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topic posted Sun, February 28, 2010 - 5:21 PM by  Paul
Apart from IAM's M1fly (who seems to have abandoned IAM) has anyone heard of or even thought about permanently filling the erectile parts of his penis with nylon fishing line, which becomes encapsulated and keeps his penis permanently hard without the issues of blood pooling, necrosis and other problems consequent on priapism?
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  • Just to clarify, here's an extract from his diary entry
    "My friend wants to stuff my penis shaft solid, possibly using heavy fishing line or plastic rods and I'm just not too sure..... She stuffed an area full down below my scrotum with many feet of heavy fishing line two years back. It created a hard area down there and was amazingly easy for her to do in five minutes with a special rod tool she has. Once she pushed it down the center core, she worked it up and down an inch at a time and it feeds the line right in. The more she did it the more it packed it in. I was surprised how little pain was involved. Now she'd love to continue what she started but keep going until the whole shaft is stuffed hard from bottom (below my scrotum) to top with as much line as she can possibly shove down inside of it. She figures it won't take very long, maybe 30 minutes or so and my penis will be PERMANENTLY rock solid. She also figures she could go back and add more every few months to keep stretching it fatter which sounds very interesting!"
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      Why did I get immediately rock hard when I read this?

      I think that if ever I had this done, I would definitely want my ligaments cut first, to minimise embarrassing bulges or painful manoeuvres :-)

      ....but yeh....why wouldn't it work...if everything was spotlessly clean?
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      Wow......permanently hard.....nice. Sounds like something i might be interested in. Let me know how it works out.
  • You would not be the first to do that. I have considered it myself. I even have the fishing line.. I would boil it first just to make sure it is clean. If the guy you are refering to is the same guy that has added a lot of marbles inside his cock skin. Eventually his cock started growing thorny type hairs on it and hair started growing from inside the urethera. Yummy stuff in my book.

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