Mayan New Year: Solar Wave 2008

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March 21st is Mayan New Year!
We enter into new energies of 6 EB & 10 KAT
Are you ready???
This is the year where SOUTH
reins as the SUPREME RULER!
What does that means to you and ME??
It means we can manifest our visions
of a new future right now!

In the Yucatec Mayan Calendar (which our book "Maya Astrology" is based on), we enter into a 6 EB year. It is a year in which we return to

reclaim our detiny's purpose and to finish what was not completed in previous lives. It is a year in which our creation can flow easily. Eb

resides in the HEART CHAKRA and has powerful emotion, but we find ourselves getting hurt easily if we take things personally. Eb also will

influence us with powerful psychic abilities and a great drive to get the job done. We will find unity and oneness while feeling more relaxed,

courteous, and a desire to be useful.

This cycle has 2 runs of powerful core days. Powerful days in this cycle will be 06/18/08 - 07/07/08 . . . the first 20 core days. Make sure

you clear out your solar plexus and root chakras before this cycle finishes. The last 20 core day run moves into next year from 03/05/09 -

03/23/09 . . . a few days past next year's equinox. This is going to make next year a fire pit in which no stone of illusion will be left unturned.

In the Kiche Maya Calendar (the Calendar of the highland Maya), we enter into a 10 KAT year. This will be a great year in which we will fish

out things that are hidden. The trick in this year is not to collect anything that is not useful for the future. Otherwise you will be bogged down

with unfinished projects and have a house filled with un-read books and un-used stuff. Kat bundles thoughts, ideas, and wisdom together to

create better solutions. This can be a powerful creative year in which you will collect the tools needed to manifest in this dimension your

mission and destiny. Powerful days to watch for are 09/04/08 (an 8 BATZ DAY) and 02/22/09 as the solar new year.

What if... you knew about a powerful time each day
at your location on the planetary grid...
that your 6th sense abilities were 400% times more effective?
What if... all the sensitives and healers on the planet
also knew about this powerful time?
What if... we joined together and worked with this time,
during the harmonizing effects of an Equinox Full Moon?
Could we heal the Earth and Humanity?
We won't know the answer to this question unless we try!

The Solar Wave is going Galactic!
Do you have 32 minutes to CHANGE the WORLD?
THE 14th Annual
A Stellar Synchronized, 24 Hour, Global Equinox Event!
It's FREE - It's GREEN - and it's for all LIVING THINGS!

This is the call to the awakening masses to join together to activate a Huge Stellar Wave
of POSITIVE MASS CONSCIOUSNESS to spontaneous heal all discordant energy on EARTH,
and Initiate a Spontaneous Awakening of Humanity!
To Reclaim Paradise… and usher in the age of
using a window of opportunity at Equinox in the multiplying potential of LOCAL STAR TIME!
This time is coming to your sacred part of the planet
March 21st, 2008 with a FULL MOON!
13:20 to 13:52 at Your Local Sidereal Time.
Exact Equinox is MARCH 20th at 5.48 am UT Time - Exact Full Moon is MARCH 21st 18:40 UT
Exact Maya New Year is Sun Rise March 21st in all time zones - BUT... your exact 13:30 LST Time... this is for you to discover below!

Do you feel that you are potentially ...
the very one ...
that can tip the balance back into the LIGHT?
The one that can put an end to illusions?
The very one that can bring humanity
back into the HEART?
You are the ONE!
So what kind of world do you want?
Do you have 32 minutes to change the world?

Do you know what the definition of insanity is?
It is to do the same thing over and over again, and expect different results. There is no doubt that it is time to change the way we do things.

This year we have an awesome opportunity to initiate spontaneous positive change in the mass consciousness and shift the material fabric of our


Equinox Graphic courtesy of Mid-Atlantic Geomancy (MAG)

Ancient traditions understand that the EQUINOX is a powerful time to initiate changes in our material world and shift into new reality. On

Equinox, the Earth and Sun are in perfect balance and harmony, as the sun is centered between the Northern and Southern hemispheres, and

centered between Heaven and Earth. This creates a sacred cross of balancing energy that naturally harmonizes the planet and humanity.

For the last 13 years, thousands upon thousands of light workers, peacekeepers, shamans, healers, gods and goddesses, angels and saints from

around the globe have joined together to work with this powerful energy in a 24 hour wave of creative potential. BUT this year the Star

Elders say we are ready to evolve this solar wave to a stellar one! This year the Star Elders call us to work with the equinox but add a hugely

multiplying potential . . . a specific local sidereal time LST (a.k.a. Star Time) to synchronize our global efforts to reclaim paradise.

Why Your Local STAR TIME you ask?
Local Sidereal Time (LST) is an Astronomy term, referring to how the planet is oriented relative to the position of the stars. It is a measure

of the passing of the center of our galaxy (the Milky Way), overhead. Sidereal time is STELLAR TIME and is approximately 3 minutes, 56

seconds shorter than a solar day. LST is a measure of time independent of the Sun's cycles. Thus, Local Sidereal Time (LST) moves backward

in solar time about four minutes a day, two hours a month and one day a year. Anywhere you are on the planet, at the same LST you will see the

same stars overhead as anyone anywhere else will at that time. Example . . . your favorite star will set 4 minutes earlier each night. So why do

you care about this? Read on and you will!

The Cognitive Sciences Laboratory in Palo Alto, California, made some exciting discoveries. They studied a group that had natural clairvoyant,

clairsentient, clairaudient, ESP abilities. They discovered that during a specific window of time, that their test group was more accurate by

400% and more in their abilities to "see" or predict events. When scientists examined the accuracy of thousands of ESP predictions, along

with the documented times that these anomalous cognitions took place, they were stunned. The precognitive cycle coincided with particular

Local Sidereal Time or LST. Scientists discovered that peak efficiency for ESP was repeatedly at 13:30 LST. Working with 13:30 LST could

lead to more efficient uses of one's psychic talents.

This means every 23 hours and 56 minutes, humanity has a unique doorway open to them to see through and work with energies that could

change the world! The Star Elders say that if we can "see" through the doorway, we can also "project" through the doorway and radically

change our world. When we project all our visions of a brilliant future and send healing energies, we can change the world and reclaim paradise.

This LST window of opportunity is about 1 hour long… but the Star Elders suggest that from 13:20 to 13:52, only 32 minutes, is the most

powerful time in this window. When we consciously work with the energy of heightened harmonious equinox energies, and combined it with local

Sidereal times from 13:20 to 13:52, we have a immeasurable amount of potential to make our dreams come true for the planet. It is only 32

minutes . . . one half hour! Do you have time to change the world??? It sounds great doesn't it? But why stop there? What if we could make this

event even more powerful?

What if we took this powerful window of Equinox, combined with 13:30 LST energy, and stretched it out over a 24 hour period? It sounds

impossible, but it is not. This is why YOU are so important. This is where YOU and all of your healing networks come into play. Let me explain .

. . Somewhere on the planet, right now, it is 13:30 LST. Every single moment there is a place on Earth that is in the window of the LST time of

13:30. What The Star Elders are asking us to do is to synchronize our local planetary family with global action. What do you think the

potential would be if we got the entire world working with 13:30 LST on Equinox? What if we worked with this window of time within at a

powerful sacred site? What do you think the possibilities would be then?

The Star Elders say that enough people are working in the light that we have pushed their ancient prophesies by 4 years making 2008 THE

YEAR that we can spontaneous shift the world and humanity back into the light.

So are you in?
Do we have your attention?
Do you want to give
this "change the world" vision
that you hold in your heart a real chance to manifest?
If you are feeling the excitement? . . .
Read on . . .

So here is how the Star Elders suggest
that we create a 24 hour window
where we have an unlimited amount of
stellar juice to change the world
and reclaim paradise:


FIRST... you need to discover the LST time for March 21st in your local area.
1. Discover your LOCAL TIME ZONE for March 21st here Time Zone Chart Or go to this site

zones.html NOTE: Remember that your time zone changes if your local area DOES NOT OBSERVE DAY LIGHT SAVINGS TIME as we

spring forward on March 9th 2008. (Example Arizona USA will go from -7 to -8 time zone after March 9th)
2. Discover LOCAL LONGITUDE Zoom in on your local area on the map, and write down the

Longitude for your area. Sedona is -111.773500. Some Longitudes will not be a (-) but (+).
3. Now just take your time zone and longitude and go to this really easy 13:30 LST time converter!

input.html (Example for the HRVG 13:30 LST Calculator for Sedona AZ. Input values: Sedona's Longitude = -111.773500, UTC Offset = -8

Sedona's time zone, The Month = 3 (March) The Year = 2008 = For March 21st in Sedona AZ the 13:30 LST Time is 01:01 AM) Now you ca

discover you local 13:30 LST in your time zone and longitude on March 21, 2008. See... it is pretty simple if you breathe and think cosmicly.

I downloaded this LST clock onto my computer to watch for 13;30 times all year long. We

watch for the 13:30 LST to arrive and work with this time to create our reality everyday . . . right now it is in the wee hours of the morn. We

find that we are waking up at this time anyway. So we might as well do something with it!

NEXT... This is the most important step... Pencil in this time in your personal lightwork or healing schedule. Or better yet, plan a gathering or

event at this time with all your like minded family. Remember to act locally, but think globally. Remember we are only separated by 6 degrees

of separation. So if you send this to 6 people, we can reach the entire conscious community of the planet! Or if you are a hard core net worker,

and want to leave no room for doubt, send this to everyone you know, and let's get the entire world unified and working together to reclaim

paradise! Remember . . . when two or more are gathered, there is multiplying energy. Remember . . . somewhere, right now, it is 13:30 LST.

On MARCH 21ST, 2008 at 13:30 LST The entire global population of healers and lightworkers will work with the LST window of 13:20 to

13:52. This will create a powerful 24 hour stellar wave across the planet. Just as you may have seen "the Wave" being done at sports and

concert venues, we will be doing the same thing, but across the entire planet all within harmonizing equinox energies and your star time window

of 13:30. This is a tidal wave of powerful, transforming, healing light and positive vision for a brilliant future. Now get ready for PARADISE!

When your local window of 13:30 LST time on March 21st arrives at your physical location on the planet, this is YOUR TIME to put to action

all the healing talents and spiritual truth you have taken such great care to learn and develop. At 13:30 LST, give the world and the galaxy

ALL YOU GOT! As they said in the 60's, "sock it to 'em!" Send out to humanity, the planet and the stars your knowingness that paradise is

here right now and act as if that vision has been realized. Remember . . . when two or more are gathered together in a common focus, the power

to change the world is multiplied a thousand times more than if one person was doing it alone. Use your highest, purest intentions, and remember

that the truth is within YOU. So just follow your hearts with balance, peace and harmony. It is time to quit dreaming, affirming and praying

for change. It is insane to do the same thing over and over again, and not expect the same results. We must BE the change that we want in the

world! KNOW that it is so . . . And it will be.

Please send this invitation
to all your relations everywhere.
Network the Wave. Talk about the Wave.
Plan an event in your living room, or fill a stadium!
Dream BIG!
Because if you don't,
we will be at this same place next year.
What have you got to loose but 32 minutes of your day.

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