topic posted Sat, January 31, 2009 - 3:04 PM by  hans
i am a dutch slave for 24-7 since about ten years now. i have many piercings and tattoos mostly genital. my master wants me now to be castrated and replace my nuts by iron balls or just cutt off my scrotum totally. But first he would as testcase have my tits removed. Probably when it can be realized and the pshysical conditions does not have to much impact he intends also to have my cock removed.
We do not want to experiment and have it done by an experienced surgeon in an klinic and not become in trouble with the authorities. has anyone suggestions aboutan clinic or hospital where they realize such wishes
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    Re: castration

    Mon, February 9, 2009 - 4:48 AM
    Hy hans, it sounds crazy and horny, what you want to do!!!
    but with the docs it will be difficult. in germany it will be unpossible , i believe.
    a year ago i had heared of a clinic in poland, which would do some sex part removals, unofficial in each case.
    in belgium the clinic of castration, earlier it was done there, is closed since a year too.
    I often had castrated my sheep rams - was amazing with their nice great egg sacs, if i could band or clamp or cut them off !!!!
    a sure method is: you bind the sac very tight off, during standing cooling in ice water against the hurts (after 10 minutes cooling the sac and eggs are complete numb - i often did it because of the horny feeling with the numb cold eggs swinging between my legs!!)
    over night with some painkillers it would ge - i mean.
    and the next day you goe to the next clinic - than the eggs are dyed and the doc has to remove them!!!
    you can tell, that you have made sex games and drunken some drinks and are felled in sleep over the night, and very ashroken in the morning and now its a problem for you, but the pains are over and the doc is allowed to do, whats neccesary?? thats a good storie -i mean.
    and the docs and sisters will be with you and you have to stay some days in the hospital, i believe, but with anice suture under your cock, where the sac with eggs was placed, haha! and nobody will be angry at you, its a possibilitie, you mean??
    by jack
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    Thu, February 12, 2009 - 12:23 AM
    You are so lucky. Am going to be castrated this year by my Master who knows what He is doing. Do not do this as a play type experience. Must know what is to be done and sterile... check out for info....
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      Sun, February 22, 2009 - 1:49 PM
      hello gays thks for advise.
      My masterhas studied all and is in contact with several people from greece till far east. In the east he is in contact with a rich gay who want to pay a proper surgeon provided i have all my genitals removed and we have to hand them over to him afterwards. In private i am willing to tell more about the plans of my master. The operation can be done in steps as i am still uneasy with the thought to loose my cock too. Well i was not allowed to ejaculate the last years but still feel a man. The tops of my nip wil be removed within short
      untill sofar
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        Re: castration

        Thu, March 5, 2009 - 6:26 AM
        Hy hans ! make the removals in steps: so you can decide after each part removal, if its enough or has to follow the next part going... a s o
        so you can cut off first the cock head only - thats not so difficult and you can test, how is the life with a half cock.
        I have my cock splitted in many steps too. so i could everytime decide, if deeper cutting or its enough.
        now its enough for the next time in my case.
        bye, your jack

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