When can I change my belly piercing?

topic posted Thu, July 6, 2006 - 8:07 AM by  offlineLauralana
It's been about 4 weeks since I had my bellybutton pierced. It's doing well, just a little red around the puncture wounds but healing well and doesn't hurt.

The man who pierced me said that I could change the bar after 4 weeks.

I'm a little hesitant to do it, since it may be not be completely healed.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences? Do you think I should wait a little longer before changing it?
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  • I wouldn't touch it yet. Hell, I waited six weeks for my earlobes.

    My piercer told me not to even think about changing it for four months. I waited nine, and even then it was a little uncomfy. Navels take much, much longer to heal than most other piercings, so if you can be patient and wait, it'll help so much. Once you do change it, use a little neosporin on the end of the barbell to help get it through.
  • I was told that it's best to wait until completely healed, but if I really had the urge to change it before then I should go back in and my piercer would change it for me. I had mine done 4 weeks ago, too! I have no desire to change it yet. I made sure to pick jewelry I really liked, figuring I'd have it in for a good long while.
    • Thanks guys! My instinct is telling me to wait.

      I wonder if I was confusing 4 weeks with 4 months? It would be just like me to get something like that wrong! LOL

      I just bought a new belly ring and I'm anxious to wear it! Guess I'll wait a few more weeks though.

      I am very relieved that it is healing well and I'm having no trouble with it though. I've had many people tell me their little "horror stories" when it comes to their bellybutton piercing.

      Thanks again!
      • I got pierced by Rings of Desire in New Orleans, which was set up by master piercer Angel. They told me six to nine months. A good piercing shop in London where I moved soon afterward told me the same. Mine took nine months to fully heal.
        • I second what Natalie says about healing time. People tend to forget that the navel piercing is essentially a surface piercing and can take a long time to heal (or as in my case...never heal)
          • Taletha - never heal? More details, please!
            • I'm just one of those people who, while I had the visually perfect navel to get a piercing, simply can't have one. My body rejects navel other piercing I've ever had...just the navel piercing.
              • My family has a pretty overactive immune system (asthma, Rasmussen's syndrome, I had two herniated disks and my body just ate the pieces in my spinal column in about six weeks and healed itself). So my navel piercing got teeny little zit-like pustules at the edge of the piercing site for a while. That was just how my immune system dealt with it. Tried to leave it alone as much as possible, and the instant I hit nine months, they went away and were done. The same thing is happening on a smaller scale with my nose piercing, but I hit six weeks this weekend and they've stopped too. I figure that's just how my body deals with piercings.

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