March Aries vs April Aries~~~

topic posted Wed, March 19, 2008 - 6:45 PM by  Elizabeth
Is there supposed to be a difference between the two? Somebody told me that March Aries still has the influence of Pisces so they are more dreamlike and senstivie but I don't know if that's true.

The Aries that I've noticed in April and most ARies for the most seem a little more louder and in your face than I feel like I am, although I can get that way too...
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    Hi Elizabeth. The first Aries (March) are in Aries decanate, therefore should be a stronger Aries. The second decan of Aries are in Leo's decanate and therefore would have a little Leo energy. I'm in the third decanate being Sag type Aries. We're not loud or in your face, as far as I know. It might have a lot to do with what's underneath the Aries sun though as well. I'm not the "in your face" type of loud person. Like you, I have a Scorpio moon. I have been told by many people who have spoken to me on the phone, I'm watery and earthy.
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      And it also goes back to the Mercury influence too. I've got Mercury in Taurus. I'm cautious about what I say and how I say it. I'm slower to react a lot of times because I'm constantly processing whatever information I recieve and when I respond I say something I know and believe in. Mercury in Taurus is no dingbat.
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    Theres a difference, sure. I can spot an April Aries. Or better, I can spot an Aries.
    March Aries are silently strong, where as April Aries are openly naive in their "loudness". Both are strengths.
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     that I think about it, I know a gal who is April 16th and she's pretty loud, pushy and crap. She's childish too. She's got tons more Aries in her. I only have my sun in Aries.
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    I think this topic has more to do with chinese astrology. March is ruled by the rabbit which has the western equivilant of pisces. April is rulled by the dragon which is the western equivilant of aries. I was born in March but I know of a few Aries born in April who are just wild. They exibit all of the steyotypical aries traits.
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      Good point. April means our birth month is the month of the dragon. The year I was born in is the year of the pig which is Scorpio. So it's both shades.

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