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topic posted Wed, February 27, 2008 - 5:45 PM by  Jah-Know
jonathan wright
Pinch of Thyme Productions
77 mountain view
San Anselmo CA 94960
415 690-0683

The Galactic Council
In conjunction with Green Life Productions and Pinch of Thyme Productions
Would like to present our unique styles of hip hop, trip hop, dub, and dubstep to your venue! We are currently offering a variety of acts depending on the kind of support you can offer us. At the very least we require space for our dome stage and bio-diesel tour bus, and some passes for core members. If we were to bring a headliner like Wisdom, Rocker-t, Myka9, Abstact Rude, Ras Attitude… We would need a cash stipen to secure them for the event!!!! We are self contained, sustainable, and we leave no trace!!!!! Not to mention some of the freestyle flows that rock the house all night long from acapella, to full bands and dj’s! Our 24-7 flows are something not to miss!!!! We would also like to sell merchandise/cd’s, live airbrush body art , live performance painting by a myriad of grafitti artist from LA and beyond, and Raw Gourmet Food if at all possible! After last years success at the Harmony Festival, we have decided to spread our wing and present The Galactic Council in other venues like yours.
We are currently giving our dome a make over to reflect a more galactivated urban jungle vibe, with props and art installations!

Please contact me at your earliest convenience as time is of the essence!
Also check the various link of The Galactic Council for any back ground info you might need.

We represent the collective of West Coast Conscious Hip Hop, Movement, and Planetary Cultural Diversity!
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SF Bay Area

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