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Most of us have reveled in the selection of a dance name – such a feather in the turban of our dance personas. Many of us have been part of that more difficult choice – a troupe name. Finding that unique moniker that says who and what we are and do is no small undertaking. And then the joy of finding one that all can agree upon is quite the adventure.

Anything with Jewels is popular: Desert Jewels, Jewels of the Nile, Arabian Jewels, or just plain Jewels. And Gypsy is well-liked and adorns some great troupes like Urban Gypsy and Gypsy Caravan. Many like the desert: Desert Sun, Desert Moon, Desert Dancers, and I think I saw Dancers of the Desert Moon.

So, let’s talk about favorite troupe names. I’ll lay out some of mine and perhaps you’ll input some of yours.

First and Foremost:

Fat Chance Belly Dance. Does anyone besides me envy that they thought of it first?
Fat Chance you could ever forget this troupe, especially once you’ve seen them dance.
Love to know the story behind how they selected this my most favorite troupe name.

All about the Hips:

Hiplash – Absolutely love this troupe name (in fact their name is what inspired this post)
and they are fabulous as well.

Hipnosis – Tribal Troupe out of Philadelphia

Troupe ‘Hip’notic – Clever name from Maryland

Hippy Chix Belly Dance Troupe – Another Maryland band. Maryland obviously
loves hips and so do I!

While I’m on the subject of hips, the award for Best Ever Slogans goes to (drum roll please)…. JIM BOZ for his “Got Hips” and his Halloween version “Goth Hips!” Your marketing genius is only surpassed by your dancing genius!

Standing out in a crowd:

Midriff Crisis – an Arizona troupe

Twisted Tassels – out of New York

Black Sheep Belly Dance – right here in California

Tell me your favorites and tell me why if you feel so inclined. Your feedback will be appreciated and enjoyed!

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Dancing Critic

    Wed, December 12, 2007 - 10:42 AM
    Here's the scoop on how Fat Chance Belly Dance got their name. This comes from the website:

    "When the need for a name for the dance troupe arose, a friend suggested the playful rhyme: FatChanceBellyDance, based on the silly response dancers often get from onlookers who thing that the beautiful, feminine belly dance is merely an exotic entertainment for their personal pleasure. In other words “Fat chance you can have a private show.”"

    So there you have it and I am also loving their name!