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This tribe is not specific to any region or any belief system. It simply exists to discuss the cannabis plant. This tribe is interested in hemp / cannabis / marijuana and ALL of its uses. The cannabis plant was once highly regarded around the world, including in the United States of America. Humans and cannabis share a rich history. It has been used for rope, textiles, paper, fuel, food, soaps and cosmetics, medicine, not to mention INSPIRATION. The list of its many uses goes on and on. We ask the question-- Why is it illegal?

In the States, cannabis was not made illegal until 1937. This was a few years after the repeal of alcohol prohibition.

Another function of this tribe is as a "pointer" or "gateway", if you will. THEY have been calling it a "gateway" drug for years... Well, HERE is a gateway for you. Since the people who run cowered in the face of puritanical U.S. laws (see U.S. Code Title 18, Section 2257), all formerly MATURE tribes have now become privatized. This means there are MANY cannabis tribes out there that can only be accessed by people who are already members of the tribe. Some moderators of these tribes have not kept up to date with the changing tribe rules. This tribe seeks to unite the moderators and other tribe members left hanging.

If you are a moderator of a cannabis-related tribe, PLEASE make your tribe PUBLIC! Let your members know about tribe's rule changes! And please direct others to your tribe's URL right here! If your tribe remains private, new members may only join your tribe if they are INVITED. This is a problem. Speech about cannabis should continue to be free and open. Invites and exchanges of this sort are welcome here.

Feel free to get some posts going and introduce yourself and tell us why you are here. Create community! RSS Feed what is XML?

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