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Hi. I received this following message from a list I'm on. You may be on it to but here it is for those who are not. Lets send some Love from the City Of to these guys and gals. Okay!

This has come through from one of my Fellow Rangers asking for a hand to pull off what is to be the first Antarctica Regional! That will make for a burn on every continent of the Earth!

So please have a Read of Chyral's email below and lets see if we can give the the burners down at the south poll a hand in pulling this shindig off :)

-Ranger Tuatha

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Robyn Broyden <>
Date: Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 10:17 AM
Subject: [rangers-allcom-list] Help the first Antarctica (un)official regional BM event!!

I can hardly believe its happening, but McMurdo Station is actually going to
be hosting the first (un)official regional Burning Man event to occur on the
Antarctic continent... YAY!!

Our date is Black Friday, Nov 21st, since the only 2-day weekend of the
entire season will be Thanksgiving weekend (we don't get T'giving itself
off, but Saturday AND Sunday instead... woohoo!! Kickoff for the festivities
is Friday).

Our event is called "Freezing Man"- how appropriate!!

Anyway, since this is all happening in just a month, we're in a dead panic.
Since recieving mail from the US can take up to a month, the planning
committee is up against a wall in trying to get anything ordered in time to
make it down here if we want anything from off-continent to add to the

Anything you guys can think of to share with us to help make it happen and
actually feel like Burning Man would be freaking awesome...

Body paints, blinkies, schwag/gifites, (small, mailable) art, extra
costumes, HULA HOOPS or HOOP MAKING SUPPLIES, photos, love, movies, or
anything else (except Playa dust- NOOOO Playa dust can be introduced to the
continent, unfortunately) you'd like to contribute to help seed the budding
Burner community here, would be a huge gift!!

(actually, there are a lot of folks here that go to the Burn, but we only
got the word yesterday that our event was approved, so no one was quite
prepared to get it going this fast).

I promise that all those who contribute anything to "Freezing Man,
Antarctica" will get some "cool" schwag mailed back as a thank you... just
be sure to include your return address with your items!

Also, any IDEAS you have for small-scale stuff we could *do* would also be

Mailing addresses you can use are below... I would recommend splitting stuff
up between the people listed, in case the mail-sorters in New Zealand decide
I'm getting too much stuff for my own good (if you send it all to me), and
hold packages back (silly military...).

Mailing guidelines include:
NO packing p'nuts (they're banned from the continent)
NO porn (banned from NZ customs)
NO alcohol (very sad, but true)
NO explosives/fireworks
NO plants, dirt/Playa, produce, animals, rocks

-packaged/non-perishable food is fine though

-Use green or the white customs forms, with general descriptions of items
(ie- "clothing", "decorations", "light bulb", "craft supplies",
"toiletries", "toys", etc)
-if its SMALL and HEAVY, use one of the "Flat Rate Priority Boxes- Domestic"
for the best rate.
The postal rate is whatever it costs to mail something from within the US to
San Francisco (not international postage... so its not outrageously
expensive, just normal domestic postage rates... but go "Priority" so we can
get it in time.)
Include your return address (inside the box) if you want your item back!!

Pick ONE of the names below-

Robyn Broyden, RPSC
Scott Gilbert, NANA
Jason Bryenton, RPSC
Cary Marger, RPSC

and use the following address:

McMurdo Station
PSC 469 Box 700
APO AP 96599-1035

To those that take the time and effort to gift us with the energy of
the Rangers and your home BM scene, we are eternally grateful!!

After this event, we can officially say that Burning Man is alive and well
on every continent on Earth!!

Much love from the frigid south,
aka Lavendyr
aka Ranger Chyral

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