other one does not work, and on HRT for the last 22 years so it's time to get rid of the useless thing. They replaced with a fake nut, but was uncomfortabl and hung very poorly. Sac will go this time and will stay on HRT so I can continue to ejaculate...although it's not a necessity for a total bottom who much more enjoys getting stuffed. and speaking of stuffing, I would so have mine stuffed with mono fillament if I could find someone to do it.
  • Unsu...
    I currently have 22 piercings and two tatoos, I have been wprking on a diy meatotomy for about three
    Weeks, however the mod I have had the most desire for is a rak I want my leg to be a stump I am copletely
    Submissive and want this in part to make me deal with whatever pain and torture someone wants to give
    Me and not be able to run away
  • Unsu...
    Wish List)

    -penis removal

    -amputation of the hands (at shoulder)
    -amputation of the leg (the buttocks)
    -teeth removal
    -tracheostomy, removal of the throat and vocal cords
  • Well I would like but not sure I could go all the way without more funding

    -fully split my penis to the base
    -Uthrea reroute to inbetween my legs
    -heavy feminization such as being very curvey
    -corset training
    - Lip enhancement for that blow job pornstar look
    -try reduce the size of the split penis as much aspossible
    - Facial feminization through surgery
    -lots piecings and tats
    • Also permanent lactation
      • Personally, I am modified. Many bits of metal in my flesh and my split tongue. I'd to get a set of huge breast implants, ad in a rod to mu cock so that it is always fuctioning and ready to go. I'd also like ot add, in general to most cars, period wheels adn body kits and well tuned motors fot hat era. the size Id be aiming for on the breast implants is Beshine, and my cock, modeled upon what Phil Moore and Bulge Mark for examples used to destroy many through the year. Failing all that, I'd like to have a cybernetic body replaicng most of the meat that w have on our bodies
  • Unsu...
    Ok so here goes. I have started with a prince albert. Im at a 6 gauge right now. I love feeling things in my urethra. I sound with a silicon rod. Looking to be able to fit a finger way in there. So i want to find someone in Pennsylvania to cut my cock head in half then liberat it from the inside out i want just the outside edges of the head to hold it in place so i can totaly flop the two heads out to the sides so when my girlfriend gives me head she can play with it all. Next will be to stretch my new piss hole to fit my finger. I also would love to have a vagina made between my cock and my anus. I think this would be super awesome. I love the idea of a guy screwing me but dont like the anal idea. Any help would be nice thanks all.
  • Unsu...
    I'm a submissive Male to female and desire to molded into a living, walking toy that is to be fucked and risk being used just wanlking down the street. I would ideally love it so that when people saw me that there was no mistaking what I am. NOT who i was/am.


    massive huge fake looking boobs. larger the better with large puffy enlagred nipples to match.
    no teeth
    face more extreme than Amanda Lepore
    fat redistributed to my ass, hips and thighs.
    vocal chords destroyed.
    become a eunuch or a sex change where I feel nothing.
    chest tattoo across my entuire chest that reads, "community slut"

    Hope that gives an idea where to start.
    My wife supports this. it just can't come out of our funds.


    Also in the bdsm community.
  • I want to be modified into the god Pan

    Hairy legs, modified legs & hooves, tail, dick?, face, ... how would you do this to me ?
    • 3D printing of stem cells in a gelatin matrix to produce the form of the parts. The skeleton would be similarly 3D printed from an osteoblast (bone stem cell) doped cement at the same time. They'd be made from your own tissues, so you wouldn't necessarily spend the rest of your life on immunosuppressants. The gelatin matrix is washed or melted off, the circulatory system is fed by a heart/lung machine and IV nutrients, while the part floats in a simulated uterine environment in a jar. The new leg parts are grafted on with the same techniques as a hand transplant - ambitious, but not unprecedented.

      Human leg hair is actually technically fur; it grows to a given predefined length, sits idle for a while, and then falls out. Yours could be cultured in the same way as other stem cells, and conventional hair transplant methods can be used after the new legs are put on. I don't know if follicles can be printed into the replacement limbs, but they probably can, so let's consider the conventional method a fallback option.

      I'm not sure about the hooves, but they're derived from fingernails, so growing nail bed tissue in culture and then sculpting it appropriately should be feasible.

      The tail is also printed and attached, the necessary muscles are tied to whatever vestigial muscles and nerves are present in the human keister. This will probably be the first thing tacked on, since it should be the fastest part to produce and the operation should be much less traumatic than any others this process will involve.

      Face? I don't know about adding horns to the human skull, that may require a xenotransplant, a bit of bone swapped between you and a genuine goat. Xenotransplants generally lead to immune-suppression drugs, sadly, but injecting tissue extract or thymic extract (really, just a small protein sample is needed) into the recipient's thymus is under investigation to train your immune system to ignore a graft while retaining its full power to fight infection. Pointed ears could be made easily with 3D printing; we could attach the printed template without bothering to grow it in a vat, and let cartilage grow into it at leisure while it's attached to your body. (Cartilage grows terribly slowly)

      Penis? Really not sure what you want done, but I suspect that any uncircumsised man could have a foreskin made into a sheath with conventional plastic surgery techniques, and none of the scars would show once the fur transplants were completed.
  • Unsu...
    I want the excess skin in my piss slit cut out so i have a nice open clean looking piss slit.. a PA or other piercing . pierced nips balls stretched and more tats done
  • Unsu...
    Hiya All,

    I'm no longer married, back in Ventura County, California and still seeking the mods to allow me to be who I am.

    my mods I desire are still the same however I want a new check piece tattoo.

    Mods I still wants are:

    huge boobs (largest that can be put in)
    teeth removed
    lips inflated
    cheeks in exaggerated feminine sex doll fashion
    become nullo ( I have care for sex for my own gratification)
    vocal chords severed
    tendons in ankles shortened for high heels wear.
    Ass implants

    My tat real large on my that looks like a giant stamp on my chest about 12 inches wide and 6 inches tall reading, "slave" with a black border.

  • I want to stretch my balls really low and make my balls really large. I want to restore my foreskin and I want to stretch my penis.
    I am interested in having a PA done and some day, maybe, a subincision.

    That's just for now.
  • I
    offline 113
    Hi I want to have more piercings, a large V shaped tribal tatt on my back narrowing down to the existing tatt I have above my butt crack, a full tribal sleeve on my right arm covering the shoulder and part of my right pec, to permanently remove all hair from my body so iam totally smooth, build more muscle, I want to completely nullified then to have a Jacobs ladder style piercings where my genitals used to be and mirror image tribal tatts forming a V shape either side of my smooth crotch. This is not fantasy it's what I want and I believe I can do this :)
  • Unsu...
    This is my master plan:

    I just got my subincision finished so now it goes all the way to the base of my cock right at my ball sack. Next week I'm going to get an ampallang and a transscrotal piercing all at the same time. Once those have healed, I am going to use the transscrotal at the anchor point for finishing up splitting my balls. At the same time, I am going to start to fully bisect my cock. So, in a year's time my whole package will be cut in half. I plan on getting several piercings along the way to fully decorate both halves of my cock. My end goal, that I will have accomplished within 5 years is to be a complete nullo! I got my there ain't no stopping me now!!
  • Unsu...
    A full body suit of tattoo . I already have a couple. I Have a pa , chest hair implants . I have no chest hair
    , Penectomy , castration , full nullo , have mtf srs but still stay masculine , bull ring in noise .
    and I have this amputation fettish. Have both my legs amputated above the knee
  • I am a sub with dog leanings and have always wanted to have my cock sewn up into a sheath like a real dog so that I could only relieve myself on all fours. This is something that could be done and I could still function as a free man as it could be hidden from public view. I also desire a tail permanently attached - if done right this also could be hidden from public view. Having k9 fangs implants would also be great - a little harder to get away with in public but with the interest in vampires these days it can be explained.

    Once I was owned and no longer a free man if I knew I had an owner that would let me live my days as a slave/dog then having the ears cut or modified as a dogs and perhaps having the snout elongated could be done. If these were done and whatever else Owner would want then I could never return to the real world.

    Anyone out there that knows someone to get started on this?
  • Pseudo-Circumcision:

    I'm an uncircumcised male, and would like to suture my foreskin in the retracted position, so that my penis looks, for all intents and purposes, to be circumcised. I suspect that the best way to do this would be to stitch the retracted skin at the base of the penis to the pubic area, to hide the stitches in the pubic hair.

    Anyone with suturing experience willing to offer help or insights?
  • Unsu...
    I have had fakes say that they would do stuff to me.

    I am seeking what people have the means to do to me.

    from amputations to castration and bran dings.

    Mold me.

    Just make sure I am alive and recover with no further medical complications
  • I want, basically, my labia majora to be permanently/surgically sewn together from the back of my vulva near the anus forward, covering the vaginal opening completely, and ending just before my urethra, so that I can urinate and pass other fluids normally, and of course keeping my clitoris fully intact and accessible so that I can never have penetrative sex, just a great deal of clitoral stimulation. This would be similar to a "reverse infibulation", but instead of reducing sexual sensitivity or desire and encouraging chastity, it would preserve and enhance the only sexual function I'll ever need and give me even more pleasure by preventing even the possibility of intercourse or other forms of vaginal penetration. This may sound like chastity, but in reality, I want to be able to have sex as often as possible with no possibility of penetration for as long as I live. At the same time, I'm hoping that my partner can also get the penectomy with urethral reroute that he desires. All of our sex would then be stump to clit and focused on other erogenous zones in our bodies, and we'd both be happier knowing that he wouldn't have a penis any more and I wouldn't have a visible vagina, because neither of us derives any pleasure from those particular body parts and we want them gone.
    • From what I've been reading it doesn't seem as though either you or your partner have the skills to accomplish either of your desires by yourselves. I already know the answer to finding someone to accomplish your partners penis stumping but have you found that it may be easier for a female to get a modification such as you desire done professionally.

      Secondly, do you think it might be easier to have the labia minor trimmed and sutured together to accomplish blocking off the vaginal opening to penetration. I'm assuming you would still need some sort of opening for menstruation and hygiene. Not sure what would happen if an infection were to develop in the uterus or vaginal opening behind the blockage.

      As a point of interest... my wife's vaginal opening does not exist anymore. She had a hysterectomy numerous years ago with radiation to the cervix for uterine cancer. The radiation shrunk up what remained of her vagina and penetration would be impossible even if she retained her desire for sex. (not that she ever really enjoyed penetrative sex that much anyway)
      • Well, first, closing the labia minora would cover it too tightly, and my labia minora don't extend back that far anyway. Just closing the labia majora would more leave space for regular cleaning and drainage, for example, during menstruation, hopefully reducing the chance of blockage. Second, I think having my labia partially sewn shut without any medical reason to do so is probably far easier (and cheaper) than having a hysterectomy and vaginectomy for no medical reason (I'd love that but there's no medical reason for it and I've read that hysterectomy can also damage some of the nerves that allow for sexual pleasure). What I'm looking for would cover the vaginal opening, but it would leave open enough area in the front to deal with any hygiene issues that arise.

        And if there do end up being any medical complications, then fortunately, this is surgically reversable and it can be reopened if necessary. We're working on getting his mod, and we're exploring options, including doing a great deal of research on outcomes and complications, before taking action on mine. I might not have a surgical background, but I do have a research background that includes research on biomedical issues and the experiences of different cultures that modify themselves similarly to what I want. Maybe after I've hit menopause, I will pursue vaginectomy, but that's still a few years away.

        Also, mine is probably very doable with the right equipment for cutting the labia and suturing them shut. Especially if we do just a little at a time to make sure we get it just right. I don't think it would be easy to find any kind of professional to do it for me. It would probably be as difficult to convince someone that I don't want a vagina, but I don't want a penis either, just my clit, as it is for men to convince a doctor that he wants to live without a penis and/or testicles without getting a vagina in their place.
    • I was thinking about this some more. Wouldn't it be better to close off the mouth of the vaginal opening instead of closing off the Labia? That way the clitoris and urethra would still be exposed along with the full length of the slit between the labia major and minor for stimulation.

      Have you ever done any urethral sounding???
      • I'd love to do that, but I can't do anything like that until I hit menopause, since I still menstruate, and I only want to close off the back half of my vulva, the half that covers my vaginal canal. I would leave the front part, including my clit, urethra, and labia minora open for business and still have a way to my menses to leave through that opening. But my urethra is strictly functional. Absolutely no interest in doing anything with it. I just want to make sure the opening is large enough for a penis stump to reach my clit and small enough to cover the parts that don't feel like they truly belong there.
        • Is your clitoris the only part of your body that you derive pleasurable sensations from?
          • No, I get pleasure from the labia minora and labia majora immediately around the clitoris, but not further down closer to my vagina. I don't get pleasure down there. And of course I also get pleasure from other parts of my body, like my breasts, my neck, along my spine, my lower abdomen, my inner thighs. But I don't get any pleasure from my vaginal canal, only pain there.
            • I have been thinking on this and I think, after my partner has his penectomy, that I'll try first asking my actual doctor if I can get an elective hysterectomy and vaginectomy to remove my uterus, cervix, and vaginal canal and close up the vaginal opening as a preventative measure against future infections or cancers. I refuse to ever have another pap smear, and since I don't plan to ever actually use those organs, it will be safer to simply remove them. And THEN, if they consent and I have the surgery, I would still want to close up the rear half of my labia majora afterwards, because I still want the smooth look and the reduced sexual area that would be gained by closing the rear half of my vulva. I can close up 2.25 inches of labia and still have my clitoris, labia minora, and urethra accessible through the remaining opening. If they refuse, I'll make a stronger case and keep at it. If they still refuse, I'll go ahead with this no matter what.
              • This may give you an idea of an alternative way to close off your vagina.


                Permantly closing off the vagina may present future medical issues . The actual closing should not be all that complicated. The more serious surgery means one must explore Issues that arise from hormones lost by, hysterectomy. Wife had a radical hysterectomy. She lost her cervix and ovaries as well as her womb. She applies topical hormones.
                • I agree. The problem with a complete hysterectomy is the loss of hormones. There are ways to replace them but it is not the same. You may end up loosing your sex drive in the process.

                  Nevertheless, hormones are nothing to mess with. An imbalance can cause all kinds of issues and replacement hormones are not the same.

                  As much as I hate having my testicles hanging between my legs I do not want or need any health complications nor do I want the hassle of the hormone replacement.

                  Just something to consider with that route.
                • Yes, but the ovaries don't have to be removed when the uterus and cervix are. My mother's ovaries weren't removed when she had her hysterectomy due to endometriosis. That way, I'd keep my natural hormones as they are. If I can get my doctor to okay the hysterectomy and vaginectomy, that should take care of most potential medical concerns, and it will actually keep me from getting infections there in the long run because the parts prone to infection won't be there any more.

                  As for putting piercings or any other metal objects there to close it up temporarily, that holds no appeal for me, and the idea of it just sounds so uncomfortable. I want permanent closure and a smooth look over that back half of my vulva. My vaginal opening is actually quite far back compared to most, so it would quite easy to close up the labia covering it without impacting the hyper-sensitive areas of my labia minora and clitoris in the front of my vulva, which would be made more ideal by having a hysterectomy and vaginectomy first.
                • Sorry, You did say that. I guess I didn't read your message thoroughly enough.

                  Do you think that all of that could be performed from down below or would they need to go in through the abdomen?

                  I so wish that the only function of the testicles were sperm production. Mine would be gone in a blink of an eye. At least your ovaries are inside and out of the way. If it weren't for the hormones it probably would be good to, while your at it, get rid of them as they are so prone to cancer as are men's prostates and testicles.

                  I just wonder how easy it will be for you to get what you want done without a medical emergency. I certainly hope it will be easier than it is for a guy.

                  Do you have any ideas on how your partner will get most of his penis removed?
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    I believe hysterectomies are performed vaginally, which means I'm going to have to be heavily anesthetized if I get it done. I plan on advocating for this the first time that it's time for me to have a pap smear following my partner's penectomy. My doctor knows how much pain it causes me, and perhaps with my combination of screams and tears (all completely real and already familiar to her), mixed with rational reasoning, with some family medical history thrown in for good measure, I might be able to sway her.

                    As for his penectomy, we're working on that. We are prioritizing his surgery over mine because it's far less invasive and, after it's done, we'll be able to take our time to get mine done just right.
                    • "We are prioritizing his surgery over mine because it's far less invasive and, after it's done, we'll be able to take our time to get mine done just right. "

                      At which point you can tell him "I WAS ONLY KIDDING ABOUT GETTING MINE DONE"

                      ((( just kidding )))
                      • I did some more research and rather than "vaginectomy", it looks like the proper term for simply closing the vaginal canal is actually the very apt vaginal obliteration". I would love a vaginal obliteration. No possibility of penetration for as long as I live.
                        • Learned a new medical term today! I have to admit it sounded scary at first.

                          Sounds like just the ticket for you!

                          Is it classified as cosmetic surgery? That would seem to make it possible to have it done without first having a medical problem.
                          • lol It's usually done in older women who have had a hysterectomy with vaginal prolapse or who are having a problem with uterine prolapse or bladder prolapse, where stuff is trying to come out of the vaginal opening, and who don't plan on having intercourse ever again (I suspect that this is the only reason that it's usually done on older women), so it's not going to be an easy sell, but that's why I'm going to ask for the hysterectomy first. I don't plan on ever having intercourse, which I hope that the fact that I've never done so yet by the age of 37 would provide weight to my argument for, and I'm just going to make the strongest possible case for this.
                            • I did a search on it and read several articles and that is pretty much what I found. It did seem as though there needed to be two requirements: uterine or bladder prolapsed and an "older" woman who will not be having intercourse. You will fit into neither so I suspect you will have your work cut out for you in convincing a surgeon to do it.

                              Aside from the medical creed ("Do No Harm" - meaning not performing surgery where not needed) the other problem is that people are law suite happy. They do not take responsibility for their actions and expect others to do that for them. They will decide at that moment that they do not want intercourse ever again and then later change their mind and then blame the doctor for allowing it and not knowing better. After all they are the professional. Even though you never had intercourse in all them years it could be argued that for that very reason you may some day decide you want to experience it.

                              I am certainly not trying to discourage you in any way and wish you the very best. I firmly believe that if you sign papers stating your desire, have a waiting period after that to reconsider and then have it done, you should be allowed to have such types of surgery done voluntarily. Obviously, insurance wouldn't cover a surgery that isn't a medical necessity but if you want it done bad enough you should be allowed to pay for it and have it done professionally.
  • Unsu...
    I already have a meatotomy. But the big mods I want yet would be nullification. I'd even settle and be happy with castration or penectomy, either or.. but I would rather get both done and be rid of everything. First a urethral reroute of course to behind the scrotum.
  • * Split of the glans
    * ligament cut

    I want to have my glans split in that way, that the two halfs have a view like a V

    and i want to have the ligamnet cors cut, so that the penis is always hanging and point to the earth, even with an erection.
  • i´m a bit inked already, asian dragon around breast, shoulder, arm and there is a lot more asian stuff to come: two hanya masks, a geisha, an octopus - just a matter of time.
    i´m restoring foreskin in the 4th month, with remarkable success - i estimate it to take about 3 years till i´m done and fully covered.

    my most important long-term project is to have the last digit of my pinky toe and the one beside amputated.
    i´m desperately searching for a doc, vet or an experienced cutter who is going to help me. i really don´t want to check out the chisel solution...
  • What I have:
    Back piece coving 2/3 of my back.
    Biceps each have large (shoulder to just above the elbow) tats.
    Chest is half filled with a series of poker card sized tats. Soon will have another larger tat from throat down to where it meets the others.
    Ears have 6 pierceings, 3 in each.
    Nipples each have 0 gauge vertical piercings.
    Lorum, PA, twin apadravyas, 13 hafadas
    Wanted Mods:
    12 more hafadas
    Bifurcated tongue
    Pearls implanted in penis
    Jacob's Ladder
    Shaft apadravya
    Plan to finish tattooing my back.
    Tattoos on each thigh which can support some suface piercing art
    Am researching my great grandfather's cattle brand, if I find it, I plan on getting it branded onto my butt cheek.
  • I have a tattoo and a PA and nipple, septum, navel and various other piercings that may or may not still be open -- I haven't worn jewelery in those in a while. Also, I shrank my cock from 6-1/2" to 4-1/2" and most recently I had a radical circumcision that made me even smaller -- that's well on its way to healing and I love the result. Castration and stumping (or glanesctomy etc.) are high on my list but I'm having so much fun with my radical circ that I may put them off for a while. It looks like I'm only 2-1/2" hard, because my balls and crotch skin are now pulled forward on the shaft, and when I'm soft it sticks out like a little boy's. So there isn't terribly much left to cut off! Meanwhile, I think I'll get some tattoos that I've been wanting for years but was too lazy to get . . .

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