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A place for like-minded people to notice the wonderful small details and beauty of life. Music, Poetry, Love & Faith, Art. Let's gather the beads.... RSS Feed what is XML?

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Has the Rosary died?  topic
I Couldn't .... I Won't... It's Pointless?  topic
Float or Fly?  topic
The Basement  topic
Times <<<<<< Behind the? (you're back then?)  topic
The Garden Shed  topic
The Rosiary is dead, long live The Hosiery!!!!  topic
The Attic  topic
The Gypsy Caravan  topic
The Bathroom  topic
The Kitchen  topic
The Garage  topic
What does this mean?  topic
I Think We Need A Maid  topic
The Shopping List  topic
The Garden  topic
Antique Roadshow  topic
The Smartest Girl  topic
Summer Holiday  topic
Autumn  topic
checking in...  topic
I've been Stubbed!  topic
I've been too weird lately.  topic
Budleigh Salterton  topic
rare find...  topic

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