Cut the crap, Libra are so...

topic posted Wed, February 15, 2006 - 1:09 PM by  Lunasky
What's going on here? I feel like the only Aries who can't stand a Libra women for to long? This may not sit well with some people but hey.
Is there anyone out there who finds Libras boring as all hell, manipulative, fake and too judgmental?

It's creepy the way they do anything to avoid conflict. In my opinion this makes them disingenuous, hypocritical and as phony as a 3 dollar bill.

Plus what's this about them being the beautiful people of the zodiac. What a bunch of bull! Just because you like beautiful things doesn't make you physically beautiful.

Agree or Disagree I’d like to hear your opinion.


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    Wed, February 15, 2006 - 8:56 PM
    my ex-roommate is a libra.....not only did she screw me on the roommate front, but she was definately manipulative and really judgement....she definately had a holier-than-thou general it didn't bother me too much, but there were things that really crossed the line.....
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      Thu, February 16, 2006 - 7:43 AM

      Those little fakes had me thinking I was the bad person and should refine my ways. But after growing up a little and hanging out with people who appreciated me, I began to feel like a good person who had a lot to offer the world.

      I believe the Libras I’ve encounter had a problem with me (the double Aries that I’ am) because I refuse to kiss anybodies as in life, I do what they don't have the courage to even think, I'm probably better in bed (I hear Libras are a horribly fuck) and I don't need outside justification.

      Hmm....Perhaps I’m somewhat bitter. I'm sure these intensely negative feelings will pass in time but for now I find comfort in venting my thoughts to the world especially because all too often Libra’s are portrayed as the angels of the zodiac. Well I here to say they're little demons who wear pink!!
      So beware!!
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        Sun, January 1, 2012 - 2:33 AM
        Nobody gets by kissing asses and nobody told you to do that too.

        And what brave act have you done? Cordless bungee jumping with and without a will? Hahahahaha.

        You hear may not make it true. It's good you have sexual value. That'd help you fend for your future a little.

        Nobody tells you to seek social validation either, it's for the weak and to mention it makes you.
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        Sat, October 19, 2013 - 2:45 PM
        Haha, heard we are horrible fucks? That is the craziest thing because never had any complaints and trust me I am the Queen of sex. I was the one who coached Aquarians to read the Kama Sutra as soon as they could read. I am wetter than an ocean when my fruits are ripe and ready. I share the sexual energy equally. So please don't label us all. Thanks. quick question do you wear your sword in bed when getting it on?
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      Thu, May 8, 2008 - 9:14 AM
      i hear alot about how aries have a opposition to libras well maybe you had a running start when you where born into life but maybe others like to sit for a second and consider stuff passive aggressive i can see that fake i can see that and puzzling definitly with these things mixing together at all times it could be hard to understand whats going on. have any of you ever met an older libra with expirence me and my grandfather where born on the same day about 3 hours apart. and i can say that in his 70s after WW2 in the german army and immigrating to america right after the war i would say that he has had an interesting understanding of life. i am or was everything that i described above until the day my grandfather died. since then i have found that through understanding that the world is HIGHLY out of balance that its always a beutiful and suprizingly awsome time to be and i just suggest if you have a libra make sure they have done more than sit at home and watch tv all the time. in these times experienceing the true ups and downs of the good and bad are getting harder to see and understand i am sure we will be some of the first to be lead into being idouts because what is all over the news and media. you know better yet take your libra outside and punch them in the face and show them what liveing is realy like. libra are beutiful but once you open one up i have seen the intence passion that can occur. i make it a habit to walk my own walk i meet 10 to 15 people a day in every day passing i never now what i am gonna do next and the expriences that i find on my own are so far off that i have been called a lier many times. we need people but we need to 7understand orselves first. so go punch a libra with great love and passion. its what did it for me
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    Mon, February 27, 2006 - 1:01 PM
    My best friend is a Libra, and I agree with everything you have said describing them. It is also the sign of the scales. So when they feel "out of balance" they are something else indeed. I just stand my ground and tell her that her passive aggressive ways don't work for me. LOL
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      Mon, February 27, 2006 - 1:58 PM
      i've been recently judged into deletion by a hypocritical selfish libra on the cusp of scorpio. evil piece of shit. passive agressive. yes. totally. the first argument we had he disappeared for a week. i explained to him what "passive agressive" meant. then i think he started doing it on purpose.

      anyway, i'm done now.
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        Sat, March 4, 2006 - 11:21 PM
        Hey folks,

        I have two takes on this. I had 2 good friends who are Libras. One I've known since 1998 -- she's fun, really cool, and very compassionate. She's been through a lot so she's really compasionate. The second one I've known for 5 years. I thought she was a good person, but she's changed in the past year. She's become increasingly manipulative and uncaring. She blew me off on something important at a really difficult time. I had to just pull back because it started to become a pattern and made me feel really uncomfortable. Now she's decided to be a total bitch. I just had to close that door. It just became too painful. I give a lot to my friends; it hurts when you feel used. In her case I feel that I outlived my usefullness. She's got to deal with her BS. I can't afford to waste the time...
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    Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Sun, March 5, 2006 - 5:53 AM
    I do agree with you on the manipulative and too judgemental, but man did the libra i was with rock it in bed, like nothing i've seen before and too this day i'm talking about it
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      Sun, April 2, 2006 - 3:42 AM
      You may be right about that Lindy. I was being real mean when i wrote that.
      But i let you know for sure in a couple of days.
      Sure hope he can hang cause you know the aries ladies got that fire in the bedroom.
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    Fri, March 24, 2006 - 8:12 AM
    That's only 1/2 true.. manipulative, fake and too judgmental? na i dont think so. i think that your describin a aries and a virgo in a relationship!
    We tend to keep our opinions very close and protected, and if you cross us, thats when you will see a reaction.
    "It's creepy the way they do anything to avoid conflict." ---would you rather we slap you, to get ur kicks?
    it called class. learn it..hehehehe(na just a joke)
    I think that an aries male cant take no for an answer, they need to feel "big" and "tall" (all the time) and when a libra says "stop thats stuiped" theres more in life than sex...they cant graps the idea...(still in development... i asume)
    and just to Clarify we are the most creative people in bed.. hehehehehehe just aries: you get old... with fast-hard blah blah, yes its raw at 1st and were amused at 1st but then.... get a new trick...we need something new....yahn plus aries men you cant focus on one thing at a time, thou i understand (still in process of developing) hehehehehehhe-not a joke.
    Agree or Disagree like to hear your opinion.

    a laughing libra---
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      Sun, April 2, 2006 - 1:59 AM
      <i havent read your whole message yet but i need to respond to you would you like it if we slap you comment.

      Now you dam well you dont have the balls to slap a aries. An aries would kick your fucking ass before your hand lands.

      Im describing a Libra for sure but most of you folks have a hard time seeing yourself in a negative why,

      Be real with yourself. Now back to the rest of your post
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        Sun, January 1, 2012 - 2:39 AM
        Why should anyone care to slap an Aries. Why not get others, or your Scorpio enemies, to do it? I think even Scorpios like Libras are indirect and would get somebody else to do it for them too HA.

        Be real with myself? Sure, I'm cute, good-looking, lovable, I judge, and I love art and the beautiful things that can be found in life. People are not as beautiful so yeah. Like our Aquarius friends we feel they are best understood as things, not beings.

        Poor, ugly, hurt and fault-finding you.

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    Fri, March 24, 2006 - 12:03 PM
    Libra females are conniving, manipulative, little fakes. and it is creepy how they avoid conflicts at all costs (usually at the cost of someone else). I battled a Libra for a Leo...of course he was her's first...and in the end i decided i didn't want a man who would date a Libra (or marry one for that matter). She disgusted me... at times she would call just to say mean things...i guess she thought she could hurt my feelings... I finally had to give her a reality check on the fact that she was the kind of person who had to make others feel bad in order for her to feel better about herself...and of course as an aries..i would never do that because I have confidence oozing out of my ears...what a little snot.. at times i pittied her, and her deceitful manner made my blood boil...
    No libra is a friend of mine...
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    Sun, March 26, 2006 - 7:40 PM
    My sister is a Virgo Sun/Libra moon/ Libra rising and I have a very hard time getting along with her. My other sis is a Leo/Cancer! I get along with her some of the times. I think my Aries doesn't like Libra, they are, afterall our polar opposite sign. My Scorpio tolerates some of her however. I don't like the show off attitude.

    I find Libras to be superficial much of the time. I can't stand superficial people.
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      Mon, March 27, 2006 - 12:39 AM
      Interesting thing. I did a "what Coloris,,,," in all the sign tribes.
      in Libra I got one responce the a week later another posted another thread.
      "I think green is a good Libra color........" somthing like that and Bam about a 12 responces.
      All agreeing w/ the 1st poster. no variation. no personalizm...
      One houde towde psycic post and the lams folow..LOL
      Ok that was mean.. but isn't that what this thread is about..
      Oh well.
      Well Leo is a leader, so I guess on the other side is the folowers..
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    Mon, March 27, 2006 - 5:23 AM
    My mother is a Libra, and she has been torturing me most of my life. She can be mean spirited, manipulative, cruel, unpleasant and NO not passive aggressive, she can be downright aggressive as hell (but she's got a lot of repressed anger.)

    My mother has never been what I would call a loving, kind mother. She has been physically distant and remote, has a penchant for hordeing my mistakes for years, and continually rubbing my nose in it (although I can't point out her mistakes and fuckups, some of them far worse than anything I did) and she has a bitchy streak that really, truly I find repulsive on most occasions.

    I find myself hiding many of my feelings and true thoughts from her, because she is incapable of seeing anything from any other perspective than her own.

    Most of the Libra women I have met are like this to some degree...

    I agree with much of the description of Libra women here, as I have had 32 years of tangling up with one by virtue of birth.

    I love my mother, but I don't really like her as a person much. I can only take her in small doses, very far apart!
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      Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Mon, March 27, 2006 - 6:24 AM
      Wow! The only Libran I have a problem with is my sister! She's got moon and rising in Libra. I have a few other friends who have Libra and I like them. It depends on the person I suppose. I just don't like the braggy "I'm so pretty" attitude from Librans. I also don't like the flippant remarks from my sister from time to time. It's irritating but I do like some Librans. I won't rule them out as friends. Would I ever consider a relationship with one? Not really.
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        Mon, March 27, 2006 - 8:29 AM
        My sister is a devil. Not only does she have Libra sun but ARIES MOON! polar opposites. Like what Laura mentioned, she has that classic "I'm so pretty" Libran attutide and that " I'm first and fuck the rest of you fucking assholes" Aries atitude. She is an handful. And to top it off, she has Leo rising!!!! She crazes drama.... That bitch sometimes.... LOL. But I love her to death.
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          Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

          Mon, March 27, 2006 - 5:16 PM
          I've heard that people with some sort of Aries and Libra mixture can be hellions. Shannon Doherty is Aries Sun/Scorpio Moon/Libra rising. I think she's a booger because of her polar opposites.
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            Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

            Mon, March 27, 2006 - 5:19 PM
            I don't hold much against Libras accept their snooty attitudes. Some are so superficial. That's all, and I don't have time for the ones that are superficial. I have some friends with Libra moon and rising or some combo of either moon or rising and they are really great though. I think it all is about the individual and what their life experiences are that make them either take on a good trait of a sign or a bad trait.
      • what? no.

        Mon, March 27, 2006 - 8:40 AM
        my best friend is an aries woman. She and i get along very well, i only have a problem with aries men..they are man-whores!!!! and just evil they use ex-boyfriend i had...he would lie about everything and years later when we met up again... he lied about having a girl-friend who he was going to marry!!!(by the way) i feel for her, cuz getting married to an aries, u will never be able to trust them fully
        and by the friend and her Confidence...confidence isn’t the word, she is very cocky about her looks. and will use men all the time for kicks.....
        not to be considered judgmental is called empathy for those poor kids in the hands of any aries.
        a laughing libra..
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          Re: what? no.

          Mon, March 27, 2006 - 5:28 PM
          Okay, then why are you this womans best friend if you're talking about her this way? Do you have children? Do you know what it's like to raise kids? I can't vouch for the man you're speaking about., but everyone either has good traits or bad traits of a sign. It depends on everyones lifes situations. What did they go through being raised. How many planets do they have in Aries or whatever sign? A lot goes into a person besides whatever their sun sign is. I've known a few Librans that were extremely superficial but I don't like to say all Librans are like that. Maybe your Arian ex had changed! People do over time. Maybe your Arian friend has other planets in other signs? It's time for people to dig beneath the surface and discover why people are the way they are. You call yourself a Libra! Is that your sun sign or are there other planets in Libra?
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            Re: what? no.

            Mon, March 27, 2006 - 5:30 PM
            Another idea! You're a Libra, right? Libra is the polar opposite of Aries and they either LOVE each other or CAN'T STAND each other. Maybe if you don't like these people it's time to consider some changes.
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              Mon, March 27, 2006 - 9:25 PM
              After saying what I did before.
              My 2nd daughter is Libra Sun Leo acs Sag moon. She is one of the smoothest people I've ever met. A jem of a kid. Art just flows from her. And we can spend hours together w/ out saying much and all is well in the world.
              Her big sister is an aries.. and no two sisters have ever been closer.
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                Re: The Good Libra

                Mon, March 27, 2006 - 9:27 PM
                Perfect! That's great!!
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                  Tue, March 28, 2006 - 3:41 PM
                  Laura: no i dont have childern.
                  hehehehe. that's true..i love my friend.. pls dont get it wrong..she is a blast but its true she's cocky(good for her and that is why i love her) far as my x--- his an idoit(the end) ! hehehehehe no thats a joke..he just moved back to same town(younger kids) but so did i...but i try to keep a friendship with everyone at least to be civil. the aries...funny kids and head strong, but i just have to say your right there is a mix..and about changes...not such a bad idea, at least move away from the controling personalites for a while and get some rest..then come back to it.
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                    Re: The Good Libra

                    Sun, April 2, 2006 - 9:05 AM
                    I know a few libras that I adore! They have Libra in their moon or rising or both. My sister is the bad side of the sign though. She's a Virgo Sun/Libra Moon/Libra Rising and has other planets in Libra. Virgo is not the sign that wants to be the center of attention so I believe it's her Libra. It's the only thing I can think of. Anyhow, there are some people who take on the bad side of a sign and some people take on all the good attributes. I don't take anything you said personally since I'm not a whole lot of Aries to begin with. My Arian side gives me more a playful side and my Scorpio makes me more reserved at other times. I know a gal who totally acts like the selfish side of an Aries too so I understand what you're dealing with. You had a few bad Arians. Librans can either love them or hate them. Depends on the individual you're dealing with.
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    Sun, April 2, 2006 - 3:38 AM
    I posted this because of the problems ive had with Libra females over the years. We start off as great friends but after a while it seems they become jealous & miserable. For years i had no idea what was going on but after reading about them i realized our friend changed because i was confident and attractive to men. I hear this is something that drives a Libra women up the wall. I was best friends witha Libra girl for most of my childhood. I loved her and looked up to her. She was pretty and fun but as soon as we reached our teens years and i blossemed and was noticed by other she seemed to hate me. Til this day when she sees me she canàt even really look at me. However she is still best friends with women who are sorry to say much less attractive than her.

    I realize now that a libra female can not handle a female who is prettier than her. Where as i love people and look deeply into who they are before deciding on friendship.

    I dont completely hate Libra girls but the few ive know are so insecure that it disruptes the fun to be had in life.

    Im not perfect, no one is. I have a bad ass temper and will chop someones head off with a straight face. i also spend too much money sometimes and i tend to make decisons with out thinking enough. But in recongizing my faults and owning up to them ive become a better person day by day. Ive begun to save more, think more before i do something and most importantly I try not to lose my temper at the drop of a dime these days. its about being mature and humble.

    I hope more libra read this because i think they may learn something from it. It may be harsh but thats life. I will admit when i wrote the intialy post i was heated and disgusted with Libra women but time has passed and my fire is not blazing any longer. So to all you Libra ladies (sorry i dont have much to say about the boys) I hope this post opens your eyes.


    I would like to be friends with my libra girls again but they need to understand that two pretty girls can have fun and not be in competition with one another.
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      Sun, April 2, 2006 - 9:02 AM
      Well, I have a male Libra friend and we were the greatest palls for many years. They are sort of laid-back and a nice counterpart to the Arian energy which is often intense and inwardly churning (when not outwardly on the go) in my case. He always had a glass of wine ang logical take on situations, completing the picture.
      However, He was a total jerk at picking love interests and had no discernment whatsoever. (Venus in Scorpio, a rough ride for a Libra). I tried to talk some sense into him on the odd occasion but it is always touchy to intervene. I even did it recently as he said he is now afraid of the dating scene. He is good looking with a keen sense of humour, owns a few properties and is a professional. But he also has a few kids in need of life-long psychiatric care because the mothers were certified crazies (with the hospital stays to prove it) and he had kids with such people! He was extremely unhappy when he lived with such women but nevertheless stayed on for years! I would almost take care packages to him.
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      Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Sun, April 2, 2006 - 9:18 AM

      I had a Libran male friend too. He decided we had nothing in common and therefore walked away from the friendship. I preferred to engage in DEEP conversation whereas he didn't. He was into the doom and gloom talk. I prefer to remain upbeat much of the time and yet remain reserved. He was into chess, I was not. It all depends. I think Librans look for getting something out of a friendship and if they can't understand where you're coming from or enjoy conversation they walk away. Remember they're the ones who weigh out the decision making and tip the scales. I'm sorry this happened to you though. I understand how it hurts to lose friends or aquaintences because I go through so many due to the intensity of my Scorpio moon and my emotions. Some people can take me and others can't. I feel hurt at first by it but then I pick up the pieces and move on. If that person has burned me really bad though, then they will hear from me again in a very subtle manner somewhere down the road, via messageboard, or whatever. They will know I've returned and whatever message I leave will be very subtlly directed towards them. For example I will post about a situation if the conversation started pertains to an incident this person put me through, without naming names. It's devious but it works! I'm in no way a maliciously mean person. If someone confronts me however, then I won't back down and I'll hand them the brutal truth about who they are and what they've done. I've had to do this confrontational thing with my male Libra former buddy. How I deal with a situation is entirely up to the situation itself. I remain calm much of the time.

      But most of the Librans I've encountered are all about "What do I gain from this or that?" In the end the decisions they make can be hurtful.
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        Sat, November 24, 2007 - 1:31 PM
        Wow, this thread is really interesting for me because I tend to make the most Libra friends and tend to lose the most Libra friends too. What I found about Libra guys is that they are flighty and superficial and tend to be easily addicted to something like alcohol or sex. They do not like you to disagree with them, and they are very self-absorbed. They can have false hope because they are too lazy to make positive changes in their world. Also, they are very self-absorbed. It is like "what can I get out of this?" before they do anything. Also, they will admit that they are over-critical of others and selfish with their time.

        Additionally, I noticed that Libras do like to have friends who are somehow "less than" they are. Either physically, or intellectually... they always like to be the Queen Bee or if it's a guy, they like to be the alpha. When a Libra crosses me the wrong way, it is not hard for me to get them upset considering they are so insecure and jealous of other people all the time. Perhaps its their perfectionistic streak. I'm so done with Libras.
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    Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Fri, April 21, 2006 - 5:40 AM
    I'm on the A/T cusp (April 20th), and I get along fabulously with Scorpios of both sexes, but I can't seem to click with Libras and there's no "spark" that they say you sometimes get with your opposite. I think they're scared of us and believe us to be too obnoxious for their refined tastes.
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    Fri, April 21, 2006 - 6:00 AM
    for the most part, my life does not seem to intersect libra so much, so really, it's not something i've given much thought to...BUT that said, in my experience the thing that has bothered me about libra is how traditional and conventional they are...they really do stick to the what's known...NOT take risks...and judge those who dad is a libra...and even if judgement does not come in his words, it certainly can be felt in his eyes and energetic if i tell him something he doesn't want to hear..i often get the vibe of "why can't you just be normal?" he tried to set me up on a date with someone just cause the guy was jewish and around my age...when i questioned my dad as to what he thought i might have in common with the dude, he could come up with nothing, got flabbergasted, and said "what's the harm in going on a date and having some fun?" this was more accusation than lighthearted prod...

    AND it happened while i was painting a 4' x 4' wall hanging for my current beau...because admittedly, my relationship is a bit unconventional...therefore, not a real relationship in my dad's my dad completely negated my existing relationship cause it didn't conform to his view, and figured "well, she should just go out with an accoutant, and everything will be fine!"

    and yeah, i realize the lines between libra and dad are a bit blurred here...but i have to think if he was an aries, sag, pisces, etc something like that wouldn't have happened....

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    Thu, July 12, 2007 - 10:30 AM
    I find this post too irresistable not to reply to

    Is there anyone out there who finds Libras boring as all hell, manipulative, fake and too judgmental?
    >Yeah, "boring" because they don't rock the boat like aries. Perhaps it is compensation for aries' inner boredom. Not being able to appreciate peace and tranquility and balance is actually more ignorant than boring is.

    Hmmm.. all signs are manipulative,in their own way. Perhaps libra is an easy scapegoat to target because they usually aredocileand do not make so much noise. But I have caught a few aries' manipulation strategies and theyare not pretty. In fact, i'd say they are sneaky.
    Onemanipulation stratgy is toblow their top and DEMAND people do things theirway.
    Oh, and as a libra whois aroundaries' women, I cant stand them; they do not understand what is compromise. Everything done for their benefit is neverreturned. Big baby aries thinks she has the prerogative to have everything her way at theexpense ofothers. Libra gives in for years,andone day justditches her for being a self centred bitch.
    Aries loves to pretend theywant your company when they want you to dosomethingfor them.sneaky,sneaky.

    A gung ho attitude makes not someone less fake.
    Selfcentred people arethe fakest.

    Who can't help being judgemental when they feel their rights taken from them and not honoured?
    It takes a demanding one not to judge because they don't use their head first.
    Libra judges with regards to others and oneself.
    Aries judges with regard to oneself.
    Which is fairer?

    It's creepy the way they do anything to avoid conflict.

    Perhaps thriving on conflict can make people physically ill. Libra knows that.
    Also, when all is said and done, alot of conflict in retrospect is not worth it and could be done in a more pleasant manner.

    perhaps not physically but mentally - detachment is beautiful. advocates for peace radiate harmony and love
    that is beautiful.
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    Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Thu, July 12, 2007 - 10:50 AM
    Welp, Luna don't fret. You are not alone in your feelings about Libras. I feel the same way you do, and infact, I feel that way about air signs in general.

    Not to mention, every Libra I've dealt with is a sociopath and definitely unbalanced. It may explain why they're so drawn to fields like psychiatry and law...they're crazy themselves, and they're also liars and devious enough to be lawyers.
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Thu, July 12, 2007 - 2:19 PM
    Well...if I have to go by statistics(haha), about half of the libras are my best budds and half of them are my arch enemys. I dont find them manipulative. I think im too manipulative and "knowing of human nature" to be manipulated. I use my powers for good only ofcource and to fight evil. Like for instance, these air signs have a tendency to bite at you if they are pissed for whatever. So I wait five minutes and then sincirely apollogize for whatever it was and lay it on a bit thick. They'll feel bad and apollogize and say "oh no it was my fault, I shouldnt have said that blablabla etc" :P

    Anyways, I like these guys. They are a bit on the feminine side, wich is entertainment for me ofcource since im not :P My rommate is a libra. So I get kind of a "behind the scenes" look.
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Thu, July 12, 2007 - 2:21 PM
      I've read alot about communiation and human nature lately. Were basicly all the same, and react the same way. Astrology just kinda adds colors to that personality baseline.
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        Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Fri, April 10, 2009 - 5:00 AM
        The simple way to look at it is there are introverts and extroverts.
        Emotional introverts, Thoughtful introverts, Social extroverts and Action orientated extroverts.
        All types are still subject to a bad upbrigning, bad attitude, low moral/morale and inferiority complexes.

        Libras are most likely to have low morals but not all of them
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Wed, July 18, 2007 - 5:06 PM
    I gotta disagree on this. I love Libras. Yeah they bore me at times, but they have all the qualities I lack, and when I interact with them I find them being more like me and vise versa. Sometimes I need a break from all the beautiful shit they surround themselves with cause the clutter drives me bonkers, but they show me how to have more class and not behave like such a man (and I am female, in case your checking).

    Libra men on the other had confuse me. I get really annoyed with the delay in making any decision!!!!!!!!!! They have to weigh out all the options and even those that don't exist, that gets to me a bit. But they are sincere, and the avoidance of confrontation teaches me to slow my hot ass down.

    All in all, I think they are rather a likeable lot.
  • OH!!funny funny funny

    Thu, August 2, 2007 - 5:10 PM
    I have met so many types of libras its ridiculous but I dont really find any of what you guys are saying to be of any truth at all about them. I have never met a manipulative libras in any sense of the word i think they are very honest in the way they approach things. Althought I dont think its true that they are always so peace loving I think they like to stir the shit just like everyone else does, I know a libra guy that says things that I originally only thought an aries would ever say, I dont know why they turn the pages and end up cursing at you or making up these exaggerated comments but its down right funny kind of makes me laugh lol But than they will change on a dime and become something completely different thats the only thing that is absurd to me how they can be one way this second than totaly the opposite in the next although i really do appreciate having them around because they are very calming and soooooo hilarious. Girl libras are quite like Male libras I find and I think their "cutting remarks" comes from sheer boredom rather than trying to cause hurt or any type of pain I just take it as it is when im dealing with alibra, because he/she will most likely be different tomorrow lol And who said libra's were boring? that is like nothing I have ever heard about libras they can keep me interested for hours and I dont know where they get their mouths from but they tend to talk a lot anyways though I find they can talk so much its hard to say anything at all in a situation with them a little give and take goes a long way!!:P
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Sun, August 5, 2007 - 6:12 PM
    I am a Libra
    and what can i say.

    yes i am very indecisive (not always)

    but i do know that my best friend is aries and i am very loyal to my friends.

    my last relationship was with an aries girl and she was wonderful ( she rock my world)
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Mon, August 6, 2007 - 1:30 AM
      Timo, my scandinavian bretheren! :-) Rockin up north with da vikings! Suomi power ;P

      Signed Kjetil, norwegian doggcrapp ;-)

      Anyways, don't take it to heart. It's general sign bashing. If you dont judge people, yo will be liked. Insecurity and indecisiveness is not really a problem. From what I've experienced with my buddys, youre indecisive for like 10 seconds max.

      My buddy is pretty decisive for a libra. He's aware of his indecesiveness. So when he have to equally good options to choose from, he visualizes the choses with one option in the left hand and one option in the right hand. He allways chooses the option in the left hand. Why? Because he is right-handed. Go figure.
      • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Mon, August 6, 2007 - 1:37 AM
        I guess we all have bad qualities related to our sign. Only we se them as positive. Confident, desicive, honest. Positive right? Put in a different light, I can probobly be pretty obnoctious to some when the aries narsisitic tendencies emerge and I decide what is best for everyone or if im a bit blunt and cockey with my humor. Im glad I learnt about this with astrology so I can controll my behaviour better.
        • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

          Mon, August 6, 2007 - 9:53 AM
          hi Kjetil
          you guys are great friends to me.

          i learn a lot from my aries friends.

          and the aries girl who have my heart. i hope to see her someday (she is american and is now again in the states)

          sorry if my english grammar is not 100% correct. i am still learnin
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Mon, August 6, 2007 - 4:46 PM
    People tend to be very needy to the air signs.ask yourself why you need that part of interaction..

    i've found scorpio to be all of those qualities.the reason i would ever ''need'' to know is cause i find them calculating, self-serving and untrustworthy..also, they are destructive by i'd like to know what the plan of destruction will be and what i will be losing trough this..they always seem to have bad intentions.i trust a libra's intentions but dont appreciate the stubborn advice giving.

    you know how you deal with it..tell them what bothers you, if they dont comply, stop talking to them for a while.if they still dont have that respect you seek, dont bother with the person..
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      Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Tue, August 7, 2007 - 6:29 AM
      hey im darth vader and i think your findings are poor... but its fun to bash scorpios cuz its always sounds smart right ?

      the scorpios you talk about have no ego, no guts and no personality.. thats all.
      • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Tue, August 7, 2007 - 8:36 AM
        "its fun to bash scorpios cuz its always sounds smart right ? "

        I am expressing my opinion here.I won't lie, I've teased before but in the presence of those who said nastier things..

        I acknowledge the importance of all things but it doesn't mean i'm a fan.

        You can disagree but don't try to control me on expressing my opinions..
        • Unsu...

          Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

          Thu, August 9, 2007 - 9:46 AM
          im not trying to controll you (show me where did i tried to do that) and i also cant controll your expression on the internet.
          you on the other hand give a non objective perspective at a public forum about a certain group. hmm...
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            Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

            Thu, August 9, 2007 - 9:51 AM
            Most people's perspective on here isn't objective. It is an astrology board.

            I think Nikkie makes a lot of good points though about said group. I think said group has a hard time accepting or looking further into her meanings, and they wanna be judgemental or make personal attacks.
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              Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

              Thu, August 9, 2007 - 10:42 AM
              well why do you think so.
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                Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

                Thu, August 9, 2007 - 10:46 AM

                and what does nikkie says about the sayd group that the sayd group do that has to do with what i do?
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                  Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

                  Thu, August 9, 2007 - 10:48 AM

                  You may not apply to what she says, or you may. It all depends on your perspective and how you view yourself, but it doesn't make what she says any less relevant.

                  Anyways, I'm not gonna post it here. It's not really relevant to the topic here about Libras.
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                    Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

                    Thu, August 9, 2007 - 11:13 AM
                    ``but it doesn't make what she says any less relevant.´´
                    and then
                    ``It's not really relevant to the topic here about Libras.´´

                    i dont get this.

                    if it all depends on my own perspective then where is the truth.
                    ``I think said group has a hard time accepting or looking further into her meanings, and they wanna be judgemental or make personal attacks. ´´
                    what does it have to do with me or with what she sayd, please answer.
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Mon, August 6, 2007 - 7:18 PM
    i am a Libra girl - october 10
    and i dont think all libra woman are fake and manipulative

    sorry if you had a bad experience with another libran :(

    Greetings from a friendly Libran
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Wed, August 8, 2007 - 9:09 AM
    my best girlfriend is a Libra and I don't see any of those things in her. She's genuine, honest, kind, loyal. A little unreliable, but that's nothing I can't deal with. Pretty too, but I don't really see what physical beauty has to do with it.
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Fri, August 10, 2007 - 12:47 PM
      I know a few Librans but I'm not close to them. They're very charming to everyone. A little too damn charming, I wouldn't trust one. There is a lot of bitching about them on Astrology boards. I always thought people with such a refined sense of 'fairness' would be LOVED. Great people for fun and small talk, but for the tough shit I don't know.
      • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Sat, August 11, 2007 - 7:56 AM
        My dear Libra friend has been around for me through some tough stuff, and she's great to talk to about nothing and everything. Definitely charming, but I have never detected any fakeness about her.
      • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Fri, August 17, 2007 - 5:12 PM
        Actually, They are very smart but a little forceful in their ways.It's sort of a ''my way or the highway' type deal.Sometimes, I think they may feel like they are losing their own self through others when the other doesn't take their advice.

        Now as for the charming.I'm sorry but that's a scorpio thing.They are great at twisting things and playing the emotional manipulation card.Libra tends to want to do for the whole crowd , scorpio only cares for itself.

        One thinks the big picture is most important and the other thinks it is the big picture..I can see how these two energies may conflict..
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          Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

          Sun, August 26, 2007 - 8:53 AM
          I grew up with two Libra grandparents, they worked for perfect balance........bust ya bum and put you in your place right real quick then balance it out by lovin ya to death later on. I loved them to death and have a great feeling of peace towards Libra's but when I stop and look around me......I don't see many in my life.......maybe it was just the grandparent thing that drew me to them and now on my own I don't "balance" with them too well so they are not my friends. Now I am gonna be on the lookout for Libras and test all the thoughts everyone has expressed. A new science project for an long you think I will be able to stick with it before I get bored and move on?
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            Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

            Sun, August 26, 2007 - 9:51 AM
            It's not about's about smothering and pushing up on you. I've had too many Libras want to cling to me instantly b/c they feel attracted, and I'm not feeling that way at all. The more they push, the more turned off and weirded out I get. It's not that I wanna do the chasing, but I don't wanna be smothered and pushed either, especially when there isn't any chemistry on my part.
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          Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

          Fri, March 27, 2009 - 6:30 PM
          I was watching this youtube video about these two ex-wrestlers talking about steroids.

          the cancerian guy was preaching about how steroids need to be stopped. The liban guy kept saying safe answers like "it depends".
          The cancerian guy got all wound up and actually started saying "YOU NEED TO STOP SITTING ON THE FENCE!"

          Quite funny since the most common description of a libran is that they sit on the fence with opinions
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Sun, February 17, 2008 - 10:13 PM
    I happen to have high admiration for Libras. All of my best bosses were Libras. They were aways very fair and fun and open. My current boss is a Libra and although he is a bit lazy, he tries to be good. He is also young, so he has much to learn. My daughter is a Libra and she is really nice. She was a very sweet little girl growing up and people tried to take advantage of her, so she has hardened up a bit, but underneath she is like butter. AND she is very pretty and always takes great care of herself. My younger brother is a Libra and although he has made some very bad decisions in his life. He tries mostly to do the right thing. I like Libras. It feels strange to hear so many horror stories. Now Taurus on the other good mostly. Every Taurus that I have ever met lies at the drop of a hat. And they always try to make themselves out to be so much better, smarter, richer, luckier than everyone else. And they are fickle. I don't know why folks always think that they are steadfast. Steadfast ass-holes. But Libras are alright.
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      Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Fri, March 27, 2009 - 6:41 PM
      Hell no!

      Libra bosses make social bosses. they're awful!!

      with Libra bosses they have favouritism and hypocrisy. It's not who works the hardest, or is the most useful to the company, it's whoever talks and chats to them the most. I have a fat lazy Libra boss in work and I really rebel against her in any way I can.

      I have another boss in work whos a Capricorn. they are the true leaders. Lead by example, hard work, commitment and no favouritism bullshit. F***ing Librans! The capricorn boss also has a good sense of humour whilst the Libran boss just laughs at other peoples misfortune and always has to talk in this "I know everything" way.

      And I'm not exaggerating
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Mon, February 18, 2008 - 1:23 AM
    Too me, balance does not mean neutrality or not swaying ether way. The libra balance seems to be more like: "For every minute of nice, I have to be a fuckin asshole for one minute too." And you absolutely LOVE dominating people. It's just something I have observed over the years and discussed behind backs =)
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      Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Mon, February 18, 2008 - 8:22 AM
      LOL...the funny thing about Taurus people is that most Taurus people don't get along with each other or like each other, but I always love to watch their interactions because the way they get on each other's nerves is hysterical! I mean it's really quite comical.
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    Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Mon, March 31, 2008 - 5:38 AM
    Air sign bashing, eh? Sounds fun.

    My father is a Libra Sun, my sister is a Gemini Sun. Treachery wielded with charm, double standards, hypocrisy. My mother is an Aries Sun who is more like an Air Sign, continually buffeted like a leaf between the two.

    One of my best friends in the world is a Libra Sun. I don’t know her birthtime. My dark nights of the soul frighten her, though she would never point it out. So, we usually talk of sunnier climes, I make her laugh at her level. And she's most comfortable talking about troubles.

    The last romantic relationship I had was with a Libra Sun. He was sympathetic and could make the socially appropriate noises, but he could never feel for another person, as another person. Self preservation and image was everything to him – it was always about how good he came out if it looking to everyone else. Could never set himself momentarily outside of an equation nor risk being hated, even if it were for the other person’s own good.

    He wanted to be close to me, but didn’t want to get in deep and dirty. How do you play with fire if you insist on keeping your distance and some fixed idea of ‘freedom’? They’re only enamoured of surface beauty and superficial ‘refinement’.
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      Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Mon, March 31, 2008 - 6:12 AM

      "And she's most comfortable talking about her own troubles."

      They should have an edit feature on posts!
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        Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Mon, March 31, 2008 - 7:34 PM
        I think someone else made the point about the Libra willingness to be helpful. Oh, YES.

        It’s out of a self righteous sense of civic duty. NEVER make the mistake of taking it personally and thinking it’s about you. Liking you is beside the point!

        Their “love” is impersonal. They can’t or won’t differentiate between lovers, friends and acquaintances. Or if they do, they’re too polite (weak) to let you know how UN-important you really are to them.

        Subconsciously, they hope and are relieved that you just work it out on your own. I know Libras and Geminis better than they could ever HOPE to know themselves even if they are only wrapped up in themselves.
        • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

          Sat, April 5, 2008 - 1:31 PM
          I am a libra sun tho my sag mars and scorp venus add more depth...I work with hard to handle horses and dogs and have learned to make very quick decisions...also I am not a people pleaser, i won't say what people want to hear, my sister is an aries and we are seven years apart tho we are like twins, tho she is much more a people pleaser than me

          also i like depth in a relation...I don't have superficial relations with friends and with women i tend to give space and I rarely ever complain...its too bad libras are duncy sometimes but then again every sign has itsd moments...

          also i tend to get along with fire and water signs as long as they arent hypocrites, and liars, so since every sign can claim these traits then what is left, besides complaining...
        • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

          Tue, May 6, 2008 - 4:30 PM
          I think that "impersonal" aspect comes from the fact that they will always put theymselves first in relationships. It is their way or the highway. But first they will try to convince you do do everything their way. LOL
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Tue, April 22, 2008 - 10:46 AM
    Well well well - all this Libra bashing is just so interesting... I am a LIBRA and I must say I DO try to use my charm, wit, and social skills to achieve what I want out of life and situations. AND YES I ROCK IT in BED and HAVE NEVER EVER EVER disappointed any man who has shared it with me. Oh wait a minute I was told NO once by a SCORPIO but he was 55 yrs old and I am 40. Does that count.

    Also, I have always be caring, considerate, and gracious, never boring or judgemental. We are just indecisive most of the time and do not need to argue with others but as analytical people we can see many different outcomes and try to chose the best one.

    I think this is a close minded discussion
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Fri, April 25, 2008 - 6:10 AM
      Were polar opposites! Ocource it's a closminded and pretty biased discussion! :-) This thread is like a bar. Where you go to get a drink and complain about the wife. Not to be taken as law.

      Don't worry. Most libra are good people. Some just get on our nerves. Just like "stupid aggressive selfish insensitive assholes" - aries tend to get on your nerves ;-)

      It's a good thing you use charm, wit, and social skills to achieve what you want out of life and situations. The thing is - youre acting like someone youre not. I want you to act as if you've known me for six months. But you dont. You act like someone else and its transparent. Also called fake. But libra, unoriginality and fakeness aint exactly a new discovery. It's one of your weakness.

      But this is worst case ofcource. I like libras as a whole.
      • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Mon, September 26, 2011 - 11:23 PM

        "It's a good thing you use charm, wit, and social skills to achieve what you want out of life and situations. The thing is - youre acting like someone youre not."

        Interesting....How so? I want you to explain this one to me LOL because the last time I checked Aries are pretty good charmers as well ;) and are always themselves. So how is it that I couldn't use my charm, wit, and social skills to get what I want? That is apart of my characteristics therefore it is ME. So, I'm trying to understand what you meant by this.
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      Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Tue, May 6, 2008 - 7:12 PM
      I've actually learned to appreciate libra since I first posted. My sister isn't too bad, she was just messed up and going through a hard time in her life. My son is a Libra sun with Libra rising too. I think they have a very wonderful charm to them.
  • it's true, but libra is my rising and moon

    Fri, May 2, 2008 - 5:38 PM
    people say i'm so lucky to have that moderating my aries sun
    but i think the opposite is more to the point
    i'm lucky to be an aries so i'm not so into "making nice"
    and i have a "this far and no farther" aspect to my character
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    Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Tue, May 6, 2008 - 1:39 PM
    I don't know a lot about astrology or take it that seriously but the Libras I've known seem to want to rush VERY fast into relationships even before they've gotten to know someone.
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Wed, May 7, 2008 - 10:50 AM
      You're completely right they rush into a relationship and then the next moment they may rethink it and decide that it is not what they want.....and then after deciding that they don't really want it they might reconsider again..... lol
      And the Libra usually doesn't want to hurt the person and sometimes they just stay with the person because they feel bad that they cannot make up their mind and they're so afraid to tell about their doubts...etc
      Libra's are so good at making everybody believe them, because they are sincere and they actually believe all the things they say(they even fool themselves) but they just change their minds and when that happens they're afraid to express that and rather disappear than confront.

      I've seen that happening with a lot of my Libra friends
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Tue, May 6, 2008 - 4:27 PM
    Libras drive me crazy and they are wishy washy when they are feeling unbalanced. But I must admit, they get under my skin if I'm "feelin" them. I think you know what I mean. LOL
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Thu, May 8, 2008 - 2:35 AM
      Oooo speak of the little charming devils themselves. Sorry kids! I'm a Scorpion crashing the aries board but I saw this topic and couldn't resist.
      I've been seeing a Libra for a couple months. At first he laid it on so thick... compliments and such. I was highly suspicious but he almost smothered me with all of it. And we scorps don't mind a little smothering if we are into you ; ) Besides when I slipped into my darker moods he'd bring me out of them making me laugh and let loose. I'd honestly never felt so light hearted with someone before.
      WELL turns out the little shit was "charming" more then me. When I found out I blew up (scorpion jealousy) and told him it was done. But oh no... he poured it on thick again. "I promise it meant nothing... your the only one for me". *sigh* I gave him another chance after a couple weeks of his manipulative BS. Just this weekend I found out he bought another girl a very expensive present and invited her for a weekend away after he told me he was sick. He's fake, a liar, and thinks nothing but of himself.
      I've yet to tell him what I've learned but I assure you I WILL let him know in no uncertain terms that we are through. Oh and little miss thang that he's taking out... she's gonna find out he's two timing too cuz I'm going to tell her myself. HA!
      It makes me miss my Aries man. He was a handful and we fought like no other but at least he was up front with me. That man didn't know how to tell a lie.
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        Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Thu, May 8, 2008 - 5:23 PM

        I'm an Aries with a Scorpio moon and I understand right where you're coming from. I like the lightness the Librans provide. There's a certain Sagittarian on the Scorpio board that is bad mouthing Librans left and right and I'm glad Allan removed the posts. I hadn't been online much lately as I'm really drained on my energy levels due to the earths energy shifts and these tribes are seemingly no longer serving much of a purpose to me. I'm not into knitpicking and pissing matches about what is what anymore. These little arguments online are nothing but trivial surface BS and I'm done with it all. This certain Sagittarian male is a Scorpio poser though and I'm frankly really sick of his crap. There isn't anything wrong with Libran energy! My TF is a Scorpio and has his Venus in Libra and I love that position. Who could ask for a better placement than that! Venus is about love and happiness and it rules Libra! Librans are nice people! I like them and I've spiritually evolved enough to learn to appreciate everything they have to offer this world.
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          Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

          Thu, May 8, 2008 - 5:55 PM
          My mind is in and out.....Like I said, I'm drained on energy. Mel? I like Libra's I respect them and I'm sorry you had a rough time with one, and maybe for YOU Libra's aren't good. I don't like bashing Libra's!

          I'm done posting on TRIBE for a while. I have to focus my energies on more positive things. I don't care fot the pissing matches and the negative energy going on.

          Like I said, there's an energy vampire on Tribe who's caused a lot of crap behind the scenes and I'm not gonna waste my time with him anymore. He no longer exists.
          • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

            Thu, May 8, 2008 - 11:43 PM
            I'm not bashing Libras in general. Yes I had an unpleasent experience with one and feel justified in being angry.
            It was the good side of Libra that drew me in in the first place. As I said he lightened me up quite a bit and that was a first. But at the same time as he was basically sweet talking and manipulating me into letting my guard down. My bad. I have big shoulders and I take responsibility for allowing it. Not to mention he'll think twice once I'm finished with him.
            Perhaps you're right about Libra's not being for ME as I have a lot of Scorpio in my chart and hardly any air. But that hardly excuses the way he treated me with such coldness no matter what his sign.
            Every sign has a dark side and being a Scorpio I know ALL about darkness and shadows.
            Obviously Libras dark side clashes heavily with me.
            I just have no respect for insensarity . I do not have the capability of understanding why a person would go so far out of his way to "woo" me and not take it seriously. Why bother? I simply do not get it.
            • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

              Fri, May 9, 2008 - 12:55 PM
              I was under the imression that this post werent serious at all. I mean, half of my group of friends are libras. Two girlfriends with libra moon! Both named Liv, and they came right after each other in "line of girlfrieds", broke up with both because it became longdistance relationships. Oh the oincidence, the irony :-P
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        Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Fri, March 27, 2009 - 7:30 PM
        You reminded me of a story mel

        Gather round, uncle reemus has a story.

        I remember this smoking hot scorpio blonde girl that I hugely fancied and we were sort of friends for a while.
        This Libra guy also fancied her but I knew immediately his intentions and hers.
        So, me being the typical Taurus I didn't bother making too much of an effort to win her over and she went for the trendy Libra guy.
        No hard feelings, her choice.
        couple of days later, met the Libra guy in a cafe and he goes on telling me about how amazing she was in bed and that shes intense e.t.c.

        He goes "Awww, shes awesome. better than that girl and this girl I had the other night." The guy was just sleeping with any chick he pulled.
        A week later and the beautiful scorpio girl is terribly heartbroken and the Libran guy doesn't know what he's done wrong.

        I've heard numerous Libra guy, Scorpio girl stories just like this. It's kinda funny how cliche it's become to me
      • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Mon, September 26, 2011 - 11:17 PM
        Girl. I'm so sorry you dealt with that. I'm a Libra and I THINK when I was a teenager I was with a Libra male but not sure. However, My dad is one and he can be crazy. They can be manipulative just like any other man. A man, is a man in my opinion LOL Aries men are definitely tough to deal with, but no one irked me more than one of the Scorpio men I dated. He was just too possessive and bossy. Possessiveness is a scary thing to a Libra. We love to have a partner but we do like to have a LITTLE space.
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Wed, June 11, 2008 - 8:59 PM
    now i'm going to let you have it, dear aries. i am that libra you're talking to...

    i may be boring at times. i'm just thinking of what to do next while i'm resting. manipulative? wtf isn't? ANY woman will try to manipulate the situation but i've found that Virgo women are fools for this sort of thing. it really makes them look bad.

    i avoid conflict b/c it makes me physically ill to go into something negative knowing i have to depend on me to get myself out of it. yes, physically. it's just not in my nature to be mean and crass. and most libras are beautiful in their own way. just like most people period are beautiful in their own way.

    it seems to me you're stereotyping us...
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Wed, June 18, 2008 - 6:47 PM
    "It's creepy the way they do anything to avoid conflict." this is a bad statement... who likes CONFLICTS? well libra are peacemakers (but this is a good qualification dont you think so... think about the Pope John Paul II (a libra himself)) I dont understand why "AVOIDING CONFLICTS ARE BAD" for you Lunasky. Are you with Bush by creating wars.... maybe you love WARS. right see it right now who is the judgemental person here?? you are just judging libra people! Every libra person is different... I am libra/scorpio moon and I dont like superficiality and I am not a manipulative person (I have good intentions on doing things that I care about) I like to make love and peace! do you want a nuclear bomb!! you can shoot a libra right now if you want!! do you crave for it?? haha just check yourself before posting something like this.
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Thu, June 26, 2008 - 8:23 PM
      Hmmm, I'm Libra/Scorpio cusp and Scorpio Rising so I have my Libra moments where I have to think everything out and weigh it all. I don't tend to react emotionally especially to emotion. On the other hand, I can be very Scorpio and God help anyone who flips that Scorpio switch because that Scorpion tail will whip right up and sting the crap out of them before they knew what happened. I don't hide what I am or lie. Why bother? Complete waste of time. Life's too short and we're all too different so if people don't agree with me, c'est la vie.

      Now, about Aries. I have an Aries brother with whom I'm very close. We seem to always be in synch even though we are very different. When we were young, we'd fight, but if someone else went after one of out. We'd both gang up on the person. That is the Scorpio in me, I guess.

      In addition, I've had a best friend who is Aries for 29 years. We always called ourselves mirror twins which suprisingly we probably are astrologically. I never felt competitive with her and I don't think she felt that way with me. We are very opposite in what we like in men (she also likes women just as well and I'm just not into it but never cared that she was). As a matter of fact, she wrote an essay about coming out as bi at one of my parties and all I said was, "We knew that. Do you want me to scope out some chicks for you?" LOL She did have to explain to me when a woman was trying to hit on me though because I was clueless. But, we were extremely tight and I wouldn't give her up for anything including my toxic boyfriend Bob or my soul mate (an Aquarian). My friendship with her ended my relationship with toxic Bob when he didn't want me to be friends with her. My soul mate was much wiser and learned to like her. We still have this uncanny ability to simply be in the same place at the same time (say D.C or MI when I live in FL and she now lives in S.D.). Of course there are times we blow up because she's Aries and I have so much Scorpio in me, but the solar flare up calms down and we go back to being best friends. She's great the way she is and I wouldn't change anything about her. She is beautiful inside and out.

      I have another Aries friend that I've had for at least eight years. She's larger than life, fun, funny and fiery. That is exactly what makes her so appealing. I love that she doesn't find my bluntness harsh (not that I ever direct that at her because I don't). She's very matter of fact herself and not afraid of the truth. I'm okay when she's emotional over a breakup or something else and she's okay when I have to go off alone for long periods of time and regenerate. We just know these things about each other. I'll tell you one thing though, she used to work for me and when another manager tried to attack her I went after him with all the facts and shut him right down. Could she have defended herself? Of course, but I was her manager and it was my job to protect her. Besides, no one tries to hurt my friends without meeting the Scorpion tail. If she wants to beat their ass too, no problem.

      I will say though that I have a Libra friend (one of many Libra friends) who married an Aries and I have to wonder why. It seems like constant wanting to change him. It drives me crazy. And she does act passive aggressive with him. I call her on it. I guess I missed the part where you weren't supposed to just say what you mean? On the other hand, he married her so he must like it. It's not my type of relationship, but I don't have to live with either one of them! :o)

      Oh, and I've never dated an Aries. Only Aquarians for me and only one week of Aquarians at that. Nothing indecisive about that.
      • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Fri, June 27, 2008 - 6:25 AM
        Good complementarity is the best, always.
        Who needs another you. If you have found you, you are already there.
        • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

          Sat, June 28, 2008 - 5:39 AM
          I guess the one thing that really annoy me about my libra roommate, outside from the bad moods, is that he likes to try to put sticks in my wheels and I get the feelings that he is insincere alot. he usually talks to my dates about me when I'm not around. "You know... hes a flirt. he sees different girls."

          Fortunately, because I am allways 100% honest upfront and tell girls that I'm dateing a couple of girls, though nothing serious yet - he cant ruin anything for me.

          But still... annoying. And I am shure I annoy him too.
          • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

            Sat, June 28, 2008 - 5:42 AM
            Though for the most part we get along greate. Forgive and forget his flaws is what I do. It's just the way he is.

            Fun to hang out with though. I represent the manliness testosterone male, and he is like the most metrosexual straight guy I know :-P
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Tue, July 1, 2008 - 9:20 PM
    Thank god for this post! I'm an Aries w/Cancer rising and I always thought it was a little weird that the only two people I've really hated for no apparent reason when I first met them were the two known Libran hetersexual females that have crossed my path in my 30 years of life. Okay, one of them happened to be my boyfriend's ex and the things he told me about her sound like the stereotypical Libran. She left him after two years of living with him to be with another guy (and she didn't even break up with him, she just said, "i've been thinking about someone else" and my boyfriend was the one to actually suggest breaking up. To this day he's not sure if she cheated on him, but friends say she did...) and while they dated she never let him leave the house without her first "approving" of his outfit, and she spent hours in the bathroom to put on lots of eye makeup every time she left the house. My boyfriend's mom called her a "Barbie Doll". When we ran into her one evening in our neighborhood (in NYC!) I wanted to punch her in the face, ha ha ha. Not just because she was my boyfriend's ex (i've met his other ex's before and I've never cared, some I've even liked) but because she came off as so incredibly fake and insincere. When she saw me with my boyfriend (her ex) she looked at me like a deer in headlights and said, "OH, so NICE TO MEET you." Clearly she didn't act happy to meet me, which I found odd because I know she's emailed my ex to tell him how happy she was for him now that he was in a good relationship with me. Is this post making sense? Anyway, trust me, I'm Cancer rising, I can read people's emotions like headlines, lol. Libran heterosexual females have just RUBBED ME THE WRONG WAY. I'm sure there are exceptions and sorry for those Librans who feel the need to defend their sign (which is such an insecure gesture on their part ;) but I just need to VENT. I know I have my issues, and uncanny agreement to stereotypical Aries and Cancer traits (good and bad). I just hate Libras.
    • But Homosexual Librans are great!

      Tue, July 1, 2008 - 9:23 PM
      Oh, I forgot to add that the strange thing is that I've also met and worked with at least two lesbian Librans and I LOVE them! I got along really really well with them and it was easy to share a deeper level of understanding with them, more so than with others. After finding out that they were Librans, it made sense since they are the opposite of Aries, perhaps the two can be perfect companions when it's a homosexual union.

      Anyway, that's my two cents. It at least makes me feel better to read this, that maybe there's a reason for disliking my boyfriend's ex so much, and it's not me just being a crazy jealous insecure girlfriend :P
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Sat, November 15, 2008 - 12:53 PM
    I know a whole handful of Libras
    My best friend happens to be a Libra (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus!) Crazy stuff. She's not judgmental at all, nor is she manipulative she happens to be very light hearted and sweet. Among the others I know, some are very loud and boisterous, and others can be really quite snobby. Generally I have nothing against Libras, they're just a sign of the Zodiac like anybody else. There's a million other things that make up a person, not just their sun sign.
    -- P.S but from experience, I do know them to be very loyal, and my best friend would stand up for whatever she believed in - in a heart beat. There's no telling her to shut up when she feels something is unjust. Also, even with me, when there was a whole bunch of drama instead of saying "oh no, don't do anything it's not right" she was right there beside me yelling and screaming and backing me up. All in all I love that girl to death.
    But different people just mesh well with others and some personalities conflict.
    Just to say, I'm a Sun Sign Taurus (Moon&&Venus in Aries) and I cannot stand Capricorn, even though we're both Earth Signs.
  • Unsu...

    Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Tue, March 17, 2009 - 1:24 PM
    Hello. I'm not an Aries or a Libra.

    Surprised about the amount of hate Libras get. This post comes out and a whole army of Libra haters felt the satisfying urge to vent their dislike.

    My opinion is a bit more complex..... and more analytical.

    Everybody in life looks for someone they can gain something from or enjoy something about that person that they may lack.

    For me, Libra women have nothing to offer me. Libra men do in terms of inspiration, entertainment and a unique perspective at times.

    I find that fantastic traits come from the men but for the women it all goes a bit......... plastic.

    Libra moon isn't so bad. The moon sign governs the emotions so a Libra moon makes people very freindly and intelligent.

    I don't like aloofness in people. I would consider myself to be a mirror. I observe the person first and react in the same way they act to me so that it's fair and equal.

    Libra women act aloof and stuck up when they first meet guys so my immediate reaction is to blank them out like they don't exist.
    Therefore, Libra women hold no importance to me but I'm sure their good for other people.
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Thu, May 26, 2011 - 3:11 AM
      'For me, Libra women have nothing to offer me. Libra men do in terms of inspiration, entertainment and a unique perspective at times.

      I find that fantastic traits come from the men but for the women it all goes a bit......... plastic. '

      ^^you're right on the money with that one, especially with your remark about Libra women acting all 'aloof' and you freezing them out as a response. good perspective you've got there. are you a scorpio? I know Libra women are notoriously attracted to scorpio men, especially if they have a placement in scorp...however, i've recently witnessed an incident (perhaps that's what made me a bit biased when i gave my opinion on the 'flirty' Libras) which made me downright sick...Libra girl, Scorpio dude....he's got a girlfriend (Cancer), Libra chick is all over him...LITERALLY. Jumping up and down, dancing with him, taking his hands, sitting next to him. He barely talks to her and avoids her like the plague, pretty embarrassing :)))

      best line ever- Libras have nothing to offer.

      I would really appreciate of you guys (fellas, i mean) gave your honest opinion on Libra women, how they acted in your relationship, what you perceive them like, etc. Perhaps i have a wrongly construed image? Please don't come with 'libras are nice and sweet'...WE ALL ARE.

      and one more thing- always heard Libras have a tendency towards frigidity...this in response to the lady in an upper comment who described herself as sexual napalm. Men talk, and my male friends who have dated or are in relationships with Libra women have told me the following:

      -not kinky enough
      -lazy; imaginative, in the sense that they put on the whipped cream and chocolate sauce act, but nothing more.
      -dishonest; cannot communicate with the partner and suggest they prefer a specific thing, or understand the partner's need; would rather do it in one position only if that's everything that satisfies them.
      -no dirty talking, no noises, no nada.

      I guess that's why scorpio males aren't into Libras that much....

      • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Mon, September 26, 2011 - 11:05 PM
        I dated TWO Scorpio men and I couldn't run fast enough LOL I'm not attracted to them but for some reason they are attracted to me. They are too anal and too conservative for my taste. Best relationship was with a Gemini and now an Aries.
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Thu, March 26, 2009 - 4:49 PM
    WOW!!!! Did not know Libras were hated so much!

    Well I am a Libra (don't kill me), and a lot of what has been said about Libras is not true. In fact, whats been said could be said about all people/signs in general. For me, Libras are not as bad as many of you think. It's really all a front to protect ourselves. If you can get past all that shit, you are cool with most Libras and will have a true friend for life. However, if you are quiet, shy, easy to hurt your feelings, etc., you many have a time getting alone with Libras as we are extreem in many ways and many people find it gross. I While I believe in the Zodiac, I do not use the zodiac to determine how a persons behaves, as I know some of what is said about various signs are not always true but can be some what true.

    You can not base a few bad experiences on one sign. I have had some bad experiences with all signs. I think it is ones level of growth that influence their behavior. So some of the things that happend to you guys with a Libra, does not mean all Libras are bad, all people are not bad. As you live and grown older, you should learn how to deal with people in general better. Could you guys have made mistakes in your friendship with your Libra? I am a Libra and I am to old to lie, be insecure, be passive aggressive. I go by a feeling I get from within when meeting people. If I get a bad feeling I don't say, "we can't be friends." I just recognize we may not be close friends and I keep my distance and respect their boundries. If I feel good about a person I am welling to interact more, but I still set boundries with the people I like.

    Finally, as you get older you spend less time hurting people and even less time caring about who you hurt. If some one hurts you, shit, tell them ( that what adults do) and move on. You can say' "fuck you!" and still be best friends. To keep all that hurt in and write bad things about a person is a sign that you are still hurt and not ready to grow up. Just my two cents!

    I am very sorry that many of you had a bad experiences with a Libra.
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Thu, March 26, 2009 - 5:12 PM
      i wouldn't worry about it too much. :D fire signs are known for their passion, honesty and getting things off their chest. you know that libra is supposed to have the same sort of relationship as leos and geminis do... well check out a leo tribe thread on the gems. it has 104 replies!
      despite that and despite myself being a leo and openly critical of their faults, check out this thread and specifically the post third one down.
      i posted that link to the article but unsubscribed a while ago. so i would take it with a pinch of salt. at least you know what a fire person thinks (negative and positive), warts 'n' all.
      libras mean a lot to aries as gems do to leos but negative has to come along with the positive too.
    • Unsu...

      Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Fri, March 27, 2009 - 6:25 PM
      I go by a feeling I get from within when meeting people. If I get a bad feeling I don't say, "we can't be friends."

      There lies the answer that a lot of people don't know - the gut feeling. The instinctive feeling.

      Chinese astrology explains who you choose to get along with. it explains peoples outlook on life and who they look for to balance them out.
      that is the truth in relationships and a lot of people go with shallow calculated choices rather than natural choices.

      Check out universal tao system as it will explain better.
      • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Wed, April 1, 2009 - 11:41 AM
        Come to think about it, I only detest one libra and avoid another one. I love the rest of them though =) And there are many of them. I love libra!

        I noticed that when I had low self esteem, libras didn´t like me. Now that I have busted through limiting beliefs and have high confidence and feel super comfortable in my own skin, libras love me.

        Libras are your mirror. If you suck, they´ll treet you as if you suck. If you rule, they treat you like the king or queen you are :)

        People in general are mirrors. If you get treated bad, it´s because of you.
        • Unsu...

          Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

          Wed, April 1, 2009 - 12:02 PM
          Yup, thats my theory too.

          most people react to one another - like a mirror. Only a small portion of people do the pro-acting and they're the people that don't care what anyone thinks of them.

          You step on the bus acting like a jerk, everyone acts like a jerk to you back. Same applies to all the other emotions and actions
          • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

            Thu, April 2, 2009 - 8:06 PM
            It is all about polarity, apparently
            I like Libra.

            They seem to congregate to me or maybe I to them (that first statement was a fire sign speaking) as if it were the magnetic thing to do and then they hit a spot sort of and settle these.
            It simply happens matter of fact.

            I am supposed to be Pisces dominant but I never get Virgo. I only have one good Virgo friend.

            That means that I am more of an Aries

            I get a lot of Cancers to wade through too, when I think of it but that one is nefarious.
            There must be a strange hook on my chart.

            Cancer is in my Second House so I was told that they get a good feeling about me (told by a Cancer but I suspect that this being the Second House, they feel it is about getting something).
            However, I also have Uranus there and they land on it like bugs on an the electronic electrocuting device at the chalet.
            Shocking for crabs.
            It is quite surprising and messy....and eerie as the Erie Canal...this procession of splattered crabs....

            Does anyone else has this strange thing happening with Cancer.
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    Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Sat, April 4, 2009 - 11:11 AM
    I have a good friend that's a Libra and she's cool enough. I noticed that she asks how I'm doing but doesn't really listen and then goes on and on about her problems. She has a very hot temper too and gets emotional a lot. I can't say anything I'm Aries sun, Libra moon, Libra rising!!!!!!!!
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Fri, April 10, 2009 - 2:02 AM
    do u mean libra's as in ego or libra as in rising...cuz da libra u hate may have a sun in libra n somethin totally different in rising...but if ur talkin bout da sun libra girls...i do hate the lengths theyll go through to avoid conflict but at da same time i like it cuz no matter how mad i get whether i have a reason or not they do wut ever to calm me down
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Mon, September 21, 2009 - 8:48 AM
    I'm a Libra Sun/ Aries Moon/ Scorpio Rising, so screw all of you... :)

    Plus, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio. Hellion is right...

    See, i'm NOT indecisive (In fact i'm good for jumping in with both arms swinging, not a good thing). Passive-agressive ? Me? Either i'm passive, because i'm on probation and i'm not interested in going to jail, or i'm agressive, because i've decided that you're worth going to jail for! Simple. I DO NOT avoid conflict in the least. CONFLICT is my mother, and PASSION is my father, LOL!

    My sis is an Aries Sun, and we get along great. If anything, she's the one who's vain, i'm just arrogant. She's got the charm, i'm completely void of it. Were both assholes, but this is why i always got the label of "Smartass" growing up. Her assholery has a touch of charm to it, mine doesn't. So i always end up getting smacked for having a "Dirty mouth". She can even use her charm to butter people up, lord knows i can't, i couldn't be fake if i tried! :) But she can use her charm to word things in a nice way, and deliver bad news well. Whenever i have to tell someone something bad, i always get my sis to do it for me. I guess i'm tactless, but i somtimes can come off as brash and abrasive, even when i don't mean to be, and feelings usually end up hurt.

    I'm really not manipulative either, my sister is, but i'm not. I'm not one to use my feminine charms to get what i want, i'm more the "Beat the hell out of you 'till you spill" type... it doesn't always work!

    You rams wanna talk shit about Librans with Aries Moons, what about Arians with Libra Moons? God, what punk bitches they can be, if anything, THEY are the ones who avoid conflict....
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Tue, September 22, 2009 - 6:44 AM
      I know a few Aries Moons and they are much tougher and abrasive than me, a Pisces Moon.

      Only talking about one's sun sign really does not tell the whole story!
      • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Tue, September 22, 2009 - 4:54 PM
        I think we should all be friends and share the love:)
        • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

          Wed, September 23, 2009 - 7:27 AM

          I have this pet theory that we are more our Moon Sign, we humans being emotional-based creatures in spite of all our protest - though astrologers used to courtly reserve that one for for women.
          This solar Aries really knows how to blend in in everyday life and not create useless trouble and unless the Aries is baited, it peacefully sits in the pen devising new ways to revolutionise stuff and things.

          I should come with warning flares however because when push comes to shove, I fiercely stick to my guns.

          Linda Goodman said that the find the Aries was to look for the glint of the knight's armour, no matter how subdued.
          It is always there, she claimed.

          That is how one will find me.
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Wed, September 23, 2009 - 4:37 PM
    "I think we should all be friends and share the love:) "

    Aww, spoken like a true Aries, LOL!

    "I have this pet theory that we are more our Moon Sign, we humans being emotional-based creatures in spite of all our protest - though astrologers used to courtly reserve that one for for women."

    I do feel very much like an Aries sometimes, but i know it's in a different way than an Aries Sun, because it's emotional.

    Not for nothing, i am very emotionally triggered, and i think depending on which sign you have as a Moon, that depends on how strongly you will be ruled by it. An Aries Moon is a tumultuous one, emotional up and downs, with lots of fire attached. Plus, all the water in my chart amplfies this, because the water placements are mostly in personal planets.

    Also, because of all the water in is Scorpio, i always feel VERY closely tied to the sign of Scorpio, as well. My sis always says, that i might emote like an Aries, but i'm crazy like a Scorpio! Mercury, Mars, Pluto, and Ascendant are in Scorp for me. I have a Libra/Scorpio stellium starting in the twelth house and ending in the first. Sun conjuncts Mars, Mars conjuncts Mercury, Mercury conjuncts Ascendant, and Ascendant conjuncts Pluto. This is why i call myself a "LibraScorpion" at times.

    With all the Scorp and Aries in me, Libra VERY often gets pushed to the backround, but all in all i feel like a mix of Libra, Aries, AND Scorpio all rolled in one.

    This IS quite confusing if you can imagine, and this is why i hate astrology! :)
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Thu, September 24, 2009 - 6:37 AM
      I don't think that Aries are necessary love bugs but we let Kjetil have his say because he is a nice guy.
      I am very much my Moon Sign maybe also because it is my dominant feature according to classical astrology.
      It's just another tool.

      Just do your best, even when you feel that it does not make a difference and you can't see the result.
      In the medium and long run it does.

  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Sat, November 21, 2009 - 10:02 AM
    My closest friend was an Aries and she betrayed me; she wanted to usurp my life.

    This is how bad Aries are. As a Libra I would never do such a thing.
    Martian signs know what they're capable of. Winning? yes, go ahead and win, just dont step on toes or other people.

    Needless to say, that Aries fiend is now in my list of people to watch. Plus, absolut junk.
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Tue, November 24, 2009 - 11:09 AM
      wow, this thread is long!! good topic,

      Libras make me sick to my stomach, I'ma Leo Cancer cusp, that being said, they're a lot of fun too. I love them and hate them at the same time. At the moment I'm doing my best to stay away from them, must be the Cancer manifesting itself, but when I'm all Leo'd up, I'm all Libra, they make instant friends with me, more so I think than any other sign.

      But.. they are haters, they are insecure as I have seen, they are jealous and manipulative when it comes to trying to be the prettiest girl, they do make a scene of it, however big elephants and resentments are skated over and ignored until they find a way to finagle it into casual context. No direct confrontations here, they wanna be so damn smart but call them out and they're ready to smile and uncomfortably back down or appear to and then show their resentment in passive aggressive ways.
      • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Tue, November 24, 2009 - 11:11 AM
        My supposed best friend was/is/i dont' know right now of about 15 years-Libra always been able to call on her for companionship and the time of my life hittin the clubs, concerts, parties, etc. Underneath it all she secretly,( not so secretly because I'm a Cancer so I picked up on it, but perhaps more secret to her) she resented the uneven ratio of attention that I attracted during these times of our lives,

        Oh yeah they also copy off you, hairstyles, clothes, all Libra girls I've known have done that, go n get the exact same hairstyle as me. My besty would make no secret about it and get the exact same coat, sweater, pants, whatever... I did not mind I'm a Leo I thought it flattering, ha ha ha Anyway she secretly resented me so much that she would passive aggresively make sideways comments and play with my self value by trying to demean me or cause me shame, she would look for and amplify the bad things to me when she saw me feeling better than she did about her own self worth.. Long story short she slept with someone who I had considered a special guy, for me.. no scratch that the dirty nasty bitch (some Best friend right?) made him her out of town booty call probably still to this day-- we had dated a lot for about a year,years ago, but I always a place in my heart for this guy but we never slept together, doubled dated with her and her man, they were besties, yet she claimed when she did it she didn't think of me, that and the fact that she wanted to get back at her own man was her justification, in reality I know it was because of an undercover resentment or hatred even, of me and the attention I would get. mm mm mm

        Somehow I think this made her feel better when she would see people hitting on me to know that she was screwing my special guy..

        If that's not passive aggressive godamit I dont know what is.!!!

        SAD, huh?? Guess what?? When I called her on her bullshit she would try jump to out of her self and become the righteous one who says and does whatever to appease the situation, or just not say anything and look and act thoughtful and "remorseful"
        I don't think these crazy bitches are even honest with themselves, they never want to be seen as doing anything wrong, even when you say hay that was wrong, they want to fix it immediately or forget about it instead of trying to figure out what the fuzzle made them act that damn way in the first place so it doesn't keep continuing to happen... so yeah I'm on the fence about the Libra

        It seems we'll have a lot of thread venting about Libra because you can' t vent to their skittish asses, they won't allow you to, they can't handle it.
        • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

          Sun, November 29, 2009 - 10:43 AM
          You date a guy for a year with no sex? how is that even possible? I´m not criticizing. It´s jut that... it seems like a natural progression, don´t you think?
          • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

            Sat, December 5, 2009 - 11:22 PM
            sorry, I was a little young, and I'm a Cancer, we did a lot of other stuff, hot steamy wet kisses for instance, but I really did like him a lot, so it wasn't fair, and she offered that to me as an excuse "you never had sex with him", do you think she was right??
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Tue, November 24, 2009 - 9:40 PM
    God, this is becoming riduculously petty. Seriously, how dumb is it to hate someone because of their Sun Sign? It's the dumbest shit i've ever heard of.

    If anything, the phony, vain, catty, manipulative characteristics is something Libra AND Aries share... so it makes since that the two don't get along, whether Aries wants to admit it or not.

    Thank god we don't have petty bullshit like this on the Libra tribe. We just have out-and-out brawls at times, not this dumb shit. Anyone can have a fucked-up personality, regardless of sign, and if you people sit here and judge others by sun sign... then i pity you all for being so single-minded.

    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Sat, November 28, 2009 - 2:16 AM
      You sound just like a hatin ass Libra.. always talkin shit. You couldn't just say you didn't like it, you had to try to belittle everybody for being in here. If you weren't petty you would have keep that bullshit to yaself..

      • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Sat, November 28, 2009 - 10:05 AM
        First off, i never belittled ANYONE for being in here, i just said that the post was going to a petty, stupid place. Just voicing my opinion, why should that effect YOUR feelings torwards coming here?

        Secondly, DO YOU KNOW ME? No. So how the fuck do you know if i'm a manipulator? I was just saying what i feel, that has nothing to do with manipulation, i think you need to look up the actual meaning of the word.

        I realize i was very confrontational with my wording... i'm just naturally combative. But to get your feelings all hurt just because someone posted something YOU don't agree with, when the whole purpose of this post is to pin-point and put-down a certain group of people as a whole... is just ridiculous. If you post something negative in the first place, you SHOULD be prepared for retaliation later.
        • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

          Sun, November 29, 2009 - 4:39 AM
          Girl please, you are such a Libra..

          I don't care about your little hissy fit or your little Libra attitude, I know that in person you people bite your tongues mainly at the first sign of combat so get your workout here in the "typing" arena, I don't care.. And if you was to get into it person with someone like me I'm not gonna talk for long, I will probably smack fire from your ass.. that's it, that's all, nothing else to say after that shit..

          And I'm not interested in keeping this little "battle" going for too long.. I already had stated that Libras make my stomach turn, this is happening to me now.. So GoodBye to you Libra..

          Go away now,, I know you people like to keep arguments going just so I really suspect to just hear yourselves talk.. or type,, but I'm a doer dear as well as a thinker so all this disrespectful bullshit is lame in this unpersonal ass surrounding..,, you feel me??

          And hell no I don't know you and I don't want to know you..

          • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

            Sun, November 29, 2009 - 4:47 AM
            Well, are Libra's really good in bed, I've actually never heard that before, I've never had a Libra man either, what I do remember about a couple of Libra guys was that they were really affectionate very early in the game, and they were kinda supersensual if I remember correctly,, I do know that the women are real freaks. She's gotta have it type of thing..
          • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

            Sun, November 29, 2009 - 10:43 AM
            "Librans make your stomach turn"... What really makes you think someones Sun sign has that much influence on a person's true personality? "Oh, librans are jealous of me, oh, she copied my hair!" Cry me a fucking river! How old are you, 12! I'm 18, and i wouldn't even allow myself to get caught up in petty, immature bullshit like that. Any female can act that way, i had a Sagittarius female as a friend who acted the same way, some women are just like that. But i guess it's easier for idiots like you with no emotional intelligence to NOT look at the person and their life, to really figure out what triggers that type of behavior in them, and maybe even try to figure out why you attract such women.... No, you just blame a fucking zodiac sign. I guess when an Aquarius or a Capricorn screws you over, you'll be on their tribe insisting that they are the spawn of the devil, too, huh? Yeah, good luck raising children in the future...
            • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

              Mon, November 30, 2009 - 5:34 AM
              Lol, you know Aminah, you´re just feeding the fire ;) You looooove to argue :) You love the drama and you are addicted to being right. You loooove to have the "holier than thou" attitude. Why not just accept that some people have immature opinions and go on with your own life. You say it´s pathetic and stupit, yet you continue to contribute to it. You got sucked in! :)
              • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

                Mon, November 30, 2009 - 12:41 PM
                aminah has a head full of fire
                chill girl, chill ....
                • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

                  Sat, December 5, 2009 - 11:37 PM
                  Oh since Aminah has friends and a support system I guess I feel at liberty to continue to speak, don't kiss her ass and don't try to gang up on me on the sly, this whole damn thread is about cutting the crap, libras are so fucking stupid!!! So cut the mutherfuckin crap, thank you,

                  Aminah my advice to you is to stay out of astrology tribes if you don't want to find people who follow astrological influences,, dummy. And I do have a child sweetheart, a brilliant Gemini and yes I will use astrology as a guide to her behavior. If I said Libras were cute and smart you would be sucking it up instead of "sucking it in" or 'getting sucked in". And if you want fire you've come to the right place THIS IS AN ARIES TRIBE and I am a LEO, WE are MADE OF FIRE and are not afraid to use it bitch, as a matter of fact it's completely second nature.

                  You obviously have only done surface work on you sun sign's nature but if you ever need any more clarity, I will always be here to set you straight. Goodbye.

                  Now chill on that.
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                    Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

                    Sat, December 5, 2009 - 11:58 PM
                    And my stomach is even sicker than usual, yuck.
                    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

                      Sun, December 6, 2009 - 12:08 AM
                      Thanks a lot Libra!!

                      Now I need Alka Seltzer..

                      Don't get sucked in!

                      Have a nice day!


                      See ya later,

                      Still don't like you,

                      Still don't HAVE to like you,

                      AND I'm STILL a mature WOMAN who likes to be right AND get her point across.

                      *Don't you get that whatever you say does not matter nor will it take away how I feel and the 75 % of this thread that voted and concluded that Libras are monkey shit??, respectfully??
                      • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

                        Sun, December 6, 2009 - 12:39 AM
                        Can't stand you Libra bitches! Always wanna jump on a high horse and aint worth shit, Need to learn how to shut the fuck up sometimes. That's another thing, Libras talk to fucking much. Nonstop in my ear chatter chatter chatter. When they wanna be right even if they're wrong, chatter chatter chatter Yuck
                        • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

                          Sun, December 6, 2009 - 3:38 PM
                          WOW... 28 huh? How pathetic... and i'm not being bitchy, i honestly do pity you to the fullest. But i mostly feel sorry for your daughter, considering her mother is a ghetto, immature little girl.
                          • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

                            Mon, December 7, 2009 - 11:43 AM
                            Bitch PM so I can really tell you how I feel. Only white racist bitches use the term ghetto in an argument. There's no need to pity me you're the dummy and the little girl, bitch. "how pathetic" you sound like a valley bitch, grow some personality. If we were in person the comment about my daughter would warrant a extreme slapping of the piss out your mouth in every ghetto sense of the word bitch. Ha ha ha "ghetto"? "little girl"?? You haven't a clue do you? Ha ha ha

                            Matter fact I would tell my daughter to slap the piss out you for insulting her wonderful mother. So now what bitch, what else you got to say???

                            Oh yeah '' SMACK!" (That's me slapping your worthless ass across the face) and I'll spit on you bitch you are nothing but a retarded valley girl who sits and plays video games all day, grow some culture and a personality. Learn how to shut the fuck up and take some constructive cricism.
                            Don't walk into the enemy's lair's and think it's gonna be gravy and sausage.

                            Don't step to me and think you won't get your ass kicked.

                            Don't talk out the side of your mouth when you can't back it up in person.

                            Don't do this for show on the aries tribe bitch PM me. I will really show you ghetto.

                            • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

                              Mon, December 7, 2009 - 11:44 AM

                              I knew this Libra bitch was gonna keep on talking...... Yuck
                              • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

                                Mon, December 7, 2009 - 11:46 AM

                                Ha ha ha!
                                • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

                                  Mon, December 7, 2009 - 4:44 PM
                                  So we have a Libra and Cancer wrestling in jello on an Aries tribe....Interesting
                                  • Unsu...

                                    Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

                                    Mon, December 7, 2009 - 11:16 PM
                                    Actually the cancer is a leo, describing herself as "I am a warm breeze, I look for love when it can't be seen. My burning desire is to inject you with large doses of peace. Your soul will be awakened as I shine in abundance it's vital sign of love". Very interesting indeed, I second that ENIAD ;-)
                                    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

                                      Thu, December 10, 2009 - 11:27 AM
                                      I tell people to take a notepad and write a page every day listing up what you´re grateful for for 30 days. My sense of happiness, joy and peace have never been better. Genuinely being happy. How many people can say they are truly happy? Spread the love! :)
                                      • Re: Cut the crap

                                        Thu, December 10, 2009 - 12:04 PM
                                        I am basically a happy critter too, more than I should logically be but I blame it on Joie de Vivre. Maybe it is an Aries thing : )
                                        • Re: Cut the crap

                                          Thu, January 7, 2010 - 7:48 PM
                                          Eniad, you sound like a reasonable Aries girl...many are so ruthless and cold! I am a warm. loving Libra girl, but do have a Aries/Taurus rising sign, giving me a bit of guts to tackle you guys. I don't like confrontation, and do believe in karma. I love all things peaceful, but that doesn't make me a hipocrite, or fake, just more intelligent at handling situations, rater than go off the handle before thinking of the reaction. My sister is a cold, calculating, vindictive and bossy little Aries, and if it isn't her way, it just isn't! I have smoothed things over with her on many occasion, but now she just don't talk, even though I personally have done nothing wrong other than love her son whom she found after 18 years after adoption. she loved him to death for 4 years, then he found alady...the sister din't like her, so cut all ties. VERY CRUEL and the poor guy is cut to pieces. He is a lovely person and high achiever, but wants the love of his mum which is not forthcoming. To all the other hateful Arians in this blog, take a long hard look at yourselves and think who has the short wick...not us...we prefer to talk things through...notg just blow it out our arse!
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Thu, December 10, 2009 - 9:45 PM
    I'm not an Aries. But my Mother has a Aries moon, so i guess I have a soft spot for the fiery aries.

    Meanwhile my little brother is a Libra. I don't think they are THAT bad. However I do agree that they are so hellbent on not getting into conflict, that they will just be void of all character or conviction. I think that quality, really pisses off Fire signs. I'm a Pisces sun, Leo rising, and Virgo Moon, with a lot of Sag in my chart. So i completely understand the anger over their utter lack of conviction. The thing about Libra's though, is that they sometimes don't even understand how much they are manipulating people. Their inherent narcissism makes them completely blind to it. And the fact that they are sometimes an even bigger escapist than Pisces, makes them delusional when confronted with the truth of their manipulative ways. In their mind, they are classy, diplomatic, innocent. It's a flaw with people, not just the sign. Something I've noticed with all signs, is that they are, after all, just people. And have the same flaws in self-awareness. Libras can be sweet, charming, and approachable. Thats their good traits. But for me, their narcissism can be even more tiring than their cowering in front of conflict. They bore me very easily. 'Look what I bought! What I got from daddy! My favorite TV Show!! Who I slept with!!"

    Ironically, one of my longest 'relationships' was with a Libra Sun, Aries Moon girl. I think it was the blending of the feminine Libra, and the intoxicating personality of the Aries Moon that made me so attracted to her. But as time went on, the less I thought of her. Both Libra and Aries are promiscuous. So that combo made of Air, not really caring too much. And Aries, the impulsive one. Made a girl who constantly fell in love, but would just sleep around and not understand why that made people mad at her.

    One thing I have found ironic about astrology is the generalization of the signs. Pisces is known as the dreamer, the delusional one. However all the signs are delusional. Some a hell of a lot more than others. Pisces just dreams about dreams. Things they know aren't true, but that doesn't mean they can't dream. Libra's on the other hand, live in fantasy, in THE REAL WORLD. They use people, run around, have lots of fun, but ultimately, they don't care. Air signs don't take people as seriously as Water or Fire or Earth signs. Earth takes people seriously in the here and now, security. Fire feels the passion and need for people. Water signs feel the love and compassion for people. Of all the elements, I believe Air is the least genuine. It's not they are bad people or evil. They just see the world differently. But they leave all the other signs feeling like they weren't worthy enough or like they meant nothing at all. Because while the other signs can make that passion, security, or compassion - Air signs just see the idea of it.

    In my opinion, Air signs are the least loyal of friends and lovers. They feel emotions like everyone else, but it just doesn't run as deep as the others. Which makes them seem fake, false, or lacking conviction.
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Fri, December 11, 2009 - 9:13 AM
      Blaming and pointing are cheap and simplistic. Our sun signs are just birthday gifts.
      The entire chart tells the whole story.

      (I find Moon in Aries a real toughie. Maybe, when you get the Moon sign, you get a person who has internalised that sign while we here are still sort of practicing at it with the Sun energies for fit for our egoes - but that is my interpretation)
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Mon, September 26, 2011 - 10:40 PM
      WOW! My sister is a Pisces and Aries moon and she is like one of my CLOSEST siblings. I'm a Libra and I do no some Libras like that who are narcissistic but we all aren't like that. I have to even stand up for air signs and say that we're not all flighty either. I can't say that I know a flighty Pisces but I know that Pisces can know that a situation is bad for them but they will go ahead and try it anyway. I talk to my sis about that today. Unlike Aries who will NOT think about a situation at all before diving into and then sulk and get upset about the consequences once the deed is done. I think for myself, I am a good friend. Anything that bothers me, I let it be known because that is just me. I sometimes hold things in but it can only go for so long before I am chopping somebody's head off for hurting me. I was never the flashy type of person and I'm pretty easy going but I thing is I get irritated by ungrateful people because I go out my way for people I love but never get the same treatment. Hey, that's me though.I know a lot of Aries (men) who are very flighty, irresponsible, insensitive to others feelings but yet are sensitive individuals. It's an interesting thing, this zodiac but it does have a lot to do with ALL the planets in your chart as well as your personal characteristics.
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    Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Tue, January 5, 2010 - 1:24 AM
    O.k. here it is, I am married to one and I get sooooo pissed it's insane. First off they see every side of an issue so in that context yes they appear sneaky beacuse Aries girl love someone who has conviction. Libra lack this and it make sthem look like they don't have a backbone. Secondly,Yes they look around way to much... for my taste, I love him but I am this close, for real. yea his cousin is a Libra girl, we both have businesses but she got trapped in hers because she just is so gullible. Anyone can influence her, anyone so everyone does. it's sad case. Poor girl. I just happy to an Aries and I mean that but we have our own drama. Yea and I have been around Libra guys before this one, they are so insecure...whooo.. They like to think that crap they showed me was art. And yes Libras are BORING as hell. i mean it. They are.
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Tue, January 5, 2010 - 7:08 AM
      anyone such as a typical libra(not all but most) with all that air is going to be boring after awhile when you realize that they are all about appearances and aesthetics and so on ... not much substance .
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Tue, January 5, 2010 - 6:02 AM
    I allways think the people in your life are a reflection of yourself. I see that clearly in my life anyways, so it might be just me. Whenever I change, my friends I spend time with changes. In effect, the libras in my life are secure, are decisive, are fun to be with, are good people. And the shit people libras I used to hang around, I lost contact with.

    Everybody has some insecurities, everyone struggles to make decisions in some area of their life, and some times even I feel like being boring and non-talkative. I don´t see a problem with it. Unless its a big part of your life. Then it becomes a problem. Instead of bitching about it behind their back, do something about it. Show them courage, affirm the positive if their insecure, respect their taste in art. Let people be indeviduals instead of an extention of you. If there is a problem, then be an aries and tell them how you feel. And if they´re too close minded, release your attatchment and cut them loose. If they fly away, thats okey. If they return, then thats friendship.
    • Unsu...

      Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Mon, January 11, 2010 - 10:36 AM

      I find myself giving the same answer to this question as I did to the Pisces one. I'll be more specific here.

      Aries is the MAN sign- be one.
      Libra women are, generally, and excepting contrary placements, very feminine.
      If they love, and respect you, you can do anything to them- if you love and respect them.

      Now that I think about it, this is my understanding and experience of all hetero relationships.
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Thu, January 14, 2010 - 2:17 AM
    I think me reading through this whole thread in delight of the difference of opinion and view points between Aries and Libra and having fun imagining what you guys are like in person shows the open-mindedness of Libra, at least in my case (Sun, Asc, Venus in Libra).

    Hate me all you want, a lot of my favorite cousins are Aries and I have learned a lot through their courage.
    We fuel each other... I think Libra/Aries is a good combo, at least for certain family members.

    Love em' to death.
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Wed, January 27, 2010 - 1:28 PM
      Kjetile has the best post on this,,,allow people to be individuals rather than extensions
      of yourself or who you want them to be,,,,

      I am a libra nad get along well with fire signs, water and earth also,,,it regards
      the content of their character, not their sun sign,,,

      my sister is an aries and we are like twins even tho we are seven years apart,
      we both make qwuick decisions and can't stand fake people,,,and we also
      allow people to be who they are,,,,

      I am presently seeing an aries, we communicate very well and are very independant
      and the time we make for each other is not out of dependancy,,,

      over the years I have gone out with or had dealings with a variety of signs, most of them i had no idea
      of their astrology,,,either we got along or we didn't and also astroloigy to me
      is sort of like a meal with various tastes and spices,,,unique to the individual,,,enjoy the buffet,,,
      • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Mon, September 26, 2011 - 10:26 PM
        I love what you said. I am a Libra as well. I am seeing an Aries and we're fine. I don't have any problems with any signs. My brother is a Sagittarius and we have so much fun!
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Tue, February 2, 2010 - 4:23 PM
    Well.. it was kinda of confusing at first....a lot of bashing and negative opinons about 'lots"

    How many acquaintances are a lot? Number or percentage?

    I find Libra males more often likely to show the negative aspects like fickleness ans shallowness. Most indecisive. Girls are vain.
    Though I am atypical and kinda sporty, I still have some of the Libra vanities.(Libra Sun).
    I don't get along very well with Libras and think all Gemini are evil or waiting to be evil.

    Though attracted to Caps, the only one I let into my affection was more fickle and unstable than any sign I can imagine! Peter Pan Complex with a Napoleon complex!

    I love fire signs and have had no truly negative experience with any. My dad was an Aries in most typical stereotypes +/-.

    But the person I am here over... I swear is a reincarnated Aquarean! Other than being masculine he is the least firey and self centered Aries I know. More like a mellow paternal kinda guy. traditional and conservative somehow too. And worth a chance again? Aiiiyee. I am so confused (I'm Libra with gem rising.. it's lucky I remember to breathe!)

    I'll have to make it its own thread.
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Wed, May 25, 2011 - 11:46 AM
    Okay now. here's what I personally think.

    1. September libras are the worst. They take so many traits from Virgo like you wouldn't believe, and they're not the good ones. October libras, on the other hand, exhibit the classic qualities air signs have- intelligence, and social skills. they are cultivated people who love to inform themselves and are able to make a good impression because they are attentive and always fun yet interesting to talk to. They can carry a conversation and are highly driven. However... matter how intelligent and 'group'-savvy they might be, they are huge screw ups when it comes to personal relationships. it seems like they have two major issues, one, a hidden problem, something that tortures them on the inside and they can never actually make it surface and digest it...whether it's a complex, low self esteem, something in their past, a failed relationship, etc, it IS there and is affecting them. I know three people with these traits, one of whom is my neighbor that i basically grew up with. Intelligent, slightly cold, had major personal issues she couldn't brush off. Hence her long 'singleness' (had her first boyfriend when she was 26...and a virgin) and lack of true friends. another october libra i know, a guy, is intelligent yet unsuccessful with women because he comes off as cold and a bit of a loner. he's great at speaking in public, has a lot of self-confident intellectually speaking yet made a fixation for this Gem girl...she couldn't get rid of him and had to actually threaten to get a restraining order. he got depressed and started telling everyone what a self-absorbed bitch she was. go figure.

    2. september libras are HELL. RUN.

    I don't know who and why came up with the idea that Libra women are physically attractive. i have yet to see a PRETTY libra girl, not a beautiful one. they all have hair problems (either too coarse or too thin), skin problems (too dry or acne prone), ugly facial features that do not reflect their expected venusian 'qualities'- denture issues and plain faces. most september libras i know (4 girls and 2 guys) have flat foreheads and long, thick noses. large mouths and deep set eyes, looking from underneath their eyebrows, slowly observing you.

    body issues- no breasts, flat bodies, they're usually medium height yet underdeveloped.

    personality- oh yea.

    self-absorbed to the degree of absurd, yet violently (on the inside! with libra, everything happens silently!) envious when someone more attractive shows up. observe them and you'll notice small gestures of 'adjustment'- nervously running their hands through their hair, envy looks, smacking their lips, carefully observing the girl (it's mostly libra women who are envious) they dislike and...trying to copy her behavior as 'discreetly' as possible. notice them in social contexts, dinner parties or lounges, and you'll see it's pretty darn accurate. they suffer from high self esteem (one part of the scales) countered by a clear observation of their shortcomings, which not only makes them get complexes but also incredibly jealous.

    intellectually challenged- even if by a miracle you run into a Libra girl with three PhD's, you'll notice she in incapable of having a conversation beyond her three lines arguments- it's either 'oh really!', 'wow!', 'that's cute!"' and 'hahaha!'. never more, never less. perhaps their 'charm' as 'social' people comes from the fact that they like to keep a low profile and be that token people can never categorize. they can't make a good impression so they try to not make a bad one either, and that's as good as it gets.

    however, and that's the most interesting part. they are attention whores. they adore being talked to, admired, and if a man is interested in one of these ladies...beware. what makes them 'attractive' for some people, and please, with all honesty, contradict me if i am wrong, is the fact that the minute they sense someone is interested, their high self-esteem kicks in. a libra woman will NEVER depreciate herself or let her guard down. on the contrary- you'll be flabbergasted to notice that even the flattest libra chick out there has started raising her standards so highly people actually get surprised- what's with the attitude? is she REALLY worth something? and the rest is history.

    i don't want to offend anyone, especially any aries men (whom i love, and unfortunately they seem to be the ones more prone to fall for such creatues, seconded by scorpios), but typically, the man who loses his head for a libra woman is a weak man who doesn't have his feet on the ground and is easily manipulated. it's usually the 'bad boys' who fall for libras- and this is where the 'Libras are so feminine a strong macho man can't resist them' argument comes from. it's not causality, it's correlation,and it's the other way around. insecure men, people with turbulent pasts prefer a flat, whitesheet libra who never has anything to say and seems to agree with everyone just because she desperately wants to be liked.

    libras come off as 'calm', 'balanced' and 'charming' women simply because they don't pay attention to anything else than themselves and the immediate thing that pertains to them. a libra is incapable of truly loving someone, to her it's just a matter of ego once again- is she capable to keep that man? is she better than other women, despite her flaws? it all boils down to the 'me me me' attitude libras are so entrenched in, a silent self-appreciation (far from the Leonine ego, which is boastful and jolly). hence the lack of 'whining' and 'nagging' other women have been accused of. incapable of truly loving someone for what they are, and not what they can provide (money, companionship, sex, attention, etc), they don't feel the need to draw the attention towards the aspects that other signs might feel hurt about simply because they don't care, and it doesn't really affect them. combine this with a shrewd mind and you get that relaxed, 'lady like' attitude libra women have been known for. it's all a big pile of BS- they just don't wanna lose points by behaving like a typical 'woman'.

    they have ideals- this is where their superficiality resides in. a libra woman will always be attracted by looks, pecs and bling bling. she'll segway to the geeky guy if he can provide her with something, and because he's an easier prey no other woman will want to steal from her
    'flirtatious'- trivial. notice any libra woman eying a man and you'll see what i'm talking about. incapable of tasteful flirting, engaging in a conversation and sincere laughter, a libra will stare at the 'hottest stud' in the room with the same fixation a dog watches a piece of meat. most men pick up on this- it's the fast reward presenting itself. these women are not flirtatious, they are desperate for attention. the hotter the man is, the better they feel about themselves. notice where the libra chick sits at a public reunion- next to the hot guy to whom she smiles like a joker without saying a word, just quick glances and 'sexy' hair touching. a true classic.

    cheating- hell yes. they cannot control their attraction impulses simply because they are selfish and want immediate rewards that would boost their self-esteem. think of how many libra girlfriends you have, and their behavior towards their boyfriends,and the type of boyfriends they choose. they get bored quickly and accept being in a relationship with a man who bores them with no sign or symptom whatsoever- why let go of something you already have for a hunt that might be (and it usually is...) unsuccessful? therefore they continue indulging in their absent behavior-no public displays of affection, 'dreamy' eye rolling (out of boredom), silence and plastic smiles. 'wow', 'how cute!', 'really?'.....all over again. riding the pink elephant, poor girls.

    on the inside, they are mean and angry. would never admit their selfishness or envy, on the contrary- libra girls give the worst looks to nicer, both physically and intellectually, people (mostly women) yet the nicest smiles and compliments- 'she's a very nice girl'. It's all BS- if she could, she would deport the poor thing on the spot. but she's astute enough to know this is catty behavior and she, the queen goddess, has to rise above these things since well, that's the ONLY good thing she can do.

    no personality- nothing to say, nothing special about them. they have a thousand hobbies or worse, constantly trying to cultivate an eccentricity so that people won't notice they're COMPLETELY void of character. totally predictable, boring, flat and not interesting.

    i am not a libra (obviously), do not have libra relatives, just acquaintances and friends. i've never argued with a libra, lost my boyfriend to a libra girl or anything that could put me in the position of talking out of my ass. these observations have been drawn after years of observing these people (amongst others, actually, everyone). amongst all zodiac signs Libra is the least interesting one to me. for the record, i am a cancer and i dare say, i have pretty good instincts and a strong sense of observation.
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Wed, May 25, 2011 - 12:03 PM
      Manipulative- of course, but with whom? with people lacking a good degree of judgment or self-esteem. it's usually the weak ones they prey upon, no offence. they act so indifferent towards the object of their desire (if they want to convince someone do something) that suddenly it becomes interesting for the person who didn't even care in the first place. typical schoolyard game.

      Judgmental- oh yes. but only on the inside. they cannot be honest because they are afraid of showing their real faces and losing points. why judge, if it doesn't pertain to them? what benefit can they draw? they can only afford to do this with weaker people.

      have you ever noticed how a Libra behaves in the company of an intelligent person? or worse, if that person has a great sense of humor, is an entertainer friends love talking to and pay attention to? she'll freeze in a typical position- palms underneath chin- and carefully observe, without uttering a single word. they know they cannot compete, so they try to learn. notice the next time that person won't be there- suddenly miss libra is all smiles, laughing and not saying anything (of course, what did you think) yet clearly more satisfied- there's no one to steal the spotlight. do it, and you'll see her look.

      they have a tremendous need for approval thus ABHOR negative opinions on themselves. incredibly sensitive to what others say about them, hence the constant fickleness and indecisiveness- what if...? what will X say? think about how many times a libra thought about someone's reaction, or asked why someone did that or said that in response to something she did or said. 'why were you laughing?', 'why did you say that?''s that old mentality of bewaring the gossipers they DO care about, and a lot. notice how they cringe when something doesn't come out as they want it to. unbelievably shallow and downright stupid.

      material- oh yes. VERY. but since they are Libras, and don't want YOU to think they are like that, they will pull some moves to make one believe they aren't- giving expensive gifts....they know it's two birds with one stone, 1) convincing the receiver of their good nature and 2) a certain payback time...they're waiting for, with that fake, empty smile on their faces.

      have YOU ever had an argument with a Libra? if she doesn't have a counter argument, if she simply cannot argue with you because her arguments are empty or lack, she will think for two seconds then plaster a fake smile on her face and brush it off...while the weakest people won't catch up but dub the whole thing as a 'wow, she is so classy, she doesn't care!'. she does care, more than anyone else. she just DOESN'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY, so she pulls a countess Walewska trick. it works with the men i mentioned above- weak, airy, with no backbone or character. i myself will never feel like i am competing with them simply because they are inferior, and so are the men they prey upon.
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Wed, May 25, 2011 - 6:04 PM
      MUCH agreed on that libra as sociopath assessment . because they all are .
      • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Wed, May 25, 2011 - 8:16 PM
        You can't be serious about lumping one twelfth of humanity under that sore label.
        • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

          Thu, May 26, 2011 - 12:47 AM
          that was just a detailed description of what i personally see some september libras to be like, because they seem to have borrowed from Virgo the worst traits. the closer to the beginning of the sign one's birthday is, the more they will exhibit these traits.

          This is all my personal opinion, from years of experience with people born in that period. Of course it doesn't apply to ALL people born under the sign of Libra, and these are the 'negative' parts since the thread was created with this aspect in mind.

          Libras also have their own qualities, which to be honest, I haven't quite seen as opposed to other signs (except for october Libras). I agree that we all have the right to disagree...but please bear in mind i am not lumping or jumping on anyone for that matter.

          One can say many nasty things about Cancers, Pisces, Virgos, etc, since well, we all have flaws and such. I bet the vehement arguments brought forward in this thread have to do with Libras being so positively depicted by most zodiacs (balanced, diplomats, etc) yet so generally at the same time. Therefore, one needs something more specific to hang onto...and i personally believe the aforementioned issues are 99% true. if you have a different opinion, then by all means, go ahead :)
          • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

            Fri, August 26, 2011 - 4:54 PM
            Hi.Gigi, I agree 100% with your post. As I was reading it, I was smiling as I pictured a Libra guy I know. He behaves just like the way you described. In general, he's been an as**ole to me, maybe he viewed me as the weak one?, I don't know (and I don't care)... Yes, I was rather shy, but not stupid -I may have been a bit naïve at first though, taking him for a more honest person and thinking that we could possibly be friends.
            He was always civil to me, even when it was rather obvious that he didn't like me. Once or twice that I got a sharper than usual reply from him, he immediately added, 'Nah, just kidding', and I stared, asking myself, Did he really think that I would believe that?.
            He was really materialistic and selfish. He liked to get all of the attention. If he didn't, then he showed a revealing look on his face.

            When he was around more intelligent people he did what you said: he just stared, hand under chin, trying to learn from them (which on the other hand I believe is a good thing, I see this more like an advantage). But he used to copy other's traits and ideas a lot. Also when I complimented him on something, he sometimes showed a fake smile, and sometimes glared at me, like I was kidding or something.

            lol I remember he used to say with a charming smile that he was not good enough to take a leadership i.e. that he was way too idle to coordinate any project at all.

    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Mon, September 26, 2011 - 10:18 PM
      It's funny you broke all of this down. However, it still has a lot to do with upbringing and the planets within each individual's chart. I'm a Libra (October 5) and I do agree that there are differences b/t a September Libra and October Libra. Yeah, we can have a problem with our true emotions and feelings with people to keep the peace but that is who we are. Just like, for instance, Cancer women that I have met tend to want to control everything and everyone within their lives and create things the way they envision otherwise they are falling apart. A lot of Cancer women I've met seem to be chatter boxes who focus HIGHLY on themselves. Also, Cancer does not have the "crab" symbol for nothing. I have met a lot of Cancer's who tend to be very moody just like a crab. HOWEVER, I do enjoy conversations with Cancer women when they do not run over me in the conversation with their constant need to talk. I have two close girlfriends that are Cancer and are very nice and warmhearted. Sometimes it's good to understand people, not to complain about their characteristics, but to understand how to deal with them.
      • jen
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        Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Wed, November 23, 2011 - 11:49 PM
        Iman, we Cancerians love to talk lol. Cancers are peaceful as well, sure we get a let obsessed with being perfect and yes some of us have the inferior complex, but we are sweet, caring, honest, loving, emotional, selfless, and ambitious people. We may be possessive but who wants to share a person they truly love with another girl/guy?
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Sun, January 1, 2012 - 2:19 AM
      HA you Cancerous cunt,

      So much for the garbage lies and crap about your "good instincts", "strong sense of observation" you "dare" piece of dump.

      Especially when you KNOW Cancer being like it really is DO NOT FORM A COMPATIBLE RELATIONSHIP WITH SUPERIOR LIBRA. So when a sign is incompatible it's natural to run your full-of-shit mouth on this sign and then back yourself at the end saying "I'm not a loser" and faking it up more albeit unconvincingly that "I am Cancer so I have lots of experience". Dare my ass.

      So much for objectivity when it is purely subjective that you are incapable of seeing the strong and positive signs of Libra. Especially when Cancer is the most boring and ordinary sign to begin with. I'd rather speak to Virgo and even Scorpio as they are way smarter, more interesting, and at my level than nondescript fugly junk like you.

      Just shut up your trap you Cancerous troll, thanks.
      • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Tue, May 15, 2012 - 12:52 AM
        Yea...insulting. It always works, y'know. Maybe that's why you're such a great match for Libra.

        I didn't say i know it all- i just wanted to make clear i have no reasons to 'hate' on Libras yet that's what i've seen amongst women, especially. Men are selfish, shallow and want attention in any form they can get.

        I don't consider myself a 'loser', i just had to 'excuse' my vehemence towards the people writing on this thread because many of them ARE Libras, and i also wanted to make sure people understood this is just an opinion, a subjective one, not a statistics analysis. I'm speaking out of my experience with this type of people.

        I don't feel offended by your tasteful remarks about Cancers- because you can't make one. So keep typing, i really don't care.
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Mon, September 26, 2011 - 10:07 PM
    lol I'm a Libra and while I think SOME of this is true for SOME of us I can also say that a lot of it is true for an ARIES as well. I know some Aries women, including my cousin who is hot-headed, selfish, and just silly when in love. However, I know how to talk to her to cool her down and help her make sense of certain situations. The Aries men I know...smh. Selfish, self-serving, rude, can lack common sense, and will jump into a lot of things before actually thinking over the situation. Now, I don't go judging every Aries the same because I know it has a lot to do with the upbringing as well as the planets in your chart. So for you to say that all of one sign is one way is just not fair at all. I'm sorry that you experienced some Libras who were just bad for your health, but unfortunately it happens just like I experienced that with a lot of Aries. I'm currently dating an Aries and he can sometimes drive me nuts but I love him dearly and he loves me. I avoid conflict because I don't like arguing unless necessary. I'm not going to fight for bullshit. As far as fake, NEVER that. I will tell you what's on my mind in a heartbeat but I'm not tactless about it like the zodiac says an Aries can be (even though I don't think you all are like that). As far as being the most beautiful, I never read that but I do read that we are the signs ruled by Venus (god of love and beauty). I wouldn't take things so seriously unless you really know how to read the charts.
  • Fellow Libran

    Sun, October 9, 2011 - 9:12 PM
    Me as a libra can say that some not all the stuff posted about libras is true. But you must take into account each libra is different depending on their backround and their whole personality profile. Each libra has a different [ersonality trait but some traits can be siliar in some ways, just like any other signs. #Just sayin
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Thu, November 10, 2011 - 9:30 PM
    I agree with you for the most part, however the planets and positions influence the person too. I just told off my libra supervisor today , as I'm one of those aries that hold water until I burst- that's the cancer rising i guess?!?! I wouldn't necessarily agree with them liking "beautiful things" but more so " superficial things" this woman wears colored weaves, long ugly nails, and eyelashes I call roach legs....slut galore and she's balanced?!?! LMFAO! I wish! This lady has been stalking my f/b for over a year...I couldn't hold my tongue no more, so today I whipped her ass so bad she unfriended me (awww, guess ill go kick rocks! lmao) wtf cares?!?! She won't be back though, not unless she's stupid...She's a pretty girl but jealous...of what I don't know... Aries women are jealous because we like to be #1- that's the only reason I know of, so what could this PENUS...I mean VENUS woman be jealous about?!?! I'd like to know....lmao
    • jen
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      Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Wed, November 23, 2011 - 11:40 PM
      I think Libras are nice and pretty, but they are superficial, manipulative, jealous and too competitive. And let me tell you, I am not a stranger to competition.
      • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Thu, January 12, 2012 - 4:07 PM
        I agree Jen. What i dont understand is why all astrology books say that they arent confrontational. They are SO confrontational. I think that they dont always see things for what they are. They will completely twist a situation to make themselves look better.
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Sun, January 1, 2012 - 2:28 AM
    I know an Aries who revealed to me about his weakness, his sexual decision and deviation.

    I don't respect your "interesting" sign very much because of this.

    I am a beautiful person who likes beautiful things, that's the difference. It's just too bad for you that you are such a loser.

  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Fri, January 20, 2012 - 6:02 PM
    Oh yes! I love my Libra friend because she so easy to annoy but all that you've mentioned is so true! Talk about judgmental and boring!!! And she's pretty neurotic and follows all rules strictly (probably her Virgo moon) ...thats why my three best buddies are Aries/Pisces moon,Sagitarus/Cancer moon and Scorpio/Scorpio.
    I'm a Leo/Pisces Moon/Aries Asc.
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Tue, February 21, 2012 - 9:09 PM
      I am surrounded by a bunch of Libra who are very confrontational and Virgos who are not at all tidy - notice how often they aren't.
      The Libras are not for the most part close friends and two got my ram's horn after being annoying once too often.
      They don' t fit the stereotype unless you take it up one notch. One of the fighting Libra is in love about being in love constantly and will not remain without a paramour or two.
      As for the messy Virgos, they have finely chiseled mind that are simply a joy for me to listen to. Go figure why but they are literally brain candies to me...
      One I have to step over her many projects to get to. She is always getting into projects, not finishing them and then getting into newer ones and her place is in incredible dissaray, the worst I've seen around but it has a flair of organized total mayhem. She's a Virgo Sun/ Aqua Moon/ Scorpio Rising that one but with a major Neptune opposition.
      I would therefore not judge a person by his or her sun sign dime store description.
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Thu, February 23, 2012 - 9:18 PM
    FACT: Well one way or another this topic has has attracted 230 response so far.
    So one way or another, it has must have hit a LIBRAN nerve or two.

    I believe that, the proof is in the pudding...and if it's wasn't true why bother defend
    the subject??
    So, in short...if you're unhappy with any librans, in your life- there is a simple solution.

    LEAVE or better still RUN and NEVER look back,
    there are many more to choose from, out there and you deserve, better ALWAYS.
    I'm female and will never date a libran male.

    Best of luck, in your journey :-).
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Tue, May 15, 2012 - 12:57 AM
    Libra men are shallow! They only want barbie-doll type of girls (or the maximum perfection you can think of..) OR someone who virtually worships them. They are Ken dolls! They appear to be all shy or just lost in their thoughts but they know exactly what they're doin...never had a relationship with one exactly because my best friend (Aquarius) suffered a lot during hers...with a Libra male, obviously. He just put her through hell and dumped her for some crazy Libra bitch (hopefully, these two will always pair together) who kept stalking her.

    They are not worth it. Just find yourselves someone else. I can't even imagine what drew you to the Libran male in the 1st place, how could you fall for someone like them? Shallow, can't hold up a conversation...whatever...but it's true what one lady said here. if it doesn't make you happy just dump him , i can assure you the more you stay the more power you'll give to him and HE KNOWS IT. that's the problem. it's THAT selfish they are. blehh.
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Mon, May 28, 2012 - 3:14 PM
    You say we Librans are 'judgmental', yet you're the one who is condemning all Librans as 'fake', 'manipulative', 'boring', 'disingenuous', and 'judgmental.' It seems to me that you're the one who is being judgmental here.

    I admit, I do agree with some of the things you say. For starters, I have a lot of planets in Libra (including my sun sign) but I'm hardly a Cindy Crawford. I sincerely hope I'm not manipulative or disingenuous, but I guess you'd have to ask the people who know me...

    I have to admit, I try to avoid conflict because I hate it when there's discord between myself and another person. I like to get along with people and when I don't, I often take this pretty personally. Somehow, if i get into a conflict situation, I seem to end up feeling guilty (even when I feel the other person has pushed me to my limits) and I assume that others will side with the other person. This is usually because I'm quite shy (I guess you would use the term 'boring') and I assume that people prefer those who are more outgoing and 'fun', even if they treat other people like crap.

    I really do try to nice and fair to people because I believe in treating others the same way you yourself wish to be treated. Sometimes I feel angry or irritated with people but I try not to show it because I know there's a chance that I'm over reacting and could cause a lot of unnecessary hurt. I don't want to ruin a good friendship in the heat of the moment and I would feel bad if I later felt that I'd been cruel and/ or unfair.

    Some people find Librans difficult to cope with because they think we 'sit on the fence' about everything. This isn't precisely the case, but I think we do tend to see both sides of a situation, where some people are more 'black or white' in their opinions.

    This doesn't make someone 'fake'; it just means that they see things in a different manner.

    Strangely, I actually like a lot of Aries people. I had an Aries colleague, who had a real knack for putting across her viewpoint in an assertive and forthright manner, without coming across as a bitch and I admired this. Somehow, when I try to do the same, I often end up backing down (I tend to get upset and tongue tired in conflict situations) or I somehow end up feeling like *I've* been unreasonable.

    What some people see as being 'tactful', and trying to spare another person's feelings, might be regarded by others as being 'phony' or less than honest. Equally, what one person sees as being 'honest' and 'telling it how they see it', another might perceive this as being unnecessarily cruel and harsh, with no consideration for other people's feelings.

    I admit that I used to be quite a judgmental person, in some respects, because I viewed things in a more 'black or white' manner. As I've grown older, I've made more mistakes myself so I can better understand how and why others do. I've also realised that people make mistakes for various reasons and this doesn't necessarily make them a 'bad person' (especially if they feel sorry about hurting other etc.)

    I suspect you'd probably find me 'as boring as hell' but I don't really care. Many of the so- called 'fun' people I've encountered, whose arses everybody wants to kiss, are actually pretty cruel at other people's expense. If being a bit shy and not liking to make more timid people feel like shit makes me 'boring', then I guess I'll just have to live with it... :D
  • Ang
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    Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Wed, July 18, 2012 - 7:43 PM
    goodness this is the website for me! hi everyone. feeling so good about this... anyways I feel so angered and fed up with this stufpid pathetic twirps for libra men and women... they couldn't be more annoying! I am a capricorn woman, and it has been hell and back going through the pain, while watching other fools go worshipping the ground they walk on, so dog tired of their bull! too bad I can't cuss here. but I can't be too nice with thiem, because it's too damn exhasting, they expect 150% perfection out of me and possibly everyone they know. and what's with these insipid scorpios obessing over these f****ing women? it's obsurd! I've been hurt, cursed, and violated, they have crossed the line, and I think someone should stop them, once and for all... Sure do hope that aries in someone pummels them! team aries, for sticking with me through moments of greatness and hardships... with an aries friend you could never go wrong. they are ALWAYS willing to forgive me... whereas, libras don't qualify... a total failure straight in the row!
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Mon, August 6, 2012 - 3:15 PM
    A libra just took the love of my life away.Charming little manipulative passive aggressive b.s artists.I don't believe i've ever despised a person so much.He lies and doesn't care abut her.He told me so.Then tried to push her onto me, due to convienece.They seem so soft, caring, open minded and charming but this coming from a gemini, another air sign, be weary.Watch what they do, not as they say..She's a virgo and thinks he's a blessing.This blessing gets rid of her when he doesn't wanna deal with the mess he created.Lazy jerk off...
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Tue, August 28, 2012 - 11:41 AM
      " Charming little manipulative passive aggressive b.s artists. "

      yes .
      • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

        Sat, September 1, 2012 - 2:41 PM
        As a Libran Female, I was fortunately alerted to my negative traits in my teens. Maybe, I'm blessed to have a mother who did not want me cantering through life, only to end up with somebody punching me in my mouth. Libras can be all of the negative traits that people on this thread have mentioned. However I do like to think that I am loyal and I am definitely not jealous of "prettier" women. Maybe that is because I am more "attractive" than pretty, therefore, sexually, I stayed in my lane instead of harbouring delusions of grandeur: after all, I did not want to wind up an old virgin.
        Maybe I'm one of those Libras that have fallen far from the tree. I love sex (the giving and receiving), I know when to hold off on giving an opinion, but the people around me know what my principles are ( they can change when you age), so I am not one of those Libras who just reflect what is going on around them. I wish that I were more manipulative, but the bitchy "foot in mouth" syndrome? Yeah, I'll accept that I can be a bit near the knuckle, but when jerked up, I will immediately apologise (non conditionally).
        Libra men - run from them as fast as you can. If you are a single lady, they are great. Forever with the smooth, complimentary chat, but they always have a string of "crazy" exes in their sentimental life. They never take responsibility for ANY relationship breakdown, be it with baby mother, ex wife, kids. They can carry a grudge, too and love to remain friends with their exes as standby for when their present relationship goes wrong. They will not make it very clear to other females that they are currently in a serious relationship and do not understand their partner's need for boundaries in regards to their interactions with the opposite sex. Because Libras suffer from a need to please, they tend to do for everybody else on the edge of their life whilst not getting down and dirty with their nearest and dearest. Libras tend not to like the dirty stuff, but feel no way in walking out of a bad situation that they caused, whilst trying to make those left behind take the blame. The best way to deal with these fools is not to deal with them at all. For a set of people who do not like conflict, a libra male can keep up an argument for so long that you end up forgetting what the contention is about.
        I must have some other traits in me ( sense of humour, strong willed, do not think that everybody else is responsible for how I react to situations) that negate a lot of the bullshit that comes with being a Libra. But, yeah it must be hard to have an overly judgemental, non self reflecting bore of a Libra ( or anyone else) taking up space in your life. Get, rid is what I say. Do, like I did. I really did not know Libras were so shit until I met my ex. I need to start some form of rehab for Libras who live their life at the lowest emotional rung in emotional reaction chain. Me, me, me people who are childish, charming (as a form of manipulation - and this only works on people who are suffering from low self esteem, vain or stupid), vain and fey. He was good in bed though, but didn't seem to like the fact that I've got moves too (which man doesn't like that scenario)? Passive aggressive? My ex was that and more. The wretch would even take to turning his back on me in bed. That was the beginning of the end for me. I have never used sex as a weapon. I love sex, so before I started harbouring any thoughts of "revenge cheating", I ran him and his child out of my home and life. Some may say I am wicked, but this man was using the love I had/ still have for his child as a shield to hide behind. It turns out that he had introduced his child to his present girlfriend, as his girlfriend when he was still with me. No wonder his child hardly showed me any respect! Guess, what? The fool still phones me ( I ignore the calls). Why would he think I would want to know him? Deluded and smarmy Libras.......
  • Unsu...

    Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Sun, August 12, 2012 - 4:08 PM
    Hello All, (This is LunaSky)

    I originally posted this topic years ago and pretty much forgot about it. Then a couple of days ago, I came across it and thought "Oh Sunny Days" I wrote this!! Anyway, I no longer remembered the pw to my old account, so I re-joined!!

    I am shocked to see how many people posted a reply to this thread and thought I'd say a quick "Hello". Also, although my initial post was a bit vocal, I do appreciate being understood by so many of you. We all have our quirks and ultimately I wish everyone (every sign) the best~

    LunaSky12 :*)
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Wed, December 5, 2012 - 10:33 AM
    today posted this because of the problems had with Libra females in this years. i am Germini. On this year i know her from facebook. she add me in. she message me about amway. she want to meet me up. i say. okay , let's have drink in coffer shop just talking about amway also bring her brother. then first we meet up i also buy things . we just friend only. but she always call me is not buy thing have drink and talk person think. so i feel is very werid. on second meet up. she always talking person think. also she say to me i am libra. so we talking like friend only. at mid night she call me again to meet up again. i really don't know what happed. on we meet up again. she was ask me go to her house pickup her. i go to her house. acutlly she have 2 kids . she was say to me . i already divorced. she tell me. i love you. afthe tmr she never pickup my phone. she never respond me at 2 month. i very angry. i sent message to her. wht the hell are you doing. now she wrote in the facebook. i am sex man. she also want to confuse me. I WAS AGREE LIBRA IS manipulative, fake and too judgmental AND LIBRA HEAR IS tonix.

    Out of experience... run.... run girl... u have the chance to escape. so just... escape. librians are nothing but trouble. They will catch you on a string and make you dangle. First time around they treat you like a diamond always talking first, then you relize they start ignoring you... doing stupid immature stuff like only saying hi... they are playing u... they make u dangle on a string .. u stay confused. thats how they have u on a leash. they make u fall in love, then make u get confused which then u fall in love more... they basically se u then throw u away, then use u again... then throw u away. Please.. dont get urself into a libras head. they will cycle u.. they are professionals at playing.. becareful and run away. just ignore him... he will run after u and try to hang you again, but keep ignoring, watch how that dog will bark for u... dont let him fool u.. libras are TOXIC
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Sat, December 22, 2012 - 8:40 PM
    i am an aries too but unfortunately i have a libra rising (my persona), i hate my rising it really make me feel like shit because im an aries inside. i hate the fact that they always think they are more beautiful the others its not true, but honestly they take care of themselves soooo much more than other people, beauty comes with your genes not you zodiac sign. Taurus is also ruled by venus, they never claim to be beautiful because their ruling planet is venus. to me they are quite imbalanced. they love gossip and they will never think of it as a bad thing unless its about themselves. but thinks aries that "jealousy is the state of weak mind, gossip is the twisted expression of jealousy", air signs are good with their language, they can manipulate very well, make sure come across with them very clear otherwise they will mess with you life
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Thu, February 7, 2013 - 4:09 PM
    I understand your frustration but you can not be talking about a true Libra. I'm a Libra, and nothing makes me happier to see one tasted right, and respected. I've always been Beth honest by putting my Aries, man first the lying, married dirty dog with no respect for his own marriage or anything else for that matter but always want to be up under me. I think Aries, men are definitely the sons of Satan's, blood by fact. Even biblical. The Aries, woman. Daughters of Satan. My brother wad marked to one those gold digging dirty lying sluts. Let me tell you this. If fa laying a human wasn't illegal she would have been a raw fish thrown to depths of hell in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, long ago. The bitches don't like working, cooking, or cleaning, and lots of them are ugly as the ass end of a canal but have the nerves to always remind themselves and others around them that they are so dead gorgeous as if everyone else in the world are duplicate Stevie Wonders, and can't see that she looks like tri-sexual gorilla. Now the Aries, men have to be some of the dumbest ass guys to ever graze the earth along with stupid ass Leo men. I'm not going to leave out retarded ass Gemini, men either. Let's just say. If any of these were men they wouldn't be in sites, and blogs, picking up trick ass women. So you fellows out there crying like little bitches because you can't ware our kotex pads, just be true enough and reveal your hidden agendas as faggies. A real man isn't going to cry like a little drama queen sissy. Aries, are so imperfect that they disgust the likes of a true Libra, woman. Aries, men wouldn't know the truth if CHRIST, himself stood before them.. Aries, men read the Bible. You are exactly 360 degrees of a Libra. And there's a reason for that. Think of it as Cain and Abel. You Aries, are the evil sinners and Libras, are the Justice, of all the Zodiacs. Read your Bible and you will know what I say is real. We balance the world we provide real justice for those being deceived. We are providers and the most faithful of all. But when you cross us. Your better off getting baptized in a barrel of fire because you'll have hell to pay. And you'll pay quietly. We are very reserved and laid back. We wouldn't want anyone to know that we the oh so cool would ever cause harm to anyone. So imagine someone making you a promise and being the type of person that you've never known to break a promise because we are the sign of justice. You see how that goes together. I wouldn't soak what I don't know. If you think I'm shiting you. Think of all the Aries, you know and ask yourself how many of them have really good relationships that had lasted a long time. I'm out. Justice 1.
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Thu, September 5, 2013 - 7:32 PM
    I'm a Leo woman in love with a libra man. He's kind, gentle, caring and handsome. It's true he hates to fight so do I. We get along well only had a couple fights that were resolved. He's charming and very affectionate unlike my ex Aries. My libra and I are getting married soon and he knew I was the one he has been waiting for. I've met all kinds of different signs and libra is my favorite. They are easy to talk to and I was comfortable with him immediately. A smart libra man said mature libras don't play around. If they really love you than its real.
  • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

    Fri, September 12, 2014 - 11:59 PM
    Sounds like projection to deny ones own shortcomings. Maybe the Libra gentle non-confrontati9onal, procrastinating lover of beauty became a manipulative shrew after trying to get someones lambie pie wooly ass off the teat and to go to WORK!?

    My first Aries I won't list his shortcomings. He was a bad tempered pill popper. I can't say it was Aries traits.

    My nest/last Aries first time around at age 19... his parents thought I was the second coming. Hoseanna! He can marry her and SHE can take care of everything. Not enough money in the world. It spooked me. Then he broke several promises including coming out to see me at my father's house (travel money was no object). I simply told him , if you are serious I will see you soon. I am not coming back east.

    Years later, we are in mid 40's. He has spent through his inheritance, barely keeping a house he can't repair with bunch of his synchophant friends leeching off his largesse and the roommate that paid bills with a real job.
    Talks me into coming east with my young son who has autism. My mom in panic also moves to FL.
    He tells me about how the local university has programs as good as Arizona had. I get a job offer from his viable roommate. I don't move into house right away because I know its a basket case and I want to get solid feel on "us". In typical extreme childish Aries style, he loves being pampered at my apartment. So? he LET THE HOUSE GO! Well viable roommate has to break even on the business he was starting to move back home up north. Now I am living off my 401k. Well he HAS to move in with me since the house is foreclosed in the 4 months of no pay since I had arrived. And I had started repair the second bathroom being former contractor.
    Within 2 months of moving in with me he cuts his hours. Then has car wreck that bumps his knee. decides to be out of work... EIGHT MONTHS. Agrees to move apartments while I am out arranging my son's needs. So now we live on noisy street in Apartment that is smaller and has mold. great.. but he got 100 dollar bonus.
    Then he doesn't like my migraine alert dog nor the fully trained dogs that are my sons behavior dog and Autism dog.
    I give my dog away since she hates him.
    While at weekend at his moms they get poisoned. I put money into his car and he still doesn't work. he quits two jobs. My truck goes down and he is gonna "pay me back" NEVER happens. Mgr complains he has it parked at friends where the brother of friend promptly steals my tools and stereo and spare tire. He takes his old job at part time back. More money goes to him working there than he is making.
    Meanwhile he is gaming all day and Erotic Role Playing though he knew I didn't like it. He was so busy typing sex on PC he ignored me naked. I moved to Living room with my son (smaller place remember). The sex as lackluster anyway... and this coming from a person with Asperger's who barely cared about it other than liking my partner to be pleased.
    By the time 22 months had passed , my Libra security, beauty and good vibes were wrecked. last straw was more money borrowed for his second vehicle. Then My truck got towed away.. all for timing issues that required a mechanic because gas was stolen and there was no cap during hard rain (radical cam is beyotch to time without good mechanic) I kicked him O U T. And simply left state afterwards. Would I have breakfast with him? sure. But Never never never will I let another Aries (or Capricorn) in my inner santum!
    So when I left his area, I had 15k less , no employement (that job? why it appealed? my son could be in back break room of store while I worked), lost the truck i had owned for 20 years and LIKED. My son was regressed from piss poor school. I was pregnant (meh.. least the stress took care of that).

    So tell me who manipulated who in this tale, who was irresponsible? Who lied or misrepresented?

    I think in general, Aries and Libra are poison in long run as lovers. With maybe special perfect pairs whose aspects align wel.
    • Re: Cut the crap, Libra are so...

      Sat, March 26, 2016 - 7:51 PM
      Every sign has their strengths and weaknesses. Its part of our journey in life to build on our strengths and improve our weaknesses.

      I will say right now..I LOVE Aries. Aries are super cool, hilarious, and fun to be around. I am crazy about them...male and female.
      My oldest daughter is an Aries and I'm in love with an Aries man. I get along better with them than any other sign.

      I have learned so much from Aries. I've learned to stand up for someone when the rest of the world hates to make snap decisions..and most of all how to not let things or people bother me so much.

      Libra's are ok and some are not so bad...BUT there are some Libras that I just don't care for. I can sense fakeness and insecurity a mile away. It is a very unattractive Libra flaw. They would do well to look to aries for guidance in that area of their lives.

      Also Libras can teach Aries how to be more considerate of other's feelings and how to think before speaking.

      As a Libra I am a sensitive person but I play rough. And I dont go looking for a fight, but when it comes looking for me, I become extremely aggressive....the Aries side of me that I've developed... *wink*

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