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topic posted Wed, January 10, 2007 - 4:35 PM by  Nandi
Has anyone read "14 Years with My Teacher"? It's written by John Mann, a long time student of Rudi's. I'm almost finished with this book and it's been mindblowing to me. I feel like I have received a transmission as well as a whole new perspective on Rudi, as well as the student-teacher relationship. I think it's out of print now, but if you manage to find a copy of it somewhere, check it out!
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  • I have wanted to read the book by Mann , but I was unable to find it. I wanted to get another angle on Rudi too. I had read many books from Swami Chetananda – which led me to Rudi. I never fail to feel an energy shift when I read his books. His writing is very powerful. I am not sure how well known Rudi is, but I was very lucky to run across him and incorporate his teachings in my life. If I would “work my guts out” to find Mann’s book, I know it would eventually manifest it self.
    • Heheh! I have the same experience when I read Rudi's writing. What have you read? My teacher has a deep connection with Rudi, which is how I discovered him. Then, one day, a fellow sangha member discovered a bootleg video of Rudi giving Shaktipot which shifted something inside of me and followed in my dreams for quite some time. I found Mann's book on can also find them here: (a local yoga studio in the Bay Area)
      • I have read Entering Infinity, His own Words, and Spiritual Cannibalism. I have ordered 14 years - thanks for the link. I ran accross Rudi through one of his students - Swami Chetanananda. Chetanananda's book- Choose to be Happy, I found in a bookstore-just browsing, when I was on a small vacation in Santa Cruz CA. Rudi's and Chetanananda's methods of teaching are different, it seems, but both teachers reach way deep into finding and staying with that core energy level that humans have. All these books have been great tools in my spiritual development. Again, thanks for the link. I have wanted to read this book for several years. Her is a Rudi link I would like to
  • I just picked up "Rudi - 14 years with my teacher" by John Mann. Getting it used on eBay was not a problem. This is the most extraordinary spiritual book that I have ever read. I have highlighted virtually every second paragraphs. Rudi presents a very practical down to earth approach to spiritual development - no airy-fairy diets, practices or beliefs. Rudi (or Swami Rudrananda) was a Brooklyn jew who came in contact with indian saint Nityananda, met him once, and then somehow continued absorbing his energy even after Nityananda died. He worked 15 years or so from a New York City storefront, running an Eastern art import business, taking as students anyone who walked in and not charging a dime. He died in 1973 (I believe) in a airplane accident. He was brother-guru of Muktananda (ie both were disciples of Nityananda) and took initiation from Muktananda. I believe that he was at the same level as Muktananda, who became quite famous but has been involved in some scandals. Extremely powerful spiritual teacher. I am reading everything I can lay my hands on. I haven't gotten any of his books yet, the John Mann book is a pearl and it may take me some time to digest it. There is a video of him and Muktananda available on Amazon, I am going to buy it. I am very interested in connecting to anyone else who has been inspired by Rudi. Contact me through Marc

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