8 of cups in same position again and again, help with interpretation?

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I've been doing readings for a relationship over the past two months and I've gotten the 8 of cups over and over again in the "final outcome" position of the Celtic Cross spread. The other cards change, the 8 of cups stays the same. I'm using the Thoth deck and trying to figure out what the message is.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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  • Well, according to the 'Collins Gem Tarot' book by Rowenna Stuart....

    "The upright eight of cups suggests that, in spite of stability and security, the Querant is likely to be dissatisfied with his current life and is drawn towards new pastures and challenges. Underpinning this is a yearning for a greater understanding of his inner self and the need to find a deeper meaning to his life. This may lead to a rejection of existing, unfufilling relationships, ways of thinking and lifestyles and the start of a new period of personal growth."

    Key words: lifestyle changes, personal development.

    When the card is ill-defined...

    it points to recklessly pursuing an uncertain future, abandoning things of value for what may be little more than a fantasy. It serves as a warning against making major lifestyle changes at the time.

    Since the Thoth deck does not support upside down cards as being 'ill-defined', I generally take a look at the other cards surrounding or proceeding the final outcome card. Lots of other cup cards, or sword cards would mean that the card is well-defined. Lots of wand cards (the opposite of cups) might mean that the card is ill-defined.

    Since you are using the Celtic Cross spread, it seems that the eight of cups is the 'Final outcome'. The interpretation of the eight of cups has a lot to do with the cards that preceed it. This is especially true of the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th card.

    The 6th card represents future influences. This is something that will soon be brought to bear on the querant's life. This is sort of like the domino that gets things going.

    The 7th card demonstrates how the querant feels about their current situation.
    Since the 8 of cups shows an end to stagnation and the beginning of a cycle of change, the 7th card represents the thing, situation, or feeling that will be changed.

    The 8th card represents Home and environment. This is how the querant influences the people around, friends, work environment, etc. Depending on what this card reads, this could also be the thing subject to change.

    The 9th card represents Inner Emotions. These are the querant's hopes and fears. These might serve as a guide to what sorts of changes are going to happen, since people move towards their hopes and dreams, and move away from the things they fear.

    Of course, to understand the spread properly you have to look at it holistically. Every card in the spread measures up against the 'final outcome' 10th card.

    Lots of face cards (King, Queen, page, etc.) in a spread generally indicates people in the Querant's life.

    Lots of Major Arcana signs (The Sun, The Chariot, etc.) point to influences beyond the Querant's control.

    Lots of cups signify emotions, lots of Swords the Intellect, lots of coins are money, lots of wands are work/ career.

    Generally, my interepretation would be that either the Querant will become bored of the relationship and find something/ someone else....OR this new relationship will take the Querant in a new direction.

    To gain greater clarification of the 8 of cups card...try doing another spread by using the 8 of cups as a querant. Note what kind of cards come up. Face cards might indicate that the querant will find someone new, wands might indicate a new career, etc. Pay particular attention to any face cards that might come they generally represent people.
    • Thank you James, that was very helpful. I don't generally focus only on one card in a spread, it was just a strange thing to notice that when I read for this situation over months, that was the card that came up over and over in the same position.

      I will do the reading with the 8 of cups as querent and see what messages I get, thank you for the suggestion!

      • Any new results? Did you consider that the relationship is simply stifling and stagnant in so far as your energetic contribution is concerned? The eight of cups signifies the Lord of Indolence. There is no other interpretation available, hence the card continually winds up in the same location even over the course of several months. If you haven't done so already, it's definately time to move on to something else.

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