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The first Radical Faeries came together in the summer of '79 in the south of California. A group dedicated to Queer Men and our spirituality, the early founders described us as "The shamans of our modern day."
Founding Faerie Mitch Walker claims that "because of its indigenous, gay-centered nature, the Radical Faerie movement pioneers a new seriousness about gayness, its depth and potential, thereby heralding a new stage in the meaning of Gay Liberation."

Each local group comes up with its own customs, traditions and pseudo-rituals. Spontaneity, gayness, beauty, playfulness and joy are emphasized greatly.

RadFae groups are formed all over the world, but there isn't yet one in Tampa Bay. I would like to open my home and backyard here in South Tampa to host small gatherings and see what we can get organized.

It is my dream to one day build a Sanctuary Community here in the bay area. I would like to either eco-furbish a warehouse or build an eco-village out near Plant City. That could be a long way off, however. RSS Feed what is XML?

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