Open Up All of Our Frequencies

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Yes, people need to re-condition their whole systems to new frequencies that are more free. This comes with everything. Even music. Entertainment. Thoughts. Habits.


The music of today is tuned to 440, an agitative frequency, there are some Sound Healers out there tuning to more sacred tunings, ones that are more healing, expansive, DNA restorative, relaxing, and inspirative of creativity, change, and creation.

If you don't have one you know of contact me and I'll set you up with a session.

Its not just music though, as mentioned, there are programs everywhere. In how people act, how people talk, how people interact, the standards and expectations that are societally and collectively imposed, and sometimes there are people using and putting these programs in place not for our best interest!!

There are programs within movies and television shows, some of these same how people should talk, how people should interact, who should be made fun of, how people should evolve, how people "should" be spiritual, all within one certain paradigm of existence, all of this, all PROGRAMMING!

We are creating our own society and in order to achieve a dramatic shift we have to shift ourselves, our thoughts, our feelings, shift into more free, expansive, life-affirming, creative, evolutionary frequencies -- ACTIONS, THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS

Do you want a SHIFT?

Shift yourself, shift how you interact with your friends, loved ones, family, people you meet, HOW YOU INTERACT IN PUBLIC.. doing this alone is a shift, and as we bring it into our communities we are creating a SHIFT just by doing this.

And this opens up the energetic, metaphysical and phyiscal gateways for something really really special to happen, our fufillment of our birth-right of living, existening, creating and always updating an evolutionary paradise, Earth, where we live, right now.


Sean Wensel
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