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Worldwide illicit drug prices. Tell us what you bought, and how much it cost. The THMQ from high times magazine was a favorite source of interest and amusement to me as a kid, and continues to be. As best memory serves me, HT Mag doesn't list drugs other than weed, and that was what I missed most about the times in "the long long ago", lol. They used to tell you that you could purchase a sheet of acid for X amount in Berkley, or it cost 50X that in NYC, while it was not available at all in single hits in Wichita. I miss that. The drug war is a joke, that's well known. Show us what a hundred years of insane drug war spending has done to the prices of your favorite poison. HT Mag couldn't afford the column space to a point of interest I'd like to address here: How east was it to cop? Was the connection shaky, scandalous? Was it dangerous? One time only? Or was your man regular, like a bonafide business? Did you get a bonus for scoring often, or were you just that much more likely to get shot? Did you man accept cash only, or were other forms of payment cool? How much did dope cost in prison?Trades, foodstamps, stolen goods, sex, what did it take to SCORE?!

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