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Swastika Declaration of Independence, April 1995


This is a manifesto by the Friends of the Swastika, some of whom met in Cranbrook, British Columbia in April 1995 and ten years earlier in Swastika, Ontario in April of 1985, to support the re-integration of the swastika as a good luck sign and sacred symbol. The founding members of the Friends of the Swastika, ManWoman, Guru Svastika, Douglas Youngblood, and Carolyn O'Neil (the town historian), held their first meeting and Swastika Conference in Swastika, Ontario in 1985. Residents of Swastika, Ontario had to fight hard to keep their town's name during the Second World War. The Canadian government wanted to change it to "Winston" to honor Churchill.

The swastika has been a symbol of benediction for more than five thousand years in almost every culture of the world, including the Jews. It has been the hope of many human beings of different belief, race and color for prosperity and brotherhood.

The swastika had universal status in a non-political way until it was misused by Adolf Hitler in the Second World War. The common view of the swastika in the West then became the opposite of the original benign, happy symbol. It became the most dreaded of all signs--tarnished with the horrors of war. Now, it is still being used by skin-heads and terrorists to intimidate law-abiding citizens. On the other hand, over half of the world's population still honors the swastika in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

The Friends of the Swastika is a non-political, grass-roots group of friends anyone can be a part of. It is the aim of FOTS to detoxify the swastika through education for use in its original meaning--the auspicious energy at the center of life. If enough people agree, it will change! We, the undersigned, after years of collective interest and research, declare the swastika to be innocent of the crimes perpetrated in its name under the Nazi banners. Five years of war cannot be allowed to wipe out five thousand years of sacred history. We declare that the swastika has an independent life. We say, "To hell with Hitler"!
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    Wow. There is good and powerful work being done in this tribe.
    And i am honored and blessed to join it. Thank you Mojo for the invitation.

    Members of my family were victims of the Nazi death machine.
    I feel that reclaiming the swastika from its negative associations is one way I can honor the memory of the millions of people who were imprisoned, tortured amd murdered by the Nazis.

    Like the labyrinth, the swastika combines:
    the Cross and the Spiral, . . .
    the Four Directions and the Wheel. . . .

    I visited Toronto when I was 17 and went to a Buddhist Temple for the first time. In the main hall, I saw a big golden statute of a Buddha with a swastika on the center of its chest. That was a powerful moment of awakening.

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