I think we have decided to take the 2007 season 'off!' Sorry...

topic posted Sat, February 24, 2007 - 6:46 AM by  Cindy
We may be attending a few faires as playtrons, however, recent events have really burned us out!

- The expensive yet failed venture to Florida (FL gov decided we were the same as roller coasters and bungee jumping! Requiring the horses to be subjected to a mechanical engineer's inspection (costing approx. $1500 per horse!); an onsight inspection by the Dept. of Agriculture's Amusement Ride Inspector ($90 each time we set up in a new faire), plus they insist on 'installing' a metal license plate, of sorts, on each horses body? NOT!!! We learned of this Friday eve before opening!! He slapped a 'red tag' on each horse because we only had our standard insurance coverage and not the affidavit of compliance, inspection certificates, fees for the same paid... Thereby deeming the horses "An imminent danger to the public!" In eight years and several states, we have always been exempt from this, as the horses do not HAVE any hydraulics, moving or mechanical parts, support cables, installation procedure - oh, and the 'Operations Manual" is mandatory!!!

We canceled the other Florida faires (3 months), and consequently had to cancel faires in GA, NC, KY, PA, MI, etc...

- Our experiences with one particular faire management in 2006 also left us with a distinctly nasty taste... I'll post specifics on that very soon!!

Les will be working his 'day job' as a civil engineer and I will be carving the newest horse, and booking the 2008 season...(okay and a bunch of other stuff too!!)

Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted on the haps!!

We miss ya'all!!!

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