The Jesus Tribe

public - created 12/31/08
This tribe is named for Roger's cat Jesus (not the other one). It's a place for anyone who is lonely or bored, so long as they're willing to admit the former and do something about the latter.

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Jesus saves..  topic
Kitty Prays  photo flag
Hahaha!!!  photo flag
^_^  photo flag
Yes you should  photo flag
dont forget this one  topic
jesus saves  topic
Ron long?  topic
I am the Gay Jesus Vampire  topic
alright Esus you can lose your diguise.  topic
Roger and Jesus kitty: a news story  topic
fuck.. YOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!  topic
I saw Jesus the other day  topic
Jesus & sex  topic
Prayer  topic
Dot Dot Dot...  topic
OWS the biblical connection...Mathew 21:12  topic
Jesus did not turn water into wine; so what i g...  topic
I'm going to hell for this one.  topic
MY KITTEH  topic
anti christ............. rogers cat  topic
i wonder if  topic
hey roger  topic
hahahha  topic
The lion sleeps tonight...  topic

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