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Our Music:
Goth, Electro, Alternative, Indie, Punk, Post Punk, New Wave
Our Night:
4th Saturdays at the Cat Club. Dangerous Dan (1984) and DJ Skip (New Wave City), joined by with monthly guest DJ's like Donimo (Shadowplay), Fact.50 (Less than Zero), Melting Girl (Death Guild) Starr (Bondage a Go Go) Jawa (Debauchery), Tomas Diablo (Strangelove), Nako (Shutter), Jackal (Blackout), Low-Life (Gossip), Miz Margo (Black Tuesday), Mario Muse (Lacquer), and more to come monthly

What will you find at the club:
Kwel People, Drink Specials

About us:
"Up, down, turn around, please don't let me hit the ground"

A good time, music with friends, in dark relaxing rooms, we share the flashes of light and wonder where do they go? Here to enjoy ourselves, we revel in what was and join it with something new, fascinating! I drink, I dance, therefore, I am. I move as prompted too by the rhythms and the beats, sonic splendor! I look, I see, I feel, it makes me move and I enjoy the movement, it's the joy of my body, truly. Yes, I see other people I recognize, smiling at me, I mimic them and smile back. We are at the bar, we order a slippery comfortable something-something, the bartender gives us an compliant but sly smile and in 45 seconds we are feeling better than before as we quench the thirst that is always with us, hungering for more. What is it?


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