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Not necessarily a heavy mod, but I guess it depends how far you want to go with it. I have started stretching mine up and I quite fancy continuing to the stage where I can put standard sized vibrators in it during sex, so maybe a couple of inches or so (just along the length of the penis rather than right up to the bladder). Good for both partners I imagine.. not to mention the impressive girth increase that would result!

So, anyone done this sort of thing? How's pissing for you these days? My doctor warned that stretching to more than about 16mm its going to make pissing real messy, but the way I see it dilated skin doesn't stay dilated without regular insertion of whatever, so if it bugs me I can let it shrink down again.
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  • Hmm — can be quite painful. Mucous membrane is funny stuff. I'm trying to stretch the last section of my urethra, that bit through the glans, to take a 12mm thick PA ring and it does not like it. After stretching with tapers etc. I can get the ring in, but after a few hours the whole of my glans is inflamed and sore. The PA's other exit is a partial subincision so that's not the culprit.
    I have a feeling that as you stretch the urethra outwards it may well shrink lengthwise. Certainly the Indian mendicants who stretch their penises to extreme lengths (sacrificing any erectile ability) end up with very thin urethras.
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      I have a 10mm tribal ring through my urethra and like yours Paul, out through my incision. Feels absolutely wonderful....especially when having sex....I want to stretch it up to 15mm and get an incision cut through the top of my shaft .....deep amp :-)
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      Happily I have a phalloplasty, so the urethra is made of skin from my inner forearm rather than mucous membrane. The stretching is very painless and unproblematic for me compared to most people :)
  • I have seen male urethras stetched well past the 18 mm that is the limit of hegar sound sets. A fello named wulfhuund (now liviing in Florida, USA) has his up to about an inch. He can easily fit one of those battery powered toothbrushes (either end!) all the way in.

    I agree that the stretching does not last - i need to re-stretch about every 3 days or so. Sometimes if I wait a few weeks I have noticed that it is a bit easirt to restretch to the largest diameter I can do. It really takes a while to make it to the next hegar size tho.
    • I agree with Bob statement about the fact that the stretching has a tendency to shrink if you do it regularly. I do it at least once every two or three days. My urethra is stretched to 14 mm. I've tried 15 mm but not successfully yet. It is also true that if one waits a few days between two consecutive insertion, the sound gets in easier.:-)
    • Wulfhuund is a real master at urethral stretching, but he has a large cock to start with. The cock size is a very significant part of stretching. Someone with a small cock is really doing great to get to 14 to 16 mm Hegar, while someone with a vary large cock can easily go way past that. That is one of the penalties of urethral stretching and having a small cock - makes it hard to compete with the stretch of larger cocks. Perhaps we should rate the stretching as a ratio of the urethral stretch (I am occasionally able to get a 15 mm in) to the diameter of the limp (or alternately hard) cock. Since my (limp) cock shaft is about 30 mm diameter, that places me at a 50 percent urethral stretch.
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        I'm not up to those standards yet. I can easily take a 12mm Hegar. I tried to upsize to 13mm the other day. I must have split the urethra as I had really heavy bleeding which lasted for ages. It's hard to apply direct pressure down there! Anyone had a similar experience? Can anyone offer advice on how I move up from12mm?
        • Do not you think that the increase is from 12 to 13 mm at once too big. This is, after a circumferential increase of 3.14 mm. I increase ever in 0.5 mm increments. If you increase too quickly there is a risk that cracks occur. Scar tissue that it creates can be stretched badly.
        • Do not you think that the increase is from 12 to 13 mm at once too big. This is, after a circumferential increase of 3.14 mm. I increase ever in 0.5 mm increments. If you increase too quickly there is a risk that cracks occur. Scar tissue that it creates can be stretched badly.
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    I am a heavy sounding freak. I am at 13mm now and my goal is to achieve 20mm.
    As my cock will be vey stretched and that I plan many deep shaft piercings I will do an urethral reroute. It will solve the problem of a messy piss (actually I currently sit to piss due to my PA).
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      I used to work mine a lot with sounds and such. Once got it to where I could put 3 AA batteries in. Was pleasurable, very very mild tingle from the batteries if they all connected. Used to shoot and explode and shoot them all out and a big load of cum. I agree though, it goes back down over time, but still have a very large urethra and been told when I pee its like a gush of a fire hose. The down side is that when I do cum now, it just oozes/splurts out no shooting and takes 2-3 pulses to finally come out.
  • I cut my 47 years with one meatotomy itself ie I have the ostium Externa (the urethral opening) at 12 and 6 clock expanded somewhat.
    The advantage is that you can easily insert sounds or plugs for electric masturbation into the sterile urethra. I think it looks very good. And I've reached a slot length of approximately 18mm.
    The problem is not the urethral opening, but the narrowness of the gloss is on the side at the level of the frenulum approach. Since I am currently on stretching and have achieved up to now 11 mm in diameter. I started with a 6 mm Dillator. I would not cut there because otherwise the meatotomy is too large, and continues in a subincision.
    Meanwhile, I can introduce Dillator one 11.5 mm, and Prince Albert to introduce a plug of 10 mm and can be longer in it. My goal is to extend my meatus to 16 to 18 mm so that I can insert a finger to masturbate.
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      I do it also, and I did need to cut the glans and then I started stretch. I had a half-inch is 12.5 mm, but not for full depth.
  • have been into it for a while...sta;rted at a 12 hegar...was a slow process but can easily use a 15 and insert it to get the 16 past the first sphincter...I still get a little edgy if therre's sharp pain or any bleeding but I know it's just finger fucking after the dilator play...sure would like a buddy to play with...
    • I got into urethral dilation almost a year ago, started at 6mm and am now up to 9mm, I have two hollow penis plugs I adore, the 8mm one with ring is in my profile, seems tuff to go from 9 up to 10 mm dilator atm, I need to achieve 11 mm for my hollow 11mm penis plug with a 3/4 inch ball on tip, my dilator set only go's up by a mm ea, no .5 increments available, any advice on how to expedite this process would be greatly appreciated.

      Your fetish queen,

      Jenna James.

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