most extreme combo of mods u could imagine on one subject

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I was curious what u the member of this tribe would consider the most insane combo of mods you could imagine one individual could get... make sure that the subject is viable (no making someone who has to be hospitalized for the rest of his or her life) and the mods must be possible A simple example comes to mind of a guy with enlarged cock, balls, huge breast implants, nose enlargement and and stretched reversed ears... Lets see what u consider insane!
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  • 12mm thick, 60mm diameter septum ring, permanent (welded or glued)
    Tongue split,
    5mm thick rings through nipples, tissue behind nipples expanded with injected silicone,
    Permanent flexible steel waist belt corset, down to 24" circumference or less,
    Penis, both halves of the corpora cavernosa stuffed with heavy gauge fishing line from the base behind the prostate gland to the head/glans, rendering the penis permanently "erect",
    Urethral reroute behind the scrotum, with the outer part of the urethra first stretched to accept a 20mm sound, then abraded with a wire brush, packed with 10 x 20mm diameter steel balls, held in place with sutures at the ends of the urethra and between each insert, so that the steel is permanent and the urethra blocked,
    500ccs of silicone injected into the shaft skin of the penis so that it is always thicker than a beer can as well as being stiff,
    1500 ccs of silicone injected into each side (making 3litres in toto) of the scrotum, giving the poor guy the equivalent of 6 inch diameter balls.
    Needless to say there are pictures of guys around who've had one or more of these mods, but not all of them. Imagine the hassle of everyday life, but with the physical sensations and the knowledge that it was your choice.
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      Paul, I love your thoughts...mmmm

      Fish hooks....though glans and nipples and pulled up and kept tight
      Play piercings....anywhere in my genitals...deep as you want
      Permanent piercings....maybe a scrotal tunnel and split at a later date.
      Saline infusion....fill as much as it can take
      Catheter....a peppermint bladder wash....this so intrigues me
      Scalpel...cut anything you want to
      Cautery pen....divot cuts all around my glans crown
      Urethra torture....expand and be cruel to it, especially the now unused part.
      Nailing....having nails hammered down through his penis shaft into a block of and sterilized nails please.
      Erection prevention....I would love my penis 'caged' in a way that should I have an erection, then I would experience excessive pain.
      Nipple torture....all sorts.
      Branding...anywhere on the genitals

    • Hot Paul!

      Love the idea of the permanently erect penis thats siliconed to the point of being unusable ;)
      • its enforced chastity SIR, imagine hte frustratin of having the huge cock and heavy balls, the constant sensation of huge genitals, but unable to use the cock cause nobody can take it, its just too big. constant sexual arousal with no way to relieve it. what sweet torture.
        • Boundarmylthrstud... umm... what does that have to do with mods?
          • I think it has everything to do with bodymods!

            BLAS has it right. How could that not be the ultimate erotic slave existence?

            Someone building you into a walking sex toy -- you having to carry around the ultimate in male sexual expression -- humongous hard cock so big it could never be inserted into even the most stretched holes. Or a soft cock so huge it sticks out in front of you all the time as if it were hard anyway, filled with silicone near to the point of bursting. A fragile, huge set of cock and ball flesh made so extreme as to be wholly unusable by the person to whose body they are attached, yet always ready for the enjoyment of his owner.

            To me it goes far beyond any sort of tatoo or other slave marking. This is something that not only can't be hidden, but at a certain point actually becomes the primary controlling factor in the person's life. Everywhere he goes all people really see is that massive cock and balls. Everything he does in life has to center around trying to work around the enormous bulge he has to carry. In doing all his daily tasks he'd have to be super careful not to scratch or burn or stab that mass of useless manliness. It becomes his job to be a human frame for the living artwork that has been created of his former sex organs.

            Yeah to me it has everything to do with it all...
            • woops... I think I misread the post when I said that. I thought they were talking about a CB-3000 or some other similar cock caging device, not silicone or the like.

              I stand corrected. *blush*

              • not to worry LT SIR i wasnt clear enough in my post SIR. i meant that getting silicone injected in cock and balls so they become huge massive overdone hyper masculine symbols of male sexuality - but in reality they are so big that they cant actualy be used for sex. the man who had to cary that equipment around would be basicaly like enforced chastity SIR he is hte ultimate symbol of male sexuality, a god of huge cock and balls like the greek god Priapes who is basicaly just a massive walking cock with a male body attached to it, but the guy with the bodymods cant have sex cause hes so big nobody can take it SIR. he would be horny all the time case like the other SIRS said his wole existence is focused on his massive cock and balls but at the same time he cant never get satisfaction or releif cause he can never fuck anybody. he would be like he was in enforced chastity forever SIR, always horny and never able to have sex.
    • Fantasy to reality

      Tue, May 28, 2013 - 12:36 AM
      Well — I've passed another milestone. A month ago I pumped some silicone into the shaft skin of my penis — very tight because of the skin grafts. Quite a lot migrated into my glans. Now I have a permanently stiff dick and a numb glans. I can't cum by masturbation ~ beautifully frustrating. My glans is permanently swollen and shows in most clothing.
  • You know, I think it would be really interesting to break this into 2 classifications. One class probably should not be considered insane by members of this or several other tribes, and that would be extreme body mods to make your body fit your self image, the other would be body mods to freak out others. I see a major difference here, and think that the types of mods would be different.
    Any thoughts from the rest of you?
    • The first group is very common. Self perceived Dysmorphia is a very common reason. I have often been asked by guys (and sometimes their wives) for referrals for silicone. One of the things I try to check up on is "why". At the bottom line it has to be for yourself, to give you pleasure.

      Vicarious pleasure is fine for something temporary, but it can't keep you going through life. There is a guy, Chris, whose (now deceased) partner really got off on filling Chris' genitals up with silicone. Whilst they were a couple that was fine. When the guy died, suddenly, Chris was left with a huge (literally) problem. He's a shy, private man. Every day he has to lug around his huge and unhideable balls, and his penis is useless for sex other than masturbation. He's too poor to go for surgery, and also his shape is a memorial to his dead lover.


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    So my dark fantasy of extreme body mods are quite similar to some of the posts all ready here, but here goes my fantasy.

    Body totally free of hair, tattoo make-up on the slutty side for eyebrows. large nose piercing , with similar ring. Ears at least 3" lobe inserts (tie off points) and multiple rings around perimeter. Lips enlarged and tattoo'd, rings upper and lower lips for fastening and control. Teeth removed and tongue split as far back as possible, tongue piercings (bar bell or ring) in each half.

    Breasts built up through scar tissue or silicon, nipples classic the size of thumbs, tattoo'd black nipples and aureoles (?) with three levels of ring piercings helping enlarge nipples. Rib removal at bottom of rib cage to help produce a more feminine body shape.

    Penis is actually split three ways, separating the chambers from each other, supporting ligaments are cut so cocks always dangle down. scrotum is split and separated from cock parts (something I am working on a bit in real life now) so scrotum hangs lower and is more accessible for play, with added stainless balls in scrotum along with testicles. erectile function of cock is disabled, although silicon inserts make it long and stiff.

    Piercings through cock shafts make it possible to connect the three halves together if so wished, or any combination. Scrotal sacks are also heavily pierced, making them sort of look like heavy labia pics, say of O'Pearl or Heidi. Of course the urethral passage is split clear back to where it turns into the body, with piercings along both sides.

    The ass has been loosened up to where only the hip bones are limiting the size that can fit. Colon has been loosened so that when relaxed about 12" of prolapse extend, with trained control literally able to stroke it in and out, over a dick or fist. Colostomy is preformed so the lower 5-6' of intestine never are dirty, able to play or fuck anytime.

    Of course tattoo'd heavily everywhere, nasty and slutty part of it and just whatever is thought up for the rest.

    my mind has some more ideas twirling about, maybe more later.
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      Mine is also pretty similar to a lot on here already but in guess it means we're all in the right place.
      If I had nothing else to worry about and a master that was going to own me forever:
      Permanent removal of all hair, body and head
      Tattoo eyebrows
      Heavy tattoos from head to toe including neck face and scalp
      12mm permanent welded septum ring
      Scalpelled and stretched 1 inch lip plate/plug
      Split Tongue
      60mm stretched lobes
      Industrials on both ears
      Both tragus
      Both nostrils
      Bridge piercing
      Enlarged nips with heavy gauge piercings
      Slight breast tissue enhancement
      Complete nullification - cock and balls gone (this is another story in itself)
      Urethral reroute making me sit to piss
      Heavily stretched anus

      Now for the Nullo talk:
      Starting with first mod towards nullo after already having large gauge PA is meatotomy and chemical castration. After that, full sub-incision and urethral reroute forcing me to sit to pee.
      After this, castration and finally penectomy to get rid of the now useless cock

      Of course there's probably more but that's all I can think of for now
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    OK, this is a summary of what a sub once told me she would LOVE to have done to her. This sub is an extreme painslut that wants to be nothing more than an object for use. I regret that my interaction with her was only online as she lives 2,000 miles away.

    This is what she wanted (Not that I would do the more extreme things to anyone, but the fact that someone really wants it is really hot to me)
    -She has really large labia. She wanted them stretched, cut off, and stretched out again... over and over the rest of her life.
    -Hormone therapy to cause lactation to the point she has to be milked multiple times a day and becomes our primary source of milk.
    -Her Cervix stretched/ruined to the point she can be double fisted all the way through her womb.
    -Severe corset training, including removing lower ribs so that she could be WELDED into a 14" waist corset, permanently
    -Breathing tubes surgically implanted from her nose to her lungs, bypassing all air flow through her throat. One, this would render her mute as it would bypass her vocal cords. And, two, this would allow her to deep throat things all the way to her stomach and keep them in longer without suffocating.
    -A Steel Posture collar welded on.
    -A bar welded between the posture collar and the corset.
    -The bar between the corset and collar mounted on a wheeled frame on a pivet to position her anywhere, in any position.
    -LAst, but not least, once all that is in place, her arms and legs stretched out using a version of the mid-evil "Four Winds" device. Once her shoulder and hip joints are popped out of place, tourniquets placed as close to her body as possible. Over a period of hours, her arms and legs pulled out further and the tourniquets tightened until we can take a hot blade and cut all 4 limbs off, cauterizing the wounds.

    And she would want all of that done WITHOUT any pain meds (More than likely, she would pass out from the pain).

    This would leave her as nothing but a torso/head on a cart we could position, fuck anyway, do anything we wanted to, and just roll out of the way when not in use.... No voice to object to anything.

    Again, this is not MY wishes, but the wishes of a sub I met online. I just thought you guys would like it.
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      Re-routing the urethra into the rectum, inside of the anus.
      Put a pointy metal stick with a diameter of at least 1 cm into the urethra to the area inside the rectum, near the prostate.
      Then push it out through the anus from inside to out while punching holes urethra and rectum.
      Then close the urethra with some big marbles and sew them, then don't use dick hole.
      The result: when you want to pee you must sit on the toilet or free when you urinate into the rectum without a problem ... And when you can - sit and pee from the anus!!
      And another advantage - no need condom because the sperm slurped into your rectum and not into the vagina!

      Another change is completely peel all the skin of the cock and balls and leave them naked out there, with all their natural beauty hidden usually beneath the skin. (Full circumcision).
      • As a medical professional (not a doctor) I can tell you that routing the urethra to empty into the colon would be a phenomenally horrible idea. You'd have health issues for life. The Urinary tract is sterile, the digestive tract is not, so you would constantly have bladder, urethral, etc. infections.

        It is done medically, but only when no other option is available.

        Still, from a body modification view, I can see where it would be interesting, but I'd avoid it regardless.
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    Mine is also pretty similar to a lot on here already but in guess it means we're all in the right place.
    If I had nothing else to worry about and a master that was going to own me forever:
    Permanent removal of all hair, body and head
    Tattoo eyebrows
    Heavy tattoos from head to toe including neck face and scalp
    12mm permanent welded septum ring
    Scalpelled and stretched 1 inch lip plate/plug
    Split Tongue
    60mm stretched lobes
    Industrials on both ears
    Both tragus
    Both nostrils
    Bridge piercing
    Enlarged nips with heavy gauge piercings
    Slight breast tissue enhancement
    Complete nullification - cock and balls gone (this is another story in itself)
    Urethral reroute making me sit to piss
    Heavily stretched anus

    Now for the Nullo talk:
    Starting with first mod towards nullo after already having large gauge PA is meatotomy and chemical castration. After that, full sub-incision and urethral reroute forcing me to sit to pee.
    After this, castration and finally penectomy to get rid of the now useless cock

    Of course there's probably more but that's all I can think of for now
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    amputation both legs at hip
    amputation both arms at shoulders
    permanent body hair removal on whole body
    nullification of genitals (castration, penectomy, prostatectomy or complete hysterectomy with oophorectomy and removal of labia and clitoris) nullification of nipples, navel, breasts (if applicable)
    tracheostomy/permanent breathing tube
    removal of teeth and tongue
    remove voice box
    remove jaw bone, remove lips, reduce mouth to dime size or seal up entirely
    permanent feeding tube through throat or abdomen
    remove nose and shave down bone to leave smooth, flat surface
    enucleation of just one eye, how can one enjoy their status when blinded?
    removal of both external ears
    permanent catheter/stoma, removal of anus and bladder
    tattoos over all skin area, solid black

    this is a personal fantasy of mine, albeit impractical.
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      another idea: shorten/fuse leg and arm joints and bones to make somebody forcibly quadriped.
      this would also involve removing all but one knuckle of fingers and doing a syme on both feet, effectively making a "hoof" or "paw"

      remove limbs and reattach where they are vascularly sound but unusable and have no sensation. humiliation.
  • Not necessarily the most extreme combo of mods, but I've read a story on the Eunuch Archive years ago -- I think it was called Purse -- in which a young man's penis and / or scrotum were "hollowed out", so to say, to form the eponymous purse, which his master would then use to smuggle gems, or something like that. I wonder if this would actually be possible.
  • mt
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    I would imagine a longer lasting process of being transformed into an object.
    The first stage would be a total removal of all body hair including eyebrows and lashes. Get mostly the whole body tattooed with heavy gay pronographic or simlpy ugly motives exept head and hands. Flesh tunnels into the ear lobes and a tunnel as septum. A big PA to through the cock head. All piercings to be enlarged after and after.
    The second stage would be the removal of all finger and foot nails. The hands will be tattoed as well. Both little fingers removed. The toungue will be split as far back as possible. The neck also will be tattooed and punched tunnels will enlage the nostrils. Seven rings connect both lips and fix them very close together. The scrotum will permanently enlarged by silicone injections.
    In the third stage the face will be fully tattooed. All the teeth will extracted. The cartilage of the ears will be completely cut off to reduce the ears to holes in the scull. The cock will be swollen enormouly by silicone injetions and is pratically not moro good for use. One testicle will be replaced by a large 2kg silicone ball.
    During the fourth stage both hands will be copped off at the wrists as well as the feet at the ankles. The left eyeball will cut off and replaced by one steel eye. The thongue will be removed at the base completely. The voicebox will be modified at to a mininmum. Silence! Also the the eardrums will be punched. The cartilage of the nose also will be copped off, only two holes will remain.
    In the fifth stage the arms will amputated above the elbows, the legs above the knees. Large fleshtunnels perforate the cheeks. The jawbone will be removed completely. The second testicle will be replaced by a second 2 kg silicone ball. The penis will be split in two halves down to the root. The asshole is kept streched to the max and the prolapsing asslips will be filled with silicone injections,
    The remaining limbs will be removed at the sixth stage. Both arms at the soulder, both legs at the hip. The sack is now free off the two balls and can be cut off. The penis is useless and also will be cut off. Now the object is nearly finished. A hole for double/triple fisting at the backside, a peehole to be stuffed on the front side, an opening once named mouth at the head so be filled with everything.
    In the final the seventh step, the second eye will be picked out. All openings will be reouted through the previous mouth. The skull will be a nearly perfect ball with a hole, the rest is smooth. The spine will be stiffened to prevend the very last possibilities of movement. Then the object is ready to use...
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      Modification game with a dice

      Mon, October 13, 2014 - 2:43 AM
      I prefer the excitement of gambling. The master takes the dice and roles:

      6: castration, penectomy, legs and arms cut off
      5: castrtaion, penectomy, hands cut off
      4: castration and penectomy
      3: castration and partial penectomy
      2: castration and glans removed
      1: glans removed

      Would love to be the person playing it. The master can veto one role of the dice and role again.

      Any suggestions?
  • This is an interesting read and I love your minds. I know I would enjoy most of those listed done to me.

    This is the most fun to one person that I know I would love most seeing done to a person and is my dream to have done to me:
    -no teeth
    -massive inflated lips
    -no speech
    -arms removed below the elbow
    -legs removed below the knee
    -become nullified
    -massive huge boobs that are the largest that can fit in my chest.
    -lose 60lbs
    -lots of humiliating and sexually degrading tattoos including my face.
    -ears pointed to be like an elfs
    -cat whisker piercings
    -high check bones
    -expressionless face
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    Are you wanna to use me as your target for dartboard target of all kinds of Means as you please? (Throw, casting, shoot, dig, dump ...)
    Like stones, arrows, pins, bullets, knives, sticks, etc., throw on me by force ...
    -------------------------------------------------- -----
    I expect you and all your friends will destroy my genitals as you wish in a nice party !!
    You will do it in a Competition who will destroy unto unto them in a more beautiful, more painful and more artistic!
    My genitals in details for this acts: Nuts, penis, testicles, dick, scrotum, foreskin, urethra, ass, anus, rectum, prostate, pelvic, their skin and around
    Destruction can be done for example by crushing, tearing, peeling, slicing, roasting, cooking, whipping, stretching, hanging, punching, stepping, or in any way imaginable ...! The goal - to win the Competition in every way !! I accept everything with joy.
    Also, cook and eat unto unto them as a dinner. It is better when their remains are still attached to my body, for mutual pleasure ... gutting.
    -------------------------------------------------- ----------
    Thanks. do it to me:
    You have to hunt your food per meal, like hunted animals!
    So you will hunt me:
    I'll be completely naked, absolutely passive like an animal, not defensive at all, does not attack back, and not the think like the animals do
    not the think ... (traps you use ...)
    You hunt me by any means or method you want !!!
    Smuggle me to a place you'd like, with whips, sticks, arrows, stones, hooks, ropes - also
    causing the my bodily harm, of course, as the object of your pleasure!
    Tacks on the floor, hot tools and water, various and sundry traps, that I do not have to watch them but to go into every one of them like dumb animal for designed to eat ...
    -------------------------------------------------- --------


    A lot of fun for us! Unlimited is an important condition!!!!!!
    Whole our wet bloody dream, every technique are invented, and every vessel of torture, destruction,
    dissolution the human/animal body we want! Or work tools from the garage...!!!
    Every of us will be the victim of a second, and then the first will do the same thing to the second, plus any horrible terrible new act....
    The goal is to lose all our human form body and make each other to become a bloody pulp formless, and a lot sighs of pain and suffering!
    Every organ is permitted! E v e r y...
    I already tremble from desire to this...
    can you write a few examples of amusement?

    This technique is very suitable for me and I love it: you will strip away slowly my skin, you will see how the my muscles and my tendons are moving, you will divide my meat from the my bones, hang up my bones together, and leave me alive with my flesh body moving and functions and the my skeleton full of beautiful individually.
    I will help you as you need, of course, by giving you myself every of my organ you work on it!
    Can you peel all my skin in an one big piece?
    If yes - You will separate all my body to 3 wonderful alive views: Skeletal, raw meat, and intact human skin of me.
    Thank you!! I leave you the planning how to break and separate my body so slowly in alive, and I will help you in much joy and pain of suffering dismantle me.
    • Some of this may sound the same with some variation.
      1. Complete permanent hair removal,(male and female)
      2 Full Extraction of Teeth.(M&F)
      3. Removal of lips and mouth sutured closed. (M&F)
      4. Two new mouths on each side of face, size and shape to reveal gums on each side. (M&F)
      5. Nose completely nullified and flattened. (M&F)
      6. External ears removed (M&F)
      7. Tongue Split and Pierced (M&F)
      8. Vocal Chords Removed (M&F)
      9. All Fingers, Thumbs and Toes Amputated (M&F)
      10. Nipples and Areolae Removed (M&F)
      11. Skin flap closure of Umbilcus M&F)
      12. Castration and Radical Penectomy with Urethral Reroute. (M)
      13. Radical Vulvectomy with Clitoral and labial excision. (F)
      14. Radical Hysterectomy with Vaginectomy and Urethral Reroute through Anus. (F) (No external genitalia whatsoever)
      15. 2 gauge 2" rings through chin, breasts and pubis. (M&F)
      16. Tattooed head to foot as a brown segmented worm. (M&F)

      This would complete the mutilated worm slave image in my mind.

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