Warp Drive

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Table of Contents

* Axiom1

It is impossible for any object inside of the universe to travel at a speed faster than the speed of light.

* Axiom2

It may be possible for an object to essentially "Leave" the universe, and thus, for "distance" to become something very different than it is now.

* Axiom3

An object might be able to travel faster than the speed of light, if it was isolated inside of a Gravitational bubble which was traveling through a wormhole.

* Axiom4

Traveling without a gravitational bubble through a wormhole would be fatal, for a variety of reasons.

* Axiom5

The amount of gravity that a ship will have to distort space/time is always equal to the normal mass energy of the vessel itself.

* Axiom6

Warp, if it works, will be based on using some sort of energy field to come into phase with the gravitional field of th vessel.

* Axiom7

Warp, if if works, will change the specific energy state of Gravitometric quanta, such that a gravitaional bubble forms inside of a wormhole.

* Axiom8

Rate of Speed in Tunnel; ROSIT; Refers to the rate of speed that a vessel would travel down a wormhole. This cannot exceed half of the speed of light or the vessel looses its ability to sense ahead of it. Early warp technologies will actually use fairly low ROSIT speeds.

* Axiom9

Ratio Multiplier of Wormtunnel RMWT; A useful wormtunnel will be shorter on the inside than it is on the outside. The question here is, how much shorter?

* Axiom10

"Warps" Cannot rationally refer to any given speed. Instead, they refer to advanced level Warp Technology, which uses multiple levels of Tunnel. Wormholes inside of Wormholes. Warp 1 thus means 1 worm hole tunnel. Warp 2 thus equals 2 wormhole tunnels, one inside of the other. The actual warp speed will depend on the RMWT and the ROSIT of each Tunnel.

* Axiom11

A functional warp drive system uses magnetic, Tachyonic, AntiEnergy, or other such means to create wormholes. These wormholes actually form dynamic whorl matrixes similar to those describing black holes. Each wormtunnel on the outside must be spun past by virtue of a thrust wormhole. There are thus worm tunnels writhing down the center of any early level warp technologies warp Engines.

* Axiom12

The minimum number of warp engines to counter vortex spin and chaos is 4. Each warp Engine generates a wormtunnel which merges into the others at an event horizon line ahead of and in back of the vessel. Those holomorphic singularities then branch wildly out, or flare, to form the bulbous sphere of the warp bubble. The warp bubble is propelled forward by the zero point energy agitation of serious spatial distortion.

* Axiom13

Another way of describing Axiom 12 is to say that a warp engine generates actually a wheel, whose spokes are pure energy, and whose curving surface is a magnetogravitic spatial distortion.

* Axiom14

The hardest part of generating a useful warp field is making space Roll. Leaving the universe is the easy part. Navigating in hyperspace is whats hard.

* Axiom15

Space and Time are actually 3 Geometric and 1 Kinetic Dimensions. We don't know if there are more Geometric or Kinetic Dimensions, But if there are, they are very small in width. For instance, maybe there is a 4th geometric dimension, which has a width of less than a single atom. It would be a whole dimension, but there would be no point in perceiving it. It would exist on too small a scale. However, it might render useful means by which to control, route, and modulate Warp Energies.

* Axiom16

Space and Time may be composed of many Geometric, Kinetic, or Frequential (Quantum different) Dimensions. If there are more dimensions, and we can learn to access them, this gives high hopes to warp travel theory.

* Axiom17

If there are no extra dimensions, they can be in theory manufactured using gravitometric spatial distortions.

* Axiom18

If warp travel becomes possible, it is unlikely that the limitations of "Star Trek" would apply. While there may be limitations, and we don't know what they are yet, the truth is, Warp Speeds fast enough to go to ?Andromeda Galaxy seem every bit as possible as Warp speeds to go to Alpha centauri.

* Axiom19

Falling theory. It may proove to be true that the easiset way to generate a warpfeild is to use a distant gravity well as a target pseudo singularity. If this becomes true, the largest obstacle to warp drive will become finding suitably large targets free from any intervening gravity wells.

* Axiom20

Any normal matter which encounters a warp boundary will be turned cataclysmically into graviton energy.

* Axiom21

Any civilization with warp travel technology has by another name mastered the gravitational bomb. Thus, Warfare in reality won't be pretty, won't look like laserbeams or what not, and entire solar systems could be destroyed by really very small pieces of apparatus. A Gravitational bomb creates a gravity well with a very high specific gravity and a very large feild of effect. Even if the bombs energy only lasts a second, the entire solaar system in question could be yanked towards a single location strongly enough that the solar system would be doomed. The point of this axiom is that Warp Technology warfare is very improbable because it is another order of magnitude larger a "MAD" (Mutual assured destruction) Problem.

* Axiom22

Any civilization with warp technology also has in theory the capacity to access zero point energy to create mass or energy by polarizing Zero. This would end all economics as we know it.
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    The purpose of this Page

    The purpose of this Page is to generate a lucid, science fact based exploration of Faster than Light Travel, and to generate design criteria for FTL systems of Starships.


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    Socratic Method

    * What are the primary laws of physics which prevent us from traveling faster than the speed of light in normal conditions?

    * What non-ordinary or special conditions might ameliorate this some?

    * Does the Gravitational Field have Valence?

    * Could a strong Magnetic Field be used to specifically alter the curvature of space without the need for a lot of mass?

    * Is it possible that there might be energy interactions on subtle levels which would make the old rules obsolete by rendering them true at the macro scale?

    * If one could generate an artificial wormhole, what would its properties be? How would it be controlled?


    Socratic Echo

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